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  1. Rick Riordan-verse

    This thread exists!!! I also grew up reading the Percy Jackson books and both series' are probably my favorite books right next to Harry Potter. I was twelve when I started reading them and I most of the reason why I loved them (and still love them) is the fact that all the kids had dyslexia and ADHD. I'd been diagnosed with ADHD around the same time I started reading The Lightning Thief and it was really great for me to see that in a book series? Everyone else in my class always though I was either: incredibly annoying (because I would shake, tap my fingers, or click my pen all the time) or stupid because I couldn't focus (and therefore did bad), but seeing that in the books made me feel better and I'd be like, "well you're just jealous that you aren't a demigod like I am!" I also just remember relating to the characters so much because of that and I remember going, huh I have a hard time reading things to - I never equated it to dyslexia though and kinda assumed I was dumb and I still kinda struggle with that (and I've never been diagnosed). I need to actually go back and reread all of the books because I never finished reading House of Hades (is that the last one?). I apparently preordered it and it was delivered to my kindle when it came out but I forgot until I saw the book in my library last year. If I can mange to get through all the books at once because I can't read so... and I have a thing about reading/watching things in order even if I've read/seen them before. Might be interesting for me to go back and rearead them now that I'm actually sure I'm dyslexic. And that's my oversharing reason for why I love those books so much. I never read the Magnus Chase series for the exact reason that Eva said above; my friends told me it didn't have much to do with Percy Jackson and I hyperfocus on characters from books too much to the point that I can't read exapanded things sometimes. Also I, wow, I agree Eva. I'd love to see a tv show! I actually really liked the movie when it first came out but only because 13/14 year old me had a crush on Logan Lurman
  2. I could maybe use some hugs :( 

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      I know I'm heaps late with the hugs, but :hug::hug:

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      Thanks everyone! :grouphug:Everything's all good! (my dad was getting like a heart catheter(?) but he's fine! Your hugs helped me through my anxiety :wub:  :wub:

  3. House Characteristics

    Oooh! I have thoughts Overlapping traits: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff: First, with the whole sacrifce thing: I can really see that as trait for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff but in different ways. I kind of see it that a Gryffindor would sacrifice themselves physically for someone (like in a battle type of situation). With Hufflepuffs I see is more as sacrificing their own things? or their own comfort for someone else (so if someone is like, "i'm so hungry I'm going to pass out." a Hufflepuff would be like, "here have my food." even if they are feeling just as hungry) Loyalty: I see this soooo much for Slytherin. I think because Slytherins are so ostricized by the rest of the houses they have a huge feeling of loyalty for each other, so they feel like they can really only rely on each other. Gryffindor for this too; I see Gryffindors tending to have such unwavering loyalty, especially to anyone that helps then (unlike with a sytherin - because of how they're treated at Hogwarts I see them being skeptical of any non-slytheirn that tries to help them). For Hufflepuff I see it as a general sense of loyalty, not sure if that makes sense I also see the nobility thing as overlapping with Gryffindor and Hufflepuff a bit Act now, think later: Gryffindors and Hufflepuff. I definitely see both as acting without thinking when they strongly believe in something or if someone needs help. So they're less inclined to come up with a plan. Is that the definition of rash? The difference here I think is that a Gryffindor would rush in and have no problem with confronting someone, whereas I think a Hufflepuff would rush in and then realize they'rein a confrontation and then just be like "Oh NO" (yeah, based that on me, because I will rush to defend someone and then subsequently get a panic attack ) Think now, then act: I definitely think that Ravenclaws and Slytherins will come up with a plan before doing anything. Because it's more logical to do. On that note, I see them working together really well. Slytherins are better at strategizing, but I think a Ravenclaw would be able to think of all the different outcomes for each plan. Ambition: Ravenclaw and Slytherin Curiosity: RAVENCLAW! I also kind of see that for Hufflepuff too. I'll probably be back with more ideas, because I have many thoughts, but this is what I have for now. Also what Eva said in her summary post above, I definitely agree with that.
  4. Levana's Reviews

    Of course!! <3 I'll have time tomorrow, so I should have a review for you tomorrow night Heave Can Wait - Pen2Paper (if you happen to look: I'll have your review tomorrow or tonight ) Miracle - Hasane (sunshine_locks) Open!!
  5. I have an actual about me now :P 

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  6. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    Team: Levana and pookha Elements for Chapter 1: "I thought it sounded like a good idea at the time" [sentence] Person of Color [inclusivity] Space Opera [theme] Humor [Genre] Elements for Chapter 2: All great failures start with one spectacularly bad idea. [sentence] Time-Travel [theme] Anxiety [inclusivity] Angst [Genre]
  7. Staff Review Thread

    Link to Chapter(s): Then Time Stood Still (M)Word Count: 4,360Summary: Advisories: SuicideGenre: Angst, Hurt/ComfortMain Characters: George Weasley, Ron WeasleyAreas of Concern: the flow and how I handled the themes and characterizationPreferred Staffer (if applicable): anyone who has the time, thank you <3
  8. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    I'm in for this! 100% here for this!!! I'll be doing HP (not sure what pairing yet)
  9. SPACE OPERA?!?! 

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      (I have faith in you hahaha)

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      I shall attempt to channel my inner sci fi :P 

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  10. Levana's Reviews

    @CambAngst Hi, Dan!! Nice to meet you!! I loved your fic!! All three slots are open!!
  11. Levana's Reviews

    @Pen2Paper Done!! I saw that you have your fic here too, so I transferred my review from the first chapter over here. I posted the review for chapter 2 on HPFF and here as well! Um, side comment, the review on HPFF is cut off because I apparently do not know the definition of the word brevity (I hit the character limit on HPFF...) All three slots are open!!! (also I am officially on spring break now, so I have a lot of time!)
  12. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    Team you are sabotaging: @Phoenix Potioneer & @Pixileanin Blocking OR assigning: assigning Element assigned: crossover
  13. I'll be in for this!! It'll probably be something to do with Fred or George, or both (who knows).
  14. Levana's Reviews

    @Tecla Sunrise @Felpata_Lupin done!! 1. Heaven Can Wait Ch 2 - Pen2Paper (I'll be doing this for you either tonight or tomorrow ) 2. Open!! 3. Open!!
  15. My job interview was great! I got hired!!! I have my first job!!

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      Congratulations. That's brilliant. Hope you enjoy it and gain valuable experience.

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