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  1. Rick Riordan-verse

    This thread exists!!! I also grew up reading the Percy Jackson books and both series' are probably my favorite books right next to Harry Potter. I was twelve when I started reading them and I most of the reason why I loved them (and still love them) is the fact that all the kids had dyslexia and ADHD. I'd been diagnosed with ADHD around the same time I started reading The Lightning Thief and it was really great for me to see that in a book series? Everyone else in my class always though I was either: incredibly annoying (because I would shake, tap my fingers, or click my pen all the time) or stupid because I couldn't focus (and therefore did bad), but seeing that in the books made me feel better and I'd be like, "well you're just jealous that you aren't a demigod like I am!" I also just remember relating to the characters so much because of that and I remember going, huh I have a hard time reading things to - I never equated it to dyslexia though and kinda assumed I was dumb and I still kinda struggle with that (and I've never been diagnosed). I need to actually go back and reread all of the books because I never finished reading House of Hades (is that the last one?). I apparently preordered it and it was delivered to my kindle when it came out but I forgot until I saw the book in my library last year. If I can mange to get through all the books at once because I can't read so... and I have a thing about reading/watching things in order even if I've read/seen them before. Might be interesting for me to go back and rearead them now that I'm actually sure I'm dyslexic. And that's my oversharing reason for why I love those books so much. I never read the Magnus Chase series for the exact reason that Eva said above; my friends told me it didn't have much to do with Percy Jackson and I hyperfocus on characters from books too much to the point that I can't read exapanded things sometimes. Also I, wow, I agree Eva. I'd love to see a tv show! I actually really liked the movie when it first came out but only because 13/14 year old me had a crush on Logan Lurman
  2. I could maybe use some hugs :( 

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      I know I'm heaps late with the hugs, but :hug::hug:

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      Thanks everyone! :grouphug:Everything's all good! (my dad was getting like a heart catheter(?) but he's fine! Your hugs helped me through my anxiety :wub:  :wub:

  3. House Characteristics

    Oooh! I have thoughts Overlapping traits: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff: First, with the whole sacrifce thing: I can really see that as trait for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff but in different ways. I kind of see it that a Gryffindor would sacrifice themselves physically for someone (like in a battle type of situation). With Hufflepuffs I see is more as sacrificing their own things? or their own comfort for someone else (so if someone is like, "i'm so hungry I'm going to pass out." a Hufflepuff would be like, "here have my food." even if they are feeling just as hungry) Loyalty: I see this soooo much for Slytherin. I think because Slytherins are so ostricized by the rest of the houses they have a huge feeling of loyalty for each other, so they feel like they can really only rely on each other. Gryffindor for this too; I see Gryffindors tending to have such unwavering loyalty, especially to anyone that helps then (unlike with a sytherin - because of how they're treated at Hogwarts I see them being skeptical of any non-slytheirn that tries to help them). For Hufflepuff I see it as a general sense of loyalty, not sure if that makes sense I also see the nobility thing as overlapping with Gryffindor and Hufflepuff a bit Act now, think later: Gryffindors and Hufflepuff. I definitely see both as acting without thinking when they strongly believe in something or if someone needs help. So they're less inclined to come up with a plan. Is that the definition of rash? The difference here I think is that a Gryffindor would rush in and have no problem with confronting someone, whereas I think a Hufflepuff would rush in and then realize they'rein a confrontation and then just be like "Oh NO" (yeah, based that on me, because I will rush to defend someone and then subsequently get a panic attack ) Think now, then act: I definitely think that Ravenclaws and Slytherins will come up with a plan before doing anything. Because it's more logical to do. On that note, I see them working together really well. Slytherins are better at strategizing, but I think a Ravenclaw would be able to think of all the different outcomes for each plan. Ambition: Ravenclaw and Slytherin Curiosity: RAVENCLAW! I also kind of see that for Hufflepuff too. I'll probably be back with more ideas, because I have many thoughts, but this is what I have for now. Also what Eva said in her summary post above, I definitely agree with that.
  4. Levana's Reviews

    Of course!! <3 I'll have time tomorrow, so I should have a review for you tomorrow night Heave Can Wait - Pen2Paper (if you happen to look: I'll have your review tomorrow or tonight ) Miracle - Hasane (sunshine_locks) Open!!
  5. Levana's Reviews

    Let me love you!! And your fics!! Give me your fics, please. Maggie loves reading I'll read anything in the HP fandom or original fic. I'm open to other fandoms, just send me a PM or something to check if I'm familiar enough with it. I can help with characterization and plot, I'm not sure how helpful I am but I can definitely just give you lots and lots of love Any ship/genre/pairing is fine with me. I'll start out with 3 open slots for now. I'm a bit of a slow reader so bear with me, but if I take more than a week to review feel free to bug me about it! *** Story and Author Name, including link: Warnings and Advisories: Genre: Length: Summary: Ships: Areas of Concern (if any):
  6. I have an actual about me now :P 

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      Where? I can't see it? :no::shrugs::couch:

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      Ummm I have no idea???

  7. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    Team: Levana and pookha Elements for Chapter 1: "I thought it sounded like a good idea at the time" [sentence] Person of Color [inclusivity] Space Opera [theme] Humor [Genre] Elements for Chapter 2: All great failures start with one spectacularly bad idea. [sentence] Time-Travel [theme] Anxiety [inclusivity] Angst [Genre]
  8. Staff Review Thread

    Link to Chapter(s): Then Time Stood Still (M)Word Count: 4,360Summary: Advisories: SuicideGenre: Angst, Hurt/ComfortMain Characters: George Weasley, Ron WeasleyAreas of Concern: the flow and how I handled the themes and characterizationPreferred Staffer (if applicable): anyone who has the time, thank you <3
  9. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    I'm in for this! 100% here for this!!! I'll be doing HP (not sure what pairing yet)
  10. SPACE OPERA?!?! 

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      (I have faith in you hahaha)

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      I shall attempt to channel my inner sci fi :P 

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  11. Levana's Reviews

    @CambAngst Hi, Dan!! Nice to meet you!! I loved your fic!! All three slots are open!!
  12. Levana's Reviews

    @Pen2Paper Done!! I saw that you have your fic here too, so I transferred my review from the first chapter over here. I posted the review for chapter 2 on HPFF and here as well! Um, side comment, the review on HPFF is cut off because I apparently do not know the definition of the word brevity (I hit the character limit on HPFF...) All three slots are open!!! (also I am officially on spring break now, so I have a lot of time!)
  13. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    Team you are sabotaging: @Phoenix Potioneer & @Pixileanin Blocking OR assigning: assigning Element assigned: crossover
  14. I'll be in for this!! It'll probably be something to do with Fred or George, or both (who knows).
  15. Levana's Reviews

    @Tecla Sunrise @Felpata_Lupin done!! 1. Heaven Can Wait Ch 2 - Pen2Paper (I'll be doing this for you either tonight or tomorrow ) 2. Open!! 3. Open!!
  16. My job interview was great! I got hired!!! I have my first job!!

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      Congratulations!! :yay:

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      Congratulations. That's brilliant. Hope you enjoy it and gain valuable experience.

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      Thank you, everyone! :grouphug:

  17. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    Eva! <3 Mind If I snag a spot? Story and Author Name, including link: Then Time Stood Still (M) - Levana Warnings and Advisories: Suicide Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort Length: 4,360 words Summary: He didn't want to believe it, George tried to deny the truth that was right in front of him. At a certain point though, he couldn't continue to deny it. The missing presence by his side, the second half of a joke that was left unsaid, left a gaping hole in his heart. It was the missing hand on the famous Weasley clock though, that was final piece of evidence. After seeing that, George couldn’t deny it anymore; Fred was gone, and he wasn’t coming back. Ships: none Areas of Concern: Just some general feedback from you would be lovely
  18. Levana's Reviews

    @Crimson Quill Done!! @Tecla Sunrise @Felpata_Lupin Look for reviews within the next day or two. (I'm hoping for tomorrow)!!! 1. Wrong Number - Tecla Sunrise 2. Goodbye, Jus - Felpata_Lupin 3. Open!!
  19. Y'all! I just got called for a job interview on Friday! Not a terribly exciting job because it's just an on-campus job at my school, but still! I'll finally have a job... uh hopefully.

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      Hooray! Good luck!

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      Good luck, dear! :hug:

  20. Levana's Reviews

    Done!! All three slots are open now!!!
  21. Tecla Sunrise's reviews

    I'm gonna snag that first spot Story and Author Name, including link: Levana, Then Time Stood Still (M) Warnings and Advisories: Suicide Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort Length: 4,348 words Summary: He didn't want to believe it, George tried to deny the truth that was right in front of him. At a certain point though, he couldn't continue to deny it. The missing presence by his side, the second half of a joke that was left unsaid, left a gaping hole in his heart. It was the missing hand on the famous Weasley clock though, that was final piece of evidence. After seeing that, George couldn’t deny it anymore; Fred was gone, and he wasn’t coming back. Ships: N/A Areas of Concern (if any): This is my first HP fic in many a year so I'm concerned about characterization. Also the plot/flow/dialogue and if I handled the themes well. Thank you!! (If you don't want to read because of the suicide advisory feel free to ignore me!)
  22. I get to write a sci-fi short story for my science fiction class (or write a research paper). I've never tried my hand at writing OF, so???? I don't foresee this going well :S

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      you're going to do great!

  23. The Productivity Thread

    Update on things that I haven't done and new things: Write research proposal for class Write paper (Uh, I never wrote it/handed it in... so...) Finish challenge entry Finish (and post?) first chapter of long fic Finish reading The Time Machine for my class Finish reading From the Earth to the Moon for my class Start reading 2001: A Space Odyssey for my class Come up with a filming schedule for my class Write script for Outside of School film project Come up with filming schedule for that Learn how to do more sophisticated coloring (and editing) in Da Vinci Resolve Do class readings in general journal article summaries annotated bibliography get a job Not doing so good on this productivity thing...
  24. Trying to figure out the best way to end a chapter is super annoying (and super hard).

  25. Fic Feud!

    I'm in as a participant!