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  1. Trying to watch on Netflix while working on my comic but can't log on cause I don't remember my sister's email. lol She hates when I ask cause she wants me to just remember her info- for Netflix and PrimeTV. xD

    1. MuggleMaybe


      I had this problem with my brother's log in info so often that i got my own netflix account :P

  2. Secret Cupid: Partners Revealed!

    This was such a fun event, glad that I was a part of it. Thank you to the staff- you guys are always so awesome. @Ignatia Thanks so much for the gifts! I loved the graphics- down to the incredibly well-done Patronus to the faces on the cards for the memory game. @beyond the rain Glad you liked the graphics and enjoyed the review. I loved being your cupid and had a fun time learning more about the Snamione ship.
  3. I'd like to be friendlier... how does that work? (taking into consideration my introvertness and unwillingness to stay in a conversation for more than five minutes because I need to recharge. lol) Seriously though. I need to up my conversation skills.

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    2. greisful


      I can't make up conversation on the spot I have to keep track of things that happen to me so that I can talk to people about them otherwise I'm just going to sit there in silence it's exhausting. Otherwise I just resort to finding an extrovert and letting them do most of the work.

    3. Alexis Black

      Alexis Black

      I'm seconding Alopex here. This is something I still haven't figured out.

    4. velajune


      Is it bad that I'm glad I'm not alone in this? When I get to even remotely figuring this out, I'll be sure to share. For the meantime, awkward pauses shall continue with me. Also, I will definitely use my more extroverted friends (what a wonderful idea).

  4. Secret Cupid: Partner Guessing

    It's interesting to see everyone try to figure out their Secret Cupid or someone else's. I had a few good laughs. After doing a bit of sleuthing as well... here are some things I was able to deduce. They are definitely graphically inclined but I don't think they are on TDA as an artist just because I didn't receive anything that would indicate so. I don't think I've ever had a conversation with this person but I could be wrong. I don't want to assume their male just from their alter-name. It could be a ploy! I won't be fooled. lol I really appreciated the game they created which I don't think anyone knows I'm really into boardgames. Sooo, in conclusion, I've no idea who my Secret Cupid is. But I was able to cross out a good number of names. Secret Cupid's Alter-Name: Mr. X Guess of Cupid's True Identity: CrimsonQuill? or TidalDragon? Like everyone else, I'm excited to find out who my Secret Cupid truly is!
  5. Happy birthday!!! :happybirthday: I hope it's a good one! xD

    1. WriteYourHeartOut


      Thank you, love! <33 :hug:

  6. Your Secret Cupid has a delivery for you! They say:


     It includes a mosaic image of my giftee’s name using HP illustrations; a calendar in his/her house colours with as many cannon dates as I could find; a (general) HP-themed board game / card game I designed; and a dragon patronus (I do not know his/her real patronus, but I thought this might still be cool).


    I hope they will be liked!

    Signature: Mr. X. :)


    1. velajune


      These are awesome! Thanks for delivering!!! Already checking out the game. :roflol:

    2. velajune


      I love the dragon Patronus, so well executed. Wishing I had written my Patronus on my profile now. lol

  7. How does one balance personal life, work, and everything else in between???

    1. Pixileanin


      That is one of the mysteries of Life.  

    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      When you find out, let us know...

    3. Phoenix Potioneer

      Phoenix Potioneer

      Time-turners. Duh. Are you telling me you don't have one?

  8. Not even remotely close to catching up to rl stuff but I couldn't not drop by. Read some stuff and now I'm going away again. :ninjavanish:

  9. October Head Students

    (A bit ironic cause I disappeared for a while there.) Thank you! Also, belated congrats to Abbi!
  10. RL stops me from lurking and I want to at least lurk lol... :llamabanana:

    1. abhorsen.


      I think that we should all just get paid to hang out on the internet and not have any other things in RL that demand attention.

    2. velajune


      That would be great. Where can I sign up for that? xD

  11. Creeping about, watching my new school of fish and hoping the pregnant tetra won't give birth just yet.

  12. House Points

    Hufflepuff: 3 Gryffindor: 2 Ravenclaw: 43 Slytherin: 4 Muggle: 5
  13. Felt sleepy all day but refusing to nap because then I won't be able to sleep tonight. Sundays... Got to update my dramione fic though. Now I'm off to be an artist while yawning.

  14. Last Letter Game

  15. thinking about cancer lately and food in the US (and other products).