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  1. Would Mr. McGonagall still be alive in 1994? I know he's a muggle. I'm playing with the idea of my OC and her brother being fostered by Mrs. McGonagall and Mr. McGonagall after their parents die in 1993. They go to separate foster homes for a bit and are sent back for some reason.

    Thanks for helping in advance :)

    1. Levana


      I'm assuming you mean Professor McGonagall's dad? It's plausible, going by the information on the wiki he'd be at least 77 by 1994 (assuming he's 18 in 1935). So I think it would really depend on how hold they were were Minerva was born. 

    2. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      Yeah, I'm talking about Minerva's dad Robert Sr. 

      Would they be allowed to foster at their age or would they be too old?

    3. Levana


      I don't think there's an upper age limit for fostering. You just have to be 18+

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