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      February Bulletin   01/31/2018

      February's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, our secret cupid event, our monthly awards, and more! You can check it out +here.
    • abhorsen.

      2018 FROGS Winners   02/10/2018

      We've announced the winners of our 2018 FROGS Winners! You can check out the livestream +here and the awards post on the forums +here!


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  1. Hi Ignatia! I come bearing a gift from your Secret Cupid! Enjoy!



    My dearest Ignatia,

    I want to assure you that your gifts are on their way, only they're a bit complicated, so it's taking some time. That said, I didn't want to miss the chance to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day! May it be filled with happiness, joy, love, and chocolate.

    With utmost sincerity,
    Professor Yuri Blishen III