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  1. Staff Review Thread

    Can I get on this list? And is it okay if I just throw my author's page up here, because I'm not sure who will end up getting my review? It someone snags it that has been reading my Merlin story, I'd love you to go on to the next chapter if you want. If not, or if you are tired of that story, feel free to just pick whatever. If this isn't how this is supposed to work, please feel free to just ignore me. 1917farmgirl (K-M stories)
  2. Has anyone seen my muse? I REALLY need to finish this next chapter instead of wasting time on the internet...

    1. StarFeather


      Merrrrlinnn your magiiic come baaack!


    2. Tecla Sunrise

      Tecla Sunrise

      Time on the internet is never wasted thoo

  3. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    So, I have yet to respond to all those COMPLETELY AMAZING AND WONDERFUL reviews you left me last week. The semester ended and I'm working like crazy to get grades in, plus I had school functions all day Friday and Saturday this weekend. But I promise to chip away at them next week once things slow down. They are so amazing, I'm still just kind of adoring them and re-reading them with a huge grin on my face. I was wondering, though, if you might like to round out your recent Merlin bing through my stuff by looking at my little Merlin AU? It's only one chapter right now, with probably only one or two to go to finish it. If not, I TOTALLY understand, since you just gave me a boat load of AMAZING reviews. [b]Story and Author Name, including link:[/b] Some Things Are Meant to Be (M) by 1917farmgirl [b]Warnings and Advisories:[/b] Domestic Abuse [b]Genre[/b] AU [b]Length:[/b] 3157 words [b]Summary:[/b] When a door closes, somewhere a window opens. [b]Ships:[/b] [b]Areas of Concern:[/b] Even though this is AU, does it still feel like Merlin?
  4. Some wonderful person has me back up to 13 reviews to respond to in only five days! just.a.willow.tree, you are WAY too nice to me! (hug)

    1. forever_dreaming


      @just.a.willow.tree is a wonderful person and deserves all the hugs! ❤️

    2. just.a.willow.tree



      It was a constant losing battle between writing and reviewing your story. :P In the end, Silence Cuts Loudest Through the Chaos won (clearly haha).

    3. 1917farmgirl


      Your reviews have made me smile SO much this last week!  I can't thank you enough!  Let me get through posting grades for the end of the semester, and then I'll get to responding. :)

      And I ALMOST have the next chapter done, if I could just get myself to get through this one part that's got me blocked.

  5. You are a sneaky person that I love.  Thanks so much for the reviews, even though I now don't have zero unresponded.  hehehehe  And thanks for the FROG noms!  (hug)

    1. just.a.willow.tree


      Hahaha I'm so sorry to have ruined your zero-unresponded score. And I love your fic so much, I think it deserves all the nominations <3

  6. I have responded to all my reviews!!!  THIS IS HUGE!  And thank you so much everyone!  My stories feel your love. :)

  7. The Fairy Tale Challenge | Deadline: 1 March 2018

    Okay, I don't know if I will find the time to actually write this, but I've had an idea kicking around for something for a while, and it fits this perfectly. Before I sign up though, I have to ask if you will accept Merlin fanfiction? If you do, then I'm in and my story is Beauty and the Beast and the fandom is Merlin.
  8. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    Awesome! How about this - I'll put this up here, but if you can't seem to get a grasp on it or there are too many details you are missing because it's Merlin, feel free to just stop reading. Also, there are a few chapters in here that top your 4,000 limit, just so you know. So I'm totally fine if you just ignore this request. Thanks a bunch! [b]Story and Author Name, including link:[/b] Silence Cuts Loudest Through the Chaos (M) by 1917farmgirl [b]Warnings and Advisories:[/b] Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, Slavery, Substance Abuse, Suicide, Violence [b]Genre[/b] Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort [b]Length:[/b] 67000 words so far [b]Summary:[/b] [b]Ships:[/b] Arthur/Gwen [b]Areas of Concern:[/b] Is it enjoyable to read and a good story?
  9. Anyone want to read a Merlin agnsty Christmas-ish fic? I'd post in Review Requests, but it seems to be pretty strictly HP reading right now.

    1. StarFeather


      Hey, I'll follow your Merlin to the end, Jill. It will take some time to reach there though. I need to stop by Kayla's first. :D

    2. victoria_anne


      I definitely do!

    3. 1917farmgirl


      Here's the link, if anyone is interested!  You guys are awesome! http://archive.hpfanfictalk.com/viewstory.php?sid=1614

  10. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    You don't happen to read in the Merlin fandom as well, do you?
  11. January Bulletin

    Oh, I'm speechless! What a wonderful New Year's Eve surprise! Thank you so much! And congrats to everyone who was mentioned in this, as well as a hearty thank you to those leaving staff positions! THANK YOU!
  12. Works on replying to reviews.  Needs a break, wanders into forums...finds herself in the "request reviews section."  "NO, idiot!  Get out!  That would mean MORE reviews to respond to and you are already so behind!  Just, no!  No more reviews for you!" Slinks out, thoroughly chastised by self.  

  13. When you haven't been around for a while and come back to find you're name decked out in green and your Gryffie heart stops for a moment...

    1. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Oh yeah, April Fools moved to December. Sorry no one told you! :P

    2. StarFeather


      Me, had the same feeling that we got green at the moment,too. 

  14. Archive Issues/Bugs

    Thank you so much! Would it help if I send you links so you didn't have to randomly click?
  15. Archive Issues/Bugs

    It's not a delayed notification because the ones I got before, I clicked on them and actually saw the spam reviews in French. There were like five of them, which I then reported here and you guys took care of. Since then I've gotten notifications for about 10 more reviews (different stories or chapters than before) and I click on the link and nothing is there. It's been going on for a while now. I just assumed you guys had figured out how to delete them very quickly so by the time I clicked the notification, the review was gone. But if it's not you guys, I'm even more confused. And bummed, because getting constant notifications that you have reviews only to find out they are spam or worse, don't exist, is a bummer. LOL. Edit: Actually the spam reviews are still there, so I guess you haven't deleted them yet. But still, the new notifications have been for entirely different stories, and I click and there's no review once I follow the link. So, how do I get the spam ones deleted again?