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  1. I write mostly OCs and all of them are related to relatively minor canon character besides McGonagall and Lupin. 


    Is it wrong to make all my OCs related to a canon character?

    1. Margaret


      No, definitely not. There is very little that is "wrong" in writing. It's all about how you do it. When people have an OC arrive as a transfer student from usually the author's home country and turn out to be Sirius's long lost son or daughter and the descendant of all four founders or something like that, then it tends to be problematic, though I bet a good author could probably make it work, but being related to a minor character isn't likely to be a problem.

      Really, the way I see a "Mary Sue" is that they are a character that other characters appear to KNOW is the protagonist of the story. In other words, all the other characters revolve around this person, they care more about this person's problems than their own, often they will act almost as a chorus line (ALL the opposite gender fancy them, ALL their classmates bully them, ALL teachers love or hate them). Nobody else seems to have a personality; they only react to the Sue. Also the Sues characteristics often don't make sense - for example they are related to people who it is highly unlikely they would be related to or they have names it is highly unlikely their parents would give them.

      A lot of the things that come up in "Mary Sue" tests tend to be more things that are often done badly rather than things that are bad in and of themselves. 

    2. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      I know in the story about Oliver's older cousin. She instantly bonds with a muggle-born OC and a half-blood male OC but Tonks doesn't necessarily like her and they eventually to fight for friendly attention from Charlie. Though, she bonds quickly to Aidan Lynch who is a second year Gryffindor.