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  1. The Panic Thread

    We're a week in and my WC is still 0
  2. Nano Penpals

    Apologies for the delay folks but here are the pairings TidalDragon & BlackPixie WindingArrow & Wistful SlytherinChica08 & FlamingQuilltips MuggleMaybe & Rhaenyra Esmeraude & WandlessMagic clevernotbrilliant & Dreamgazer220 Renacera & bittersweetflames victoria_anne & RoxiMalfoy poppunkpadfoot & firewhiskey Diogenissa & Cat! please remember to send at least 4 messages to your pen pal before the end of the month.
  3. Pen pal pairings are now posted!

  4. Nano Penpals

    Sign ups are now closed. Pairings will be sent later today.
  5. November 2017 Bulletin

    Congratulations to all the new prefects and award winners. Karen, I'm sorry you're stepping down and hope to still see you around in the pit as often as you are able. Happy Birthday to all the November babies!
  6. First Words

    We all have to start somewhere and I can't think of a better thing to do than share my start with all my friends. Share your official first words here.
  7. Help I'm Stuck!

    Stuck on your novel? Need a place to get some feedback. Feel free to post the part of your plot that's getting to you and solicit some feedback here! Please, remember to be kind and constructive!
  8. What's Happening in Your Novel?

    Have you reached an exciting point in your story? Is there something you just can't wait to share? Post here to tell us all about what's happening in your novel.
  9. Your Character's Facebook Status

    Regardless of whether or not your NaNo novel and/or its characters include Facebook in any capacity, it's still really fun to suspend reality for a moment and give them one. Take a look at where your character is at this moment in your NaNo novel and write up some Facebook statuses, comments, likes, etc., that they and their fellow characters might post under these circumstances.
  10. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    Do you ever start writing a novel with a concrete plan in mind only to discover things about your story you never knew? Does your main character suddenly show an interest in painting or did something happen out of the blue and surprise you? Here's the place to post all of the things your didn't know about your novel.
  11. Milestones

    Have you just hit a major milestone in your NaNo-ing journey?? Maybe you just passed 5k words? Or finally figured out that one scene that's been causing you trouble since the beginning? Your personal milestones are entirely self-imposed, but we'd love to hear when you reach one of them! So post below when it happens; you deserve the celebration!
  12. Race to the Death: Survival Kit Edition. Just like other versions of this game, each post you make must include adding one point to one option, while taking a point away from another, until there remains but one lone survivor. And in the spirit of NaNo, this time you'll be fighting over survival kit supplies! What are you willing to give up? And what can't you NaNo without? Fight for it below! Please bold the two selections you make changes to, and remember: no double-posting! I’ll start us off Laptop: 5 Coffee : 4 Sweets: 6 Notebook: 5 Music: 5 Distractions: 5
  13. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists vs Rebels And welcome all to one of the most well known games on the site! This variation of group vs group is designed to put all the rebel nano’ers against the nano’ers who all start a new story etc. Basically the rules are: the group who first gets to a 100 points wins, and then it starts all over again! Each time you post, simply add a new point to the group you’re in and that’s it. Let the games begin! Purists - 0 Rebels - 0
  14. PP: Dares

    Dares Sometimes a dare can bring you forward in your story - or actually unravel things you didn’t know about your characters/story before. Or maybe you just like to do a dare for the challenge of it. All is possible. So feel free to post your dares for others below - and maybe snatch a few up yourself! Here are a few to get you started: Have a character be afraid of pigeons Have a character be obsessed by a play/musical/movie and make references to it at any given opportunity Have a character play golf Do note that if you snatch up a dare, it’s nice to post if you do so!
  15. PP: Would You Rather? MC Edition

    Would You Rather: MC Edition So this is one of my favorite party games. How is works is someone asks you a question posing two options, you choose the option you would rather have. For example: if someone asks me the following: “Would you rather have to eat brussels sprouts for the rest of your life or never be able to eat tacos again?” I would answer “Eat brussels sprouts because while I hate them, I can’t live without my tacos.” it would then be my turn to ask another person a question. In the spirit of NaNo though, we are adding a little twist to the game. You have to answer the question in the way your main character would. So I’ll start us off: Would you rather have to listen to country music for 2 straight hours every day, or be forced to listen to only screamer rock for the rest of your life?