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  1. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    Since we're criticizing the casting decision beyond the already-pretty-awful "he's an abuser" point, I would just like to say that Johnny Depp is way too old to play this part. Isn't this story supposed to be telling the tale of Dumbledore and Grindelwald in their prime, when they're first messing around and experimenting with different types of magic? Johnny Depp looks two hundred years old in that photo. Certainly past his prime.
  2. Languages

    Mandarin - just.a.willow.tree Spanish - just.a.willow.tree (like, I can read / understand grammar and stuff like that but if you asked me to speak it, nope lol)
  3. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    Honestly, anything J.K. Rowling does these days decreases my love for HP. She just keeps making mistake after mistake, refuses to listen to her fans when they speak out against her BS, and continues making boatloads of money. It makes me seethe to know that she'll still gain a ridiculous amount of money from this, no matter how unethical her decision is, just because HP has grown so large that there is no way she won't earn millions. EXACTLY. He will die a rich man, even if he never works a single day for the rest of his life. His die-hard fans are acting as though he's going to starve if he doesn't keep this job, but Johnny Depp will be perfectly alright for the remainder of his sorry life. I also hate that they keep bringing up Amber Heard's past (and blowing it out of proportion, as well). According to this article, the abuse Amber Heard was accused of was disputed by her then-girlfriend, who said that the officers began acting homophobic after they discovered Heard and her girlfriend were dating. I'm just so furious and sick to death of everyone trying to defend Johnny Depp's disgusting actions.
  4. Snowball Fight Rules

    This feels like a silly question, but how do I get to the advanced search on the archive?
  5. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    One of the most difficult things for me is talking to people around me who steadfastly refuse to believe Amber Heard's case. How do you convince someone who's seen the evidence that it's not fake, and that it's important to listen at times like this?
  6. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    Oh, gosh, I didn't even consider the possible biphobia factored in. Has he given signs of being biphobic before? This just makes his casting a million times worse. If we were discussing an everyday person, then I can understand this. The thing is, Johnny Depp is so incredibly famous. His face is tied to his profession. Kids (and many teens and adults) still idolize him. They see his face, and they associate it with a really awesome Jack Sparrow, or Edward Scissorhands, or whatever role is assigned to him. I don't think it's right for us to keep Depp in a place where people will still adore him, especially since he's been violent. Currently, he's not paying for what he did, and if he's not now, I doubt he will later. He's being awarded the position of a major face in Fantastic Beasts, and he's almost certainly going to get much richer from all of this.
  7. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    So this has been an issue that's received a lot of heat lately. Here's what J.K. Rowling had to say about her feelings on keeping Johnny Depp in the franchise, if you haven't read it already. I know this is a pretty touchy subject, but I wanted to hear what this community thought of the situation. A bit of background, for anyone out of the loop: last year, Johnny Depp was accused by his then-wife Amber Heard of physical abuse. There was a court case dealing with the matter, Depp paid a settlement, and Heard promised to donate the money she received to organizations like the ACLU. If I'm not wrong, this "why is Johnny Depp still here" problem blew up when J.K. Rowling blocked a few Twitter users who questioned the ethics of supporting an abuser like Johnny Depp. After people began getting frustrated and angry over her silence, she typed up her opinion, linked above, for some damage control. I've read it about five times, at this point, and I still can't quite see what exactly she's trying to defend herself with. Her language is pretty vague. One thing that I'm so baffled about, though, is: Recasting was a possibility, but they didn't take it. I was hoping that the rest of her opinion piece would address the reasons for this, but I'm not seeing anything concrete in here. If anyone has a more insightful interpretation of J.K. Rowling's defense, please share. My personal opinion on this is, Depp, as a man accused of domestic abuse (with evidence behind the accusations), should not be a major face in Fantastic Beasts. He is facing no consequences at all. Already, what J.K. Rowling said (or didn't say) made me feel somewhat ill about the rest of the film series. I haven't even finished the first one, just because I don't want to see Depp's face and have all my HP feelings curdled. What do you guys think?
  8. December Story of the Month Nominations

    Title: a garden of weeds Author: ailhsa23 Link to Story: here+ [Mature] Warnings: sexual content, suicide Why do you think this Story deserves to be Nominated? The writing is absolutely stunning. As I was reading, I kept stopping to reread certain sentences just because it was that good. Also, the voice of her main character is so well-defined and consistent, and all the characters are all imperfect and human and incredibly well-written. I'm going to keep promoting this wherever I go, haha. It's honestly such a masterpiece.
  9. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

    Title: a garden of weeds Author: ailhsa23 Link: here+ Length/Completed: 7015 words, completed Era: n/a (original fiction) Main Characters: OC Genre(s): angst, drama Summary: "we were not made to flourish." Reasons for Recommending: i don't even know how to describe it, but her writing is unbelievably breathtaking. i don't think i breathed for a moment while reading this, and even after having thought about it for around half an hour, writing the review, there are still so many parts of it that strike me. i just really love this, and i think it's a great piece for everyone to read.
  10. A trip to Ollivanders

    Apparently one did not window shop when searching for the perfect wand. Just as Eva was pressing her nose to the glass window and preparing to mentally sift through the wands on display, the shop's owner, a Mr. Ollivander, suddenly appeared on the other side of the window glass and stared disapprovingly. Then he began shaking his head slowly. As someone who was generally terrified of scary figures of authority (for instance, literally anyone taller than her), Eva quickly shuffled into the shop. It was dark and lit with a dim golden glow, though Eva couldn't quite tell what exactly where the light came from. Shelves upon shelves were shoved together and squeezed apart, and the wands displayed on them were at the same general level of orderliness. "Young lady, the wand cannot choose the witch if the witch is standing with a barrier in between herself and the wand," said Mr. Ollivander, in that horrid tone wise citizens of this Earth always adopted when handing out important pieces of information. "Yes, sir!" barked Eva. Mr. Ollivander stared at her for a moment, and the image of him with his wild, curly white hair and eyes made big by glasses and surprise nearly made Eva snort. Nearly. She had self control, of course. She kept the snort at bay. "Anyway, how does this work?" she asked. Thirty minutes later, she regretted the decision to ever look at Ollivander's wand shop. What did it matter that wands were a required item that all witches needed to go to witching school? This process was so long and tedious and getting longer and tedious-er to the point where Eva honestly wouldn't mind a wand exploding in her face for a change. Pick out a seemingly random wand, touch it (rather, attempt to touch it; Ollivander yanked it away the moment it touched her index finger), and watch as the pile of failed wands grew. That was the process. And it was so dull, so when her wand finally came to her, and when she could feel the magic coursing from the wood into her fingertips and up her arm, and when she waved it and things happened, she barely noticed. "Aha," said Ollivander triumphantly. "A brittle redwood wand with a phoenix feather core. Ten inches. This shall suit you nicely, I believe. Phoenix feathers are extremely versatile when it comes to types of magic easily performed, and the redwood matches your sensible temperament nicely. Good luck, young lady."
  11. Sorting Ceremony

    If she was being perfectly honest, the hat was somewhat heavy. And smelly. And dusty. Really dusty. Eva subtly poked her nose in an attempt to stave off the impending sneeze, but it got the best of her anyway. Loudly and violently, of course, as her sneezes generally were. She sniffed quietly, trying to will her nose into behaving. A few seconds later, it occurred to her that no one in the massive Great Hall had bothered even an acknowledgment of her glorious, loud-spoken sneeze, so she whispered quietly to herself, "Bless you." She felt much more at ease after that. All of a sudden, the hat, which had been content to sit quietly and watch Eva make a complete fool of herself, apparently, decided to grace her with its presence by invading the most basic of her human rights: privacy. Ah, said the Sorting Hat. So this is your mind. How quaint. Eva wasn't quite sure how to respond, both figuratively and literally. There was the question of what in the world to say after an insult such as that, and there was the matter of the method of reply. Was she supposed to say things out loud? Was she just supposed to...think really hard? The Sorting Hat clearly abused its mind-reading privileges with no qualms whatsoever, so as long as she firmly thought her thoughts, the hat should be able to pick them up. Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, observed the hat, in what was rather mean-spirited fashion in Eva's opinion. Allow me to teach a brief life lesson before we get on with the real Sorting. When you call someone 'smelly' and 'dusty,' they will not be well disposed towards you. She supposed that made a decent sort of sense, though she felt it was patently unfair for the Sorting Hat to insult the state of her intelligence in retaliation. But despite the judgment directed towards animate inanimate objects, there's a fair mind in there. Somewhere. And I see you treat your younger sisters like they're little angels, though empirical observation clearly states they are anything but. Fine. This Sorting Hat does not lie. For you, it will be... "HUFFLEPUFF!"
  12. Welcome to HPFT!

    I've read them and will follow them!