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  1. Trying to come back to YouTube after several months break - why is it so easy to come up with video ideas?

    1. victoria_anne


      What sort of videos do you make? :) 

    2. DictionaryWrites


      I'm a vlogger and I do stand-up comedy, so! I'm thinking I'll do some HP themed videos though. :) 

  2. Writing Severus Snape: sometimes the most satisfying thing to do with a character who needs to be in control is to rip that control away from them, bit by bit.

  3. NaNoWriMo: the adventure begins!

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      Happy NaNo'ing! 

  4. Dumbledore's Ardour

    I have to admit, it's so disheartening when you have readers acting with hostility and derision toward a character you're trying to present as complex and doing his best. I appreciate that not everybody likes certain characters, but so many reviews I've received recently are jumping right into this mad caricature of Albus Dumbledore as evil and manipulative, and I'm just like... But if you read the story, that's not how he's presented? Like, at all? A lot of my readers, because of the nature of the story, also read independent!Harry or Lord Potter style fics, but here the hostility toward Dumbledore just isn't justified. It's surprising how disappointing it can be to read a review and find it very focused on a negative response to the behaviour of "Dumbles" when he genuinely is doing his best, particularly when other characters are being so much worse. Alas! I don't know what to do about it, honestly. I'm certainly not going to write an AN about it or anything similar, but yeah... It's a real shame.
  5. Slow progress on chapter update. Why is writing so hard?

    1. StarFeather


      Always up and down like how life goes.

    2. DictionaryWrites


      Yeah, I finished the chapter at 6k... At 4am.

  6. Spending the evening setting up a Harry Potter fanfic Discord. Great fun!

    1. BlackPixie


      ooh yay! i have discord too, my user tag is #3668. Add me!

  7. You ever look at a WIP and just think, "Wow, if I added x ship, the hits on this would quadruple overnight." Is it worth it?

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    2. scooterbug8515


      Yeah I haven't pushed myself to really write what is popular.  It bores me too much.

    3. DictionaryWrites


      I have a real plot to be dealing with, so there's no danger of me getting bored. :) It's just a matter of adding in something I don't have interest in as a side part.

    4. Margaret


      I've never really thought about adding things to get hits. I'd prefer think any hits I get are because I've written a good story and not just because I've included things that attract readers. And I hate writing romance anyway so adding ships that aren't necessary is not going to happen. I generally prefer to do the unusual anyway. If I ever finish my next gen series, people might be a bit surprised if Albus turns out to be gay but does not get together with Scorpius, even though they are sort of casually friendly.

  8. 5k more and I hit 300k on my long fic! Woohoo!


    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      Wow, congrats! That's huge!

  9. I always forget how much I enjoy writing Lucius and Narcissa, and then I actually get to writing a chapter and it's just like... Wow. I love them so MUCH.



    He hears steps in the stairwell, and he stands up straight, turning to the flower beside him. It is a tall rose, taller than Severus himself, and when he offers it his palm, it leans in and softly nuzzles the skin as a loyal dog. Severus has a Kissing Rose at home, a gift from Lucius, but this one is much taller and broader than his. The Kissing Rose is used in some love potions, as well as Tinctures of Fidelity, but as a plant it is as gentle and affectionate as a puppy, laying soft touches and kisses upon anyone who comes close. They had always been a favourite of Lucius', and Severus remembers that when Lucius had left Hogwarts, at the end of Severus' first year, the most vibrant of the Kissing Roses in Greenhouse 3 had pined itself near to death, until Narcissa had taken up its care. 

    By all accounts, she read the plant the letters Lucius sent her twice a week, and it had flourished once more.
    "Severus," Narcissa says. She stands framed in the archway like a painting, her hands clasped in front of her black mourning robes. Severus turns his gaze to meet hers.


    There are some things that I never tire of writing, and stuff like this... Yeah. This is the fun stuff.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DictionaryWrites


      No, the Kissing Rose is one of mine! I write Lucius as liking flowers, so there's a few ideas that I use very regularly, like the Kissing Rose or Choral Bushes. :)

    3. StarFeather


      I like the concept, 'Choral Bushes'. Imaging musical magical plants sounds fun.

    4. DictionaryWrites


      Yeah, they'll sing by moonlight, but in order to prune them you've got to sing to show you're safe and trustworthy.

  10. Working on chapter 9 of book 5 of my Slytherin!Harry series. 10,000 more words and the series breaks 300k!

  11. Starting work on the next chapter of The Serpent's Gaze, where I'm introducing Remus as writing children's books for Muggle kids. Remus just deserves something nice once in a while, you know?

  12. Hello and welcome to HPFT! I am Claire, one of the prefects here ^_^ If you have any questions or just want to chat, my inbox is always open! Hope to see you around the forums!

    1. DictionaryWrites


      Thanks so much! I'll keep that in mind if I need anything. :) 

  13. Staring into the void of a ship you really don't like, but writing it to publicise a new kink meme on Ao3.


  14. AAHHHHH!!!!!! WE HAVE A NEW SNAKE!!!!! :darkmark: :slytherin:

    Ehem... Anyways, lol! Heya!! I'm Deana, one of the Slytherin staffers, and ML's on the site!! It is such an honor to see you've joined the Noble house of Slytherin!! it's always quite an exciting time when we get new snakes in the pit, lol!! But most of all, welcome to HPFT as a whole!!! If you have any questions about the forums in general, or need help with anything in the Common Room, please feel free to ask. My inbox is ALWAYS open!! :thumbsup:

    There are a LOT of exciting things going on in the pit right now!! We're currently tied for first place in the House Cup MAGIC Bingo game (we won round 1, Hufflepuff won round 2, and Round 3 JUST started today!) So there's that excitement!! We are also making a Slytherin playlist for this year's House Cup tournament. So if you would like to add any tunes to that, feel free to get your input in there SOON!! There are also several fun games going on as well, and nominations for Story & Snake of the month are taking place this week too!! So feel free to pull up a basket in the Bodega, and stop by and introduce yourself! We're a pretty tight House!! And I for one am SO EXCITED to have you with us!!! :yay:

    Feel free to jump in anywhere at anytime!! I am here if you need me!!  



    1. DictionaryWrites


      Thanks so much for such a warm welcome!

  15. Welcome to Slytherin! (And to HPFT. But more importantly, to Slytherin :slytherin:)