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  1. How would a great niece of Myrtle find out about her great aunt and how would she react? 

    The character is named Cheryl Warren, she's the same age as Charlie and my main OC Deidre Tremlett. 

    1. Margaret


      To find out about Myrtle, she could simply ask her. I know Myrtle doesn't have the full story and she would probably find it pretty hard to find out the whole story of the Chamber of the Secrets, but the trio managed so she could do something similar. Alternatively, her mother/father could tell her, but I am guessing you don't want that to happen.

      How she'd react really depends on her character and how much she finds out. If she finds out that Hagrid was expelled for opening the Chamber,  I would imagine she'd be angry he was given a job at Hogwarts afterwards and she'd probably be wary or even really frightened of him.

      Otherwise, it could vary from her being determined to solve the mystery to her being really angry at Hogwarts for covering the whole thing up and possibly even dropping out of school or being concerned for whichever parent is Myrtle's sibling or being simply curious or being angry at her parents for keeping it from her or even not really caring - it all happened before she was born and she never knew Myrtle; it might not be any more of an issue for her than it would be if Myrtle had not been related to her - or it could be a source of embarrassment (I'm related to that weird ghost that everybody laughs at) or annoyance (she'll probably plague me if she knows we're related). It all depends on your character's personality and values.

    2. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      I kind of write Cheryl like her great aunt was smart and quiet. Though, I don't think Myrtle had any friends but Cheryl has a best friend in my OC Deidre and acquaintances with Charlie Weasley and Tonks through Deidre.

      I may give her little crush on Deidre's older brother Donaghan who is a year older than them and also a Ravenclaw.

      Maybe there's no issue when they're in school but somehow she finds out during Harry's second year but I don't know how. Though, if I do that I wouldn't have a plot for a during Hogwarts story it would end up being a post Hogwarts story.