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      Your third and final snowball fight is just just over a day away, and your special team common rooms are now open in the Courtyard! For this fight, Hufflepuff and Slytherin will form team Gorgon, while Gryffindor and Ravenclaw will form team Griffin! The official topics in your common rooms will unlock tomorrow, but you're very welcome to use the space now to decide on a strategy, ask the staff for clarification on any rules, and just get to know each other if you don't already.


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  1. WandlessMagic Reviews

    Hello My Lovelies!! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves you providing me with various stories to read and review. This is my first time doing something like this so only 3 slots will be open at this time. Please check back if you are requesting another review, as it may change in the future. Please request only one chapter at a time as I am unsure of how much I will be able to handle. I will do reviews for HPFF, HPFT, and FFnet What I Will Read - Any Story from the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Anything Marvel, Game of Thrones, The 100, and Fear/The Walking Dead - Any Genre/Era and POV - LGBTQA - Anything Really TBH What I Wont Read - Rape/Iffy Consent Situations The Slots Open Open Open
  2. The Cute Things in Your Fandom

    So i have recently become apart of the buzzfeed unsolved fandom which has two series: true crime and supernatural (seeing if ghosts and demons are real...their basically the ghostsfacers for those who watch suppernatural). And i love how there is literally no drama and how sweet everyone is. ❤ plus everything is turned into a meme "hey demons its me, ya boi" #shaniac
  3. Author Talk changes

    No thank you ❤
  4. quick question do you think the magical community would do what muggles do and recruit players from all around the world or do you think they would keep it to their country for quidditch? 

    1. Aphoride


      I've always assumed they'd have a transfer system like football (soccer) leagues :) Swapping players between countries and leagues and teams, as well as having academies and scouting students at schools. 

    2. StarFeather


      An interesting question. It depends, which country. Some countries might be open to any players around the world, the other countries are not so open. 

  5. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 28 Rebels: 28
  6. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 25 Rebels: 23
  7. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 16 Rebels: 13
  8. The Bro Code by Wandlessmagic

    IT'S NANOWRIMO TIME So I have decided to use this handy dandy website here (A) to help plan out my word counts and it's honestly so wonderful!! Since it is my first Nanowrimo and I'm not used to writing on a schedule, I decided to do the Mountain Hike Strategy where my biggest word count will happen in the middle and on the weekends. Per Pacemaker I should have written 315 words today but I managed to easily beat it and hit 569 words, which i know doesn't seem like a lot but I work from 9:45am-7pm M-F so I am so freaking proud of myself. Also since I am a crazy person, I decided to leave a little bit of time before I went to bed to go back and edit. OH and I hit a big Millstone today because I finally completed the first chapter and I am honestly so freaking excited like Oh My God! It is at a whopping 2,712 words (before edits). I will probably only make an entry about once a week because I am far too lazy. Here is a snippet of what I wrote so far: “…and that is how I became the seeker for the Falmouth Falcons,” James finished with a lazy smile as he stared at the two beautiful women standing before him. The one with the plastic crown on top of her head labeling her as the birthday girl slowly turned towards her best friend, a small smile gracing her lips as the two shared a silent conversation. “Oh and did I forget to mention,” James interrupted as soon as he noticed the friends annoyed expression. The two turned to look at him and James grinned as he glanced at Fred, who was trying his best to look as though he was actually working and not listening to their entire conversation, “That’s my cousin Fred,” The friend raised an eyebrow, “The one you mentioned in the article?” “The very same,” “Interesting,” she muttered, her voice barely audible above the music as her eyes scanned over Fred’s dark features.
  9. The Bro Code by Wandlessmagic

    Wandlessmagic's Novel Nest Hello everyone *waves* and welcome to my very own Novel Nest for NaNoWriMo!!!! This is my first year participating and I am honestly so nervous excited! I will be working on The Bro Code which is a next generation Harry Potter fanfic based on Barney Stinsons book of the same name from the TV show How I Met Your Mother. I want to bust out a ton of chapters before I publish the first chapter because i am trying to be a responsible author... we will see how long that lasts. The Bro Code Mature | Novel | Drama | Humor | Romance Everyone's life is governed by an internal code of conduct. Some call it morality. Others call it religion. We call it The Bro Code. Violations of the Bro Code may result in a fine of up to $250,000 galleons or in some cases, permanent dis-Broment.
  10. Milestones

    Not a milestone as far as word count goes but I have finally finished the first chapter which I have been working on for the past month and I am so pumped oh my Lanta!!!
  11. The Bro Code by Wandlessmagic

    Shreyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I hope you are doing well this first day of Nanowrimo Who is the main cast of characters? I know that Fred and James are a part of the main squad, but what about the others? Frank and Alice Longbottom will be in there, though I don’t know if I will keep their first names because every one is named after someone and how boring lol. Then there are the OCs Skye and Gemma though I don’t think Gemma will play a big role in the story like i think she will, she is still up in the air. What is james’ love interest like? How did they meet each other? James meets his love interest at a club that Fred works at, I know super romantic haha. She was supposed to be this minor character that would never pop up again to show James and his douchey ways but she was so charming that James and I grew smitten. She has a fearless attitude about life, and knows who she is and won't ever apologize for it which is something James admires a lot. She is also quite the flirt, she likes to keep those she is dating on their toes and watch them get all flustered lol much like Kate Beckett in Castle. And much like Castle and the Fault in our Stars they have their own cutesy line like 'always', they really are adorable and I just love them okay? What are their jobs? James- New Seeker for the Falmouth Falcons Fred- Bartender at The Old Haunt, doesn’t know what he wants to do in life which I relate to a lot. Frank- Cook at the Leaky Cauldron studying to be a Healer at St. Mungos (Potions and Plant Poisoning Department). Alice- Waitress at the Leaky Cauldron, studying to be a teacher, wants to work at an orphanage. Skye- Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies. Gemma- Works with the Magical Congress of the United States, in the department of International Magical Cooperation. She is shadowing another Wizard. Are they sharing an apartment like The Apartment? What does their apartment look like? Fred and James live in a flat above the Leaky Cauldron and Frank lives across from them like in Friends. Frank’s apartment is neat because of his girlfriend, however they broke up so he let it go the poor thing. Fred and Frank have an unspoken rule that the apartment must be neat but to hell with their rooms, you never know when a relative may pop in after all. Frank's room is pretty bare at the moment since his ex did all the decorating and took most of it when she moved out. James' has a bookshelf filled with a ton of books and refuses to buy another and Fred has a huge music collection that is alphabetized. Will their families play a role in the story, and if so, how much influence do they have over the characters? The Wotters are close so they will of course pop up from time to time and not just at the monthly family dinner at Grans house. Grandpa Weasley influences James a lot as they both have a deep love for Muggles. James is reading a famous Muggle series throughout the story as was recommended by a pretty girl he met at a muggle coffee shop.
  12. First Words

    ^^^^ I already want to read more omg! “Ah Mr. James Potter, we meet at last,” Nina Ward said with a small smile as she extended her hand for James to take, her eyes calculating as they swept over his features.
  13. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 13Rebels: 9
  14. The hufflepuff house is the absolute best you angels <3

  15. PP: Would You Rather? MC Edition

    Definitely go sing Karaoke with my friends at that new Muggle Bar downtown! Although I don't know if Fred would come... you magically change his voice one time in the middle of a song when he's trying to impress a bloke and the dude swears them off for life *rolls eyes* he actually got the guy's number too if you can believe it. Would you rather live in a place that's always hot or always cold
  16. PP: Dares

    Dares! Have a character of yours accidentally take a love potion and look at someone who is not their love interest. Give your MC a fear of Pygmy Puff's and have them face it. Have a character speak only in riddles for a chapter. Write a paragraph where every letter of the alphabet is used. Taking: Make a character an avid collector of something super random/unusual Have a couple nearly break up (or actually break up) because one of them likes pineapples on pizza.
  17. The Bro Code by Wandlessmagic

    I love you guys so much omg! What year are you setting this in? This is set a few years after James graduated Hogwarts. He, Fred and Frank are 23 and are trying to navigate this thing called Adulthood and learning that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Is the story going to be from James’ PoV? It will be told from his PoV but I haven’t decided if i will randomly change it to Fred/Franks PoV or if I will just have a small one shot for them. I’ll cross that bridge when i get there lol. Will James move on to have a love interest and think about settling down much like Barney later on in the series? Yeah he will have a main love interest but the story won't be super centered around it. It’s mainly about his friends and him growing as a person which I am enjoying a lot. Do you have a beginning-middle-end already planned out to this story or is it more going to be write as you go? Not step by step but I do own the Bro Code myself and one day I went through the entire thing and wrote down all the codes in a separate document. Each chapter will be based off of a code and i do have some side stories based around it. Like at one point they will go camping which is a complete mess, think New Girl if you’ve ever seen it lol. But other then that it is a go as I write Are you going to be uploading as you write or wait to edit after Nano? I don’t plan to as I will have to go back and edit it a lot. If anything I'll just post the first chapter in the middle of the month but that would be it.
  18. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 11 Rebels: 7
  19. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 8 Rebels: 7
  20. COUNTDOWN DAY 1: Character Boards

    Here is my character/story board! I did this all at work today so there isn't a lot but I will continue to add to it as the story progresses...or at least that is the plan lol All Links will direct you to Pinterest The Bro Code (A) James Potter (A) Fred Weasley (A) Frank Longbottom (A) Skye (A) Gemma (A) Alice Longbottom (A)
  21. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 5 Rebels: 4
  22. PP: Food

    Chips and Salsa of course!
  23. PP: Music

    Woman - Kesha
  24. Plan B

    *Whispers so the muse doesn't get any ideas* My plan B would be to work on an Untitled Marauder Era Novella about a girl whose life is turned upside down when her father is accused/arrested for being a Death Eater. He states he is innocent, that someone used the Imperius Curse on him, but I am unsure whether or not she will believe him.
  25. Pajama Party Check In

    YAYYYY!!!!!! Oh this is so fun! I'm wearing some lovely plaid shorts (purple and pink) with a white tank top and a hoodie. No costume for me sadly