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  1. Do you guys think the names I use for my OCs are too fancy? Should I stick with common names like Mary, Jane etc?

    Josephine who goes by Jo, she was named after one of her mum's favorite book characters, Deirdre who's Irish and her brothers are named Dermont and Donaghan, Anais who goes by Ana she's American but has Spanish heritage, Liesel who's Viktor's cousin, Carissa who is Scottish. Do these names fit with the Harry Potter universe?

    All of them are born in the early 1970s UK/Ireland minus Ana who was born in California in 1973. Liesel is born in 1978.


    Ana and Deirdre are muggle borns while the rest are halfbloods.

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    2. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      This person said 'why does everyone have to have such a modern name.'  Josephine is an old name. I also used the name Adelaine for two of my earlier stories about Lee.

      I'm not sure how old the other names are.

    3. Margaret


      Well, Deirdre appears in Irish mythology, so it's pretty old. The story apparently dates back to pre-Christian times (Christianity arrived in Ireland in the 5th century). Not sure how popular the name was say in the 19th century, but it has apparently dropped in popularity recently. Looking at the stats it has become MUCH less common ever since the late '80s, so hardly a "modern" name, when there were 613 born in 1966 and only 3 in 2016.

    4. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      I always try to pick names that go with what my OC's heritage is. If she's Irish, I try to pick an Irish name. If she's Scottish I try to find a Scottish name. So, there's that. I mean if these characters were purebloods they would probably be out of place but since they are half-bloods or Muggle-borns. I have some more choices from muggle culture.