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  1. Six Sentences

    He was my Brother. Not through blood or marriage of family, but through love. And now he's dead. Never to smile or laugh again. They say it's not my fault. But I wonder if it would have turned out different, if my last words to my were not, "I hate you."
  2. Hiiiiiii! Welcome to Slytherin, and therefore HPFT!!!

    I'm Hayden, one of the Prefects for Slytherin and I just wanted to stop in to say hi and welcome you to our wonderful site! Feel free to contact/message/PM me if you need anything or just want to say hi! We're all so friendly (or at least I hope we are :p) and can't wait to get to know you. :)



  3. Hi and welcome to HPFT! I'm so happy to see another wonderful Slytherin joining us! I loved your sorting and your trip to Ollivanders! I'm Paula and I'm one of the muggle liaisons here so I hang around social media a lot. If you have any questions at all or if you just want to chat feel free to send me a message! I'm always around :)

  4. Welcome to HPFT! :greenstars:Similarly, welcome to Slytherin! I'm Rumpels! Feel free to contact/PM me if you need any help/need anything/just want to say hi! Happy exploring--hopefully I'll be seeing you around the Slytherin Common Room! ^_^

  5. A trip to Ollivanders

    Being muggles my parents did not want to go to Diagon Alley with me. In fact, they didn't even want me to go! It's not like they paid very much attention to me, so it was easy to leave without them noticing. I think they may have been a little afraid of me and my 'powers', which is why they stayed away from me. Anyway, after I got my books and the most adorable smushed faced cat, the only thing I had left to do is get my wand. It was an...interesting experience to say the least. Mr. Ollivander looked shocked to see my parents had not come with me, but quickly hid it with a smile. We tried many different wands but none seemed right. After about two hours I was ready to give up and accept there was no wand for me, but Mr. Ollivander would have none of that. Another kid came in so Mr. Ollivander had me go to the back and see if I saw one I liked while he helped the kid that came in. Usually it doesn't take more than a few minuets to find a wand, but for some reason with me it took a while. Walking in the back I saw hundreds of wands, but there was one my eyes kept being drawn to. The box said Sycamore wood,Dragon heartstring core. I went to pick it up just as Mr. Ollivander came to the back. "So, dear, find anything you like?" He asked me with a wide smile. "Yes, sir." I told him and picked up the box I had seen. "Aw, yes yes, very good. Sycamore wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ½" and Reasonably Supple flexibility. Very good choice" He took the box from me and opened it. Taking the wand out and handing it to me. "Alright, lets see if this is the one." As soon as I had the wand in my hand I knew it was the right one. I gave it a swish and suddenly the box was out of Mr. Ollivander's hand! "It seems you have found your wand, Miss de la Rosa." Mr. Ollivander told me. He then took the wand and placed it back in the box, then held the box for me to take. "Take good care of it dear." " I will sir." I said. And with that I was off.
  6. Sorting Ceremony

    As soon as we all walked in to the Great Hall, I looked up and saw an old hat sitting on a stool. I, of course, knew what it was from Hogwarts: A History; it was the Sorting Hat. One by one the other first year walked up to the old hat and had it placed on their head. For some it took a while for the Sorting Hat to decide, while others it was very quick. Finally it was my turn. "de la Rosa, Zoe" Professor Mcgonagall called out. As I walk up to the now vacated seat, I notice my hands are shaking. I'm worried where their going to to place me; I want to be in Slytherin but being muggle-born I'm not sure if that would be safe. I know I can't be Hufflepuff, I'm no where near nice enough for that. I've been told I'm brave, and smart, and cunning, but I don't know. Would I be brave enough, smart enough, or cunning enough for any of those houses? Slowly I sit on the seat and Professor Mcgonagall places the Sorting Hat on my head. "Hm," It says, " One with many qualities. Do you have a preference, dear girl?" I am so frozen I can't speak, so I think my answer and hope it can read minds. Slytherin, please I think. I hear the Sorting hat speak, but from what I can see, no one else can. Are you sure? They aren't generally receptive to muggle-born's. It tells me. Yes. I reply. "Alright then, it better be.....SLYTHERIN!" The Sorting Hat yells out. The hall is deathly silent, for they know I am not a pure-blood nor am I a half-blood. Someone at the Slytherin table, a first year from the looks of it, starts clapping slowly, then the rest of the Slytherin table follows suit. I walk over to the Slytherin table and the one who started the clapping grins at me. It is then I know I will be okay. I will survive and grow in Slytherin; I will be accepted. I may be a muggle-born, but now I am their muggle-born. I am a Slytherin, I am a Mudblood and I am proud. (I just want to add,my real last name is not de la Rosa. I didn't want to put my real name on here so I just used a random one I thought of. Thanks!)