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      Announcing... Teams Gorgon and Griffin!   12/14/2017

      Your third and final snowball fight is just just over a day away, and your special team common rooms are now open in the Courtyard! For this fight, Hufflepuff and Slytherin will form team Gorgon, while Gryffindor and Ravenclaw will form team Griffin! The official topics in your common rooms will unlock tomorrow, but you're very welcome to use the space now to decide on a strategy, ask the staff for clarification on any rules, and just get to know each other if you don't already.


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  1. If the mother and father of a child are dead. The father and the father's family never knew the mother was pregnant. The mother's immediate family is also dead. She has an American cousin who could take care of her or would she go to the equivalent of an orphanage?

    1. abhorsen.


      I think it depends on a lot, but especially if we're talking about the wizarding world, I think you can make up your own rules to some extent - and it's definitely not unbelievable that she'd go to live with a cousin. (I don't know that it would be an orphanage either with, also - does the UK have an equivalent of foster care?)

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