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  1. Do you think Ilevrmorny students would be taught British Wizarding World History?

    Do you think Ilvermorny would have an equivalent to the Triwizard Tournament?  

    1. forever_dreaming


      Haha if Ilvermorny is anything like Muggle public schools, then no :P I think it would be focused pretty much exclusively on American history but with intersections with British world history during things like maybe the Wizarding wars. (Brings to mind if a Wizarding world war is at possible—my gut feeling is no because all the countries seem so distinct, hardly interacting except for things like the Tri-Wizard Tournament and maybe situations like Grindelwald-as-Graves, but perhaps!). 

      As for the Tri-Wizard Tournament equivalent, what other countries would be participating? If there are Canadian and Mexican Wizarding schools (I think there’s a Spanish one but not a Mexican one), potentially, but otherwise, I don’t think so since America is separated from all the European countries by an entire ocean, so I’m not sure if the other countries would travel all the way to America. 

      These are quite interesting questions :)

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