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  1. Is it weird for a seventeen-year-old boy to fancy a fourteen almost fifteen year old girl (the girl in question is his best female friend's little sister). He won't act on the feelings until she's of age, though.

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    2. abhorsen.


      I personally think that it's a little weird, and it'd probably feel weird if it's his best friend's little sister... but also that it's definitely not so weird that it doesn't happen. I'd just make sure to address the differences in life experiences - like, for example, if he's working and she's still in school, he should probably feel slightly strange (which doesn't necessarily mean not doing it, just feeling a bit odd).

    3. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      He discusses this with my OC and he thinks he's a weirdo for liking her but she tells him if it was any other seventeen-year-old guy who fancied her sister he would end up in the hospital wing.

    4. abhorsen.


      That sounds about right, then. :P