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  1. Hiiiiiii! Welcome to HPFT!!!

    I'm Hayden, one of the Prefects for Slytherin and I just wanted to stop in to say hi and welcome you to our wonderful site! Feel free to contact/message/PM me if you need anything or just want to say hi! We're all so friendly (or at least I hope we are :p) and can't wait to get to know you. :)



  2. This month's nominees for Story of the Month are: Nominees please don't vote for yourself. Voting will close on November 24th at Midnight GMT
  3. Rat Race #48 | :00-:15

    SWC: 1250 EWC: 1340 WW: 90 got called away for a bit
  4. No matter what your NaNo Word Count is, ahead or behind, know that you have written SOME words, and SOME is a lot more than NONE. Be proud!

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      I really needed this thank you <3 <3

  5. Tag Requests

    Would it be possible to have Hermione/Draco/Blaise added as a pairing? Or some sort of threesome pairing? I've got a story with the three of them all together that I'd like to post.
  6. PP: Dares

    Dare accepted @RoxiMalfoy !!! Also picking up I've realised that there's an important convo currently without a setting... #fate #timing
  7. October Story Of the Month

    Totally missed this before, but a very big congrats to you @MuggleMaybe !
  8. Loving a Liar and various other works by BlackPixie

    Hi!!!!! (Sarah, is it??? If I am totally wrong, sorry!) It's certainly panning out to be very intense and a lot deeper/darker/soul-breaking than I originally intended it to be. The time hopping at this point varies between 2 months to a day. Answers to questions time!! I don't want to give away too many details, but her breakdown involves rain, a possible beach and a few/friends family (some of whom are oblivious up until that point) The whole school may or may not know the full details. The classic rumor mill comes into play. Oliver spawn - Richard begins as coming off as the guy who ignores the girls, doesn't care, a little sel-absorbed. But he has a dark history himself dealing with some of his sister's/his own mental health issues which forces him to take action to help Molly, which she may or may not like. McGonagall plays the part of the concerned teacher, and some of her cousins play important roles too in helping her. Richard is briefly the antagonist, but most characters have an antagonistic scene at one point, but Molly herself the most. Here's a quirky snippet from the first time we meet Richard which gives us more about Molly at the same time: Thank you so much for your questions!!!! <3
  9. The Panic Thread

    I wanna write, but I have exams to study for (realises they're tomorrow and hasn't exactly really studied *freaks) but also Percy and Audrey are being asses and refuse to play themselves. Or act normally. And I'm overwhelmed by the amount of research/prep i need to do before i can write the nitty gritty, which is all i feel like writing, but i can't. Bloody muse!
  10. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    I didn't know that Percy would be as much of the wanker that he's turned out to be. And that Audrey would be a more of a balls-of-steel-not-backing-down-but-still-a-softie American than I ever thought she could get. (also you're welcome @RoxiMalfoy, I live to serve! :p)
  11. Hiiiiiii! Welcome to Slytherin, and therefore HPFT!!!

    I'm Hayden, one of the Prefects for Slytherin and I just wanted to stop in to say hi and welcome you to our wonderful site! Feel free to contact/message/PM me if you need anything or just want to say hi! We're all so friendly (or at least I hope we are :p) and can't wait to get to know you. :)



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  12. With the development of one of my NaNo projects turning massive, I've started a NaNo nest for it! Would love to get some thoughts and comments on it!

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  13. I'm so late with this thang, but like hey. it's here! Project 1: Loving Liars (working title atm) What's it about: (trigger warning here just in case) Molly Weasley II is dealing with ED, and no one knows until she has a breakdown, and it's about her struggle to fight back, while also struggling with an overbearing, well-meaning family. And potentially finding love along the way. It's set in the school year of 2015/16, which is a massive headache for me who doesn't follow the same schooling system. There's at least one OC so far, Richard "Dick" Wood, who is Oliver's son, and there's at least one more guy plus some of Mollys friends and hospital workers. Current summary: This is very much next-gen centred and does switch between POV's and POV styles while also doing time skips. It's my biggest project so far, and from what I've written/have planned/am thinking, it's a lot deeper and complicated than any of my previous works. I'm aiming for around 10k at least and just that much honestly scares me! Here's a snippet of the opening scene/monologue: I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this! I'm worried that I'll either go too deep on the issues that are prominent in this story Various other works: I'm also aiming to complete at least one chapter for one of my other stories that I have going, which include: Choices, HLMHLMNHLM, Somebody That I Used to Know, Goodbye and mercurial eyes *couch* I honestly didn't realise I had that many WIP's already until I went through my AP *couch*. Again thoughts and input is gladly received! I have no idea where to start with any of these five stories. Signing off because I'm that awkward one who doesn't know if they've shared too much or too little, Hayden x
  14. Rat Race #35 | :45 - :15

    swc: 1198
  15. Hoping everyone's NaNo's are going good so far!! Make sure the survival kit is stocked up to last you all month!