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  1. Hi there!  I just saw you joined about a week ago and I wanted to welcome you to HPFT and to Ravenclaw! :ravenclaw: Great to see you!

  2. Studio Ghibli Films

    Ooo yes! Definitely movies I'd never hesitate to recommend. I've seen all aside from Pom Poko, Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbours the Yamadas and When Marnie Was There - though I really should watch them. And I firmly believe that there are no best. Better ones, certainly, but no best. My personal favourite is Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind (you didn't list it btw). I love the heroine particularly, and the music and art are gorgeous like always. But it's the story that strikes me the most. In a roundabout, fantasy way, it's about the human impact on the environment and most noticeably makes me think of the current debate about global warming - despite the film being 3 or 4 decades old. It presents the themes in both a devastating and beautiful manner - it really leaves you thinking if you let it, but it's also simple enough to merely appreciate the masterpiece as the artwork it is. I know other people didn't love it as much, so it could be a part of preference. Second and third are more famous. One is Howl's Moving Castle, I read the book after I realised what the movie was based off, but halfway through stopped because the characterization is simply so different. Not in a bad way necessarily, but after being familiar with one for so much time, it was a bit like visiting an alien planet. The other is Spirited Away. Despite the imagination and the fascinatingly noticeable way it's inspired by culture, the resolution is a little too open and resolved at the same time. Ponyo was my favourite once when it came out in 2010, but being young as I was, I watched it 6 times in half as many months. I loved it that much, but after memorization, it became somewhat old. I think it was my first Ghibli film, but can't be too sure. Laputa (Castle in the Sky), Mononoke and Kiki's Delivery Service are on the list too, but there's so many, they're probably somewhere between my 5 - 10th favourite movies of all time. I was devastated when I heard the studio had closed down. But all things have their time, coming and going.
  3. A trip to Ollivanders

    I'd write out a scene, but for some reason, I can't understand Mr Ollivander, so I'll just say it. Mine is hawthorn, 10/12 inches long with a unicorn hair core and hard flexibility. If I ever do or say anything contradictory, here's my excuse.
  4. The month is a third over and I'm still dithering about whether or not to participate in NaNo. Now the question is if it's even worth the stress of starting so late.

    1. abhorsen.


      You can always participate but set a lower word count, to make it more doable! :)

  5. Mirror of Erised

    This thread is fairly old, but I'm going to answer anyway. The thing I find fascinating about Erised would have to be how it changes from person to person. How, depending on one's life experiences, ambitions and wants, it could change every few weeks, every few months or remain the same for several years. If someone asked me what I'd most desire, I'd hardly pause before answering: "'To be well again."' For context, I have a chronic illness. But would I really? After being isolated for such a long time, would suddenly restoring my health make everything better? If I thought about it, the more honest answer would be to see the world. Not those typical tourist locations, but places where you can get up close to nature, where you can let your mind expand and hear and see and feel all the different, phenomenal landscapes on the planet. Perhaps Erised would show me something different. Something simple, like a friend instead. The most enthralling element of the concept is the pure, unadulterated unknown.
  6. What's Your Pottermore Patronus?

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw that was: "How many times someone must've done that quiz to figure that out..." Additionally, I've done the quiz a few times because I have a several accounts on there - back from the time I was trying to figure out why the sorting hat quiz was being so wrong. When I first did it I got a tortoiseshell cat, but I kept wanting to backtrack the answers. Just now I redid it, answering everything right so that it corresponded with a specifically good memory (of a pet rat - if I'd gotten a cat again that would be a joke) and it turned into a dolphin. I've identified as a dolphin in the past - as an animal totem kinda feeling - so it feels right. So my patronus is a dolphin. Yeah.
  7. Sorting Ceremony

    It wasn't so bad, I realised as we - myself and the other first years - made our way to the front of the hall. I could have hours puzzling over the wonders to behold; candles suspended in midair that somehow didn't drip hot wax on the tables and a ceiling, I mean sky, so full of beauty that was the night outside. But everyone was staring at us, which was a relief because in a loose manner of speaking I blended in and an irritation because I just wanted to get the ceremony over with. And eat something. Fortunately, I didn't have a long wait. The professor called out the As, of which there weren't many, and then she got the Bs. And it was my turn. Ignore the fact that my name was so terribly common, occasionally it has proved its usefulness in being so high up the alphabetic order. My gut churned with dislike for it as I stepped out of line. When I did so, all eyes turned to me and I couldn't help it, I tensed - quickly, think other thoughts, think of all the things I could learn and the friends I could make and the hall that was so incredibly long; the walk to the stool greater. I wasn't so small that the hat slipped to cover my face when I put it on, but it felt rather unpleasant on my ears. I had to manually close my eyes in an attempt to still the sudden fluttering never which threatened to rise up my gullet. A long breath left my nose when a voice spoke into my head, "Hmm... what have we here." it said, all crackly and a unique kind of ancient cheekiness. It was the oddest sensation, like the words were getting pulled from your mind by this inane foreign consciousness and offering them up only long enough for my comprehension. Like it was pulling my essence apart and putting it back together; like it knew everything - which it probably did. "A need to tell the honest truth and to delve into logic..." it mumbled, letting the words roll together like a muddling stream. I winced at the accuracy. People, my mum and my friends from muggle school were always telling me I was oftentimes too blunt; that I said what I saw and didn't gloss things over. "You want to be put in Ravenclaw?" it asked without needing to confirm. "Yes." I thought sheepishly. The place sounded noble - not in a pompous, look-down-your-nose kind of way - but the quest for knowledge was one of sublime purpose. I wanted to be a part of that. To discover truths and value skill. To appreciate wisdom and let it guide me. Nothing more could be more rewarding and I felt nothing else would let me be as free for thought and creation. "Hmm... I'd have to agree, Ravenclaw it will have to be." Concurred the hat, and not another second went by before it announced the decision to all onlookers. For the rest of the evening - as I was sitting at the table of my new house - I recalled what it felt like to take off the hat, to slowly open my eyes and blink away at the sudden light. To look at my new house and to have it feel undeniably right. As though seven years with these people was the only path I could take. And a huge smile spread across my face. Nothing could dim it, not even the food.
  8. Welcome to HPFT!

    Fully comprehended.