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  1. Justice League DCU

    I saw Justice League last night! Overall, I liked it. One thing that really surprised me (more in my reaction than the event) was I thought Flash was great and I loved his awkward comedy. My husband was kind of meh about the comedy in the movie. Re: batman I'm probably going to see this again and will have more thoughts.
  2. Dumbledore's Ardour

    It's hard to get people out of their headcanon for certain characters, especially one like Dumbledore. He's controversial and has become even moreso as the fanbase of Harry Potter has gotten older. I do tend to disregard people who have a completely different take on a character and aren't paying attention to how I'm writing someone or just don't get the character/story.
  3. PP: Would You Rather? MC Edition

    Lily would answer: always hot because I need a warm, sunny spot in my room. Would you rather always eat good food alone or blah food with people.
  4. PP: Music

    Monster Mash!
  5. Lightning Love - toomanycurls

    I'm going to work on Lightning Love (M) for Nano! It's a love triangle story where Lily Luna Potter, Lysander Scamander, Hugo Weasley, and two other (OC) boarders are living with Molly Weasley I at the Burrow. It's a follow on to Pure Intentions/True Romance and has cameos from the same characters from PI/TR with a heavy theme of following your heart and learning what happens when you don't pursue love. aka everyone is getting a heartbreak. Hugo has a story arc about self acceptance and bullying There's at least one death. It'll be fun.
  6. November 2017 Bulletin

    Congrats to the new prefects and head students! Thank you so much @abhorsen. for the amazing format!
  7. Cluedo! Postmortem

    Hello HPFanficTalk Fam! Last weekend we rallied together to solve the tragic muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurder of Tasha! We had many clues which included: Murder Scenes: Suspects: Weapons: Wow!! That was quite a lot of clues to go through! In Round One, correctly sleuthed that toomanycurls used a 1st Year's Botched Potion to off Tasha in the Quidditch Pitch! In Round Two, correctly determined that Veritaserum27 offed Tasha with a 1st Year's Botched Potion in the Library. In Round Three, correctly deduced that TidalDragon used a Crystal Ball to slay Tasha in Greenhouse Three! In Round Four, correctly suspected that paulatheprokaryote blasted Tasha with a Wand in the Hufflepuff Common Room. With so much murrrrrrrder and intrigue -- where did each house land for this event?? The Results: First place: with 200 points! Second place: with 150 points! Third place: with 100 points! Fourth place: with 50 points! Places were determined by the number of correct guesses, the number of total clues eliminated per game, and the number of points found on the archives. Well done, everyone, thanks for helping us crack this case wide open! And a very special thanks to clevernotbrilliant for making those beautiful playing cards, and to toomanycurls for making the check-off sheets that were provided for each house to use.
  8. Blade Runner (both of them)

    I just saw Blade Runner 2049 and I have thoughts... One of them being that the movie was very loud. Not the deepest of thoughts, I'll admit, but I dislike movies that are extremely loud. I like that neither movie had concrete endings and that there's a lot left for the viewer to piece together.
  9. My laptop has been in the shop but I'm getting it back tonight! 

    1. toomanycurls


      It's back and in perfect condition!!!

  10. Nanowrimo Sign-Up Thread

    HPFT Penname: toomanycurlsNaNo Username: toomanycurlsNaNo Project: Lightning Love
  11. Cluedo! Round 4

    Welcome to the final round of murderrrrrrrrrrrr and intrigue. We've shuffled around the suspects, locations, and weapons but poor Tasha is still the murder victim. Turns this round will go in the following order: Hufflepuff Slytherin Gryffindor Ravenclaw Clues for each post are in the common rooms -- happy sleuthing!
  12. Cluedo!

    You can only disprove using clues you are given at the start of the round, not ones other houses gave you.
  13. Cluedo! Round 2

    I just came back to correct myself! time to huffle a puffle guess
  14. Cluedo! Round 2

    turn to guess
  15. Cluedo! Round 2