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  1. Wait wait why can't I see your About Me?

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      Hmm, I just looked and I can't either o.O

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      We were having an issue with a guest and viewing profile info, so we made profile fields not publicly accessible. Howeverrrrrr, it looks like when we do that, it means only the member and admins can see profile fields. :( For right now we aren't going to change that because it is a matter of safety and privacy, but we admins will discuss and explore if there are alternatives that allow registered members to still view each other's info.

  2. Rick Riordan-verse

    Oh my goodness, the Percy Jackson series has been such a huge part of my childhood. I remember The Last Olympian came out in fifth grade, and all the kids were losing their minds over it, and I was just sitting there confused (because I'm always late to the fandoms lol), but then I read the series a year later and was in love. And then began the agonizing process of waiting for The Heroes of Olympus books to come out. I think the original series is the most special to me, but if I had to pick a favorite series based on quality, it would probably be the Kane Chronicles (which, based on everyone else's responses, doesn't seem to be too popular haha). It's been the longest time since I've read any of these books though so my opinion might not be terribly accurate, but I really liked how refreshing it was to read about Egyptian mythology, and I adored the two main characters and the magic system. I also really like that it's the most individual series of all of them; there's barely a mention of the existence of the Percy Jackson world or Magnus Chase world. (I just get stressed out when the universe expands too much haha.) When The Heroes of Olympus series first came out, it was such a big deal, and all my classmates were in this giant competition to see who could get their hands on the book fastest. I really liked The Lost Hero, and The Son of Neptune (remember that torturous wait for the next book to come out after Rick Riordan left us hanging on the most painful cliffhanger ever?) but then I thought the series got a bit worse. I think it's because he began juggling so many characters all together, as opposed to his usual three, that their personalities and the story became a little blurred. I also wish he spent more time on the final battle, like he did in The Last Olympian. But that's just me. I'm so scared to read the two new series, though. My sister read The Trials of Apollo book, and said it gave her so much nostalgia. I am, unfortunately, not good at handling nostalgia so. I'm also worried that reading the newer series as a young adult will tarnish my opinions of the older series, which I read as a kid. Also, Rick Riordan improved his diversity so much over the years, it's crazy. So yeah, the three series that I read are so dear to me, even with their faults, and I really appreciate Rick Riordan for giving me these stories to read as a kid. (About the movies, I didn't like them, but at this point I'm realizing that the only acceptable way to adapt a series of books is to turn them into a TV show. The Series of Unfortunate Events turned out phenomenally imo and they didn't have to leave anything out! So I do hope they try again with Percy Jackson, but as a TV series.)
  3. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    You will love Simon, so I'm definitely not going to discourage you from reading! Just letting you know that you don't have to read Simon in order to participate, since the challenge isn't too centered around that book. <3 Takers Levana forever_dreaming clevernotbrilliant MuggleMaybe Maybes PaulaTheProkaryote poppunkpadfoot dreamgazer220 Pen2Paper VaguelyCreativeName Felpata_Lupin Marzipan
  4. I am two chapters from the end of Hero and it's literally taking all of my self-control to not just read straight to the end xD

    1. just.a.willow.tree


      Oh my god ._____________. What have you done to me

    2. victoria_anne


      I was waiting for this, not gonna lie :roflol:Your reviews make me happy! I don't consider Hero to be my best work or writing style, so I'm glad you thought so highly of it! Thank you for reviewing every single chapter, you beautiful machine! :hug:I can't wait to see what you think about HTF :wub: 

    3. just.a.willow.tree


      oh my goodness if you don't consider Hero to be your best work/writing I might as well just dig an early grave in preparation for The Harder They Fall xD (it's gonna take me days to recover from Hero /cries)

  5. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    Hi Chiara! Happy to see you here I think this challenge would fit perfectly with the Soulmate AU one <3
  6. House Characteristics

    I have a super in-depth idea for each House, which I will definitely post later, but right now it's late so I shall sum things up. Hufflepuffs: Bad at confrontation, good at hugs. Ravenclaws: Too smart and curious for their own good. Gryffindors: Their moral code is the first thing you see. Slytherins: Independent and individual in their way of thinking, and very talented at strategizing. I'll be back tomorrow.
  7. A list of fics that I have not yet written but should probably

    Literally all of these sound beyond fantastic. I would give anything to read these, especially the one about Remus and Sirius raising baby Harry (heartbreak central, I'm assuming), the one about Anthony Goldstein, the one about the Hufflepuffs during the war (I am biased ), the Jewish wizarding community helping Muggleborns (THIS IS THE ULTIMATE METAPHOR JO NEVER QUITE HIT ON IN HER BOOKS, I AM RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE), and the one about Dudley's daughter (which just sounds like a huge bundle of potential for lots of fun and lots of bittersweet moments). If you ever post these on the archives, PM me!! I'd love to read them. <3
  8. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    Wonderful! I'm excited to see what you come up with! Hi! First of all, welcome to the forums. And I'm so happy to see you joining this challenge! <3 Participants:
  9. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    Either fandom is perfect! (I MIGHT BE EXCITED TOO) Though, just in case you choose to go back to your original choices: I know the Lunar Chronicles, but not the other two (though Tamora Pierce's works have been sitting on my to-read shelf for a shameful length of time)
  10. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald Teaser Trailer!

    The best thing about that trailer was Jude Law's voice. (Literally every time I hear his voice, I get goosebumps??) He was literally born to do voiceovers; he almost managed to make the story sound enticing. I can't quite see him as Dumbledore either, though we'll see. I still have to finish watching the first one, so I don't really know how this story is supposed to be tying into the first movie whoops. Based on the trailer, this movie seems to have a pretty basic storyline. Other than the staggering amounts of nostalgia it gave me from the beautiful shots of Hogwarts and the beautiful CGI, I personally don't feel too excited about this. Another point in this trailer's favor was the lack of Johnny Depp. I mean, there was that one horrifying second where they showed his face, but other than that, it was good. (At least I think it was his face?? That one shot of that pale, pasty, white-blond-haired guy was him, right? If not, please ignore me omg.) I think I might watch it for the visuals, because it honestly looks quite stunning.
  11. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    Of course! <3 Gotcha. Though I am curious to see how you'll write fluff. And I'd be delighted to read either Molly II/OC or OF! <3
  12. March SotM Nominations

    Title: Then Time Stood Still Author: Levana Link to Story: Here+ (M) Warnings: Suicide Reason for Nomination: Maggie did a beautiful job handling the grief of George over Fred's death. It's a missing moment (or series of moments) from the original series, and it broke my heart and gave me a ridiculous number of feelings. There are so many little things throughout this fic that will just punch you in the gut, which is why I think this story deserves to be Story of the Month.
  13. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    Team: just.a.willow.tree and StarFeather Elements for Chapter 1: "Only ashes and smoldering embers remained." (sentence) magical creature (theme) friendship (theme) action/adventure (genre) Elements for Chapter 2: "You're running a fever." (sentence) Hermione Granger (character) Rubeus Hagrid (character) parenthood (theme)
  14. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    Hahaha <3 OF sounds brilliant! Looking forward to it A Simon x HP crossover sounds fantastic. Go for it!
  15. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    Yes!! No need to let me know which pairing, I like surprises. A sadly unexplored ship. I'm super excited to see what you come up with!