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  1. Ask a Validator

    A quote from Grey's anatomy is fine. Re: spam. I'll block that user from the site.
  2. Ask a Validator

    You can write them! You just need about 90% of the story to be your own words.
  3. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda/Simonverse

    I just watched the movie and it's different in some ways. Can't really say more without jumping into thoughts on the movie.
  4. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda/Simonverse

    Okay, so... New thread for the movie or keep it in here? Thank for new thread and laugh for keep one thread
  5. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    Story and Author Name, including link: Lightning Love -- toomanycurls (M) Warnings and Advisories: Mature -- sex, some violence, self harm, stuff. you know Genre romance, drama, lolz Length: 18k Summary: Love strikes as fast as lightning and burns as slow as the sun for some. With others it takes many attempts to combust and backfires with an unpleasant bang. For some the spark never comes at all. What will be the love story of Lily and Lysander? Ships: Lily/Lysander, others. Areas of Concern: I did something a bit new with chapter 6. I focus pretty exclusively on a single day/activity without a hard cut between parts. I tried to advance stuff in plot without too many overtures but wonder if it feels like anything happened.
  6. Potential Hate Speech/Slur Advisory Changes

    Our site rules are driven based on community feedback and consensus. A key driving factor about why we opened an archive (instead of encouraging people to use AO3, which I had strongly advocated) was that members wanted an archive where they could trust and understand the ratings and advisories and know what they were getting into when they were opening a story. The advisories are the way they are based on what staff put together and feedback we got from the community. While we're not complete populists when it comes to rule authoring, we do heavily factor in what the majority feels is good judgement. i'm sorry this is difficult and against the grain for you but unless we see a significant shift away from members wanting a moderated archive, we'll need ratings and advisories. As Branwen said, we are looking for areas where we can be more relaxed. I agree that some authors will look at our rules and advisories and chose AO3 or ff.net. Those authors are likely to dislike any moderated archive, not just ours. I do appreciate your feedback and hear your concern/frustration on this topic.
  7. Secret Cupid: Partners Revealed!

    @MuggleMaybe!!!!!!!!!!!!! You doll, you. you left just the best reviews and did so much above and beyond. @clevernotbrilliant your comment about my writing being slightly different between reviews was spot on. I'm just horrible about reviewing as an alter I will review Glad You Came now that I can do it without trying to sound coolly aloof.
  8. Secret Cupid: Partner Guessing

    So... My person has read my next gen stuff but not the last story. That leaves... . Felpata_Lupin victoria_anne clevernotbrilliant MuggleMaybe Rumpelstiltskin forever_dreaming dreamgazer220 velajune PaulaTheProkaryote I'm also an awful person because I'm only kinda sure the people above fit my criteria. My best guess is dreamgazer220, Felpata_Lupin, or victoria_anne. I might be completely wrong though! I just loved all the reviews, picspams, and banner. Also, doing the reviews from the persona of Dana K. Scully was just the best.
  9. The Rule of Three Challenge: ends 1st May 2018

    Wait, wait, wait. I just saw Doctor Who is an option. Can I get 3 from there?
  10. Hey Rose! I'm just dropping off another gift from your secret cupid:


    Hello again,

    Here's a banner for the cutest story ever


    with love,
    Dana K. Scully


    1. toomanycurls


      I'm just astounded by my valentine. 😍😍

  11. The Rule of Three Challenge: ends 1st May 2018

    Me: Harry Potter
  12. Hey Rose! I'm just here to drop off a gift from your secret cupid:


    Dear Rose,

    Here's a little valentine to recognize only a fraction of the many traits that make you wonderful and irreplaceable.


    xo Dana K. Scully


  13. Hey Rose! Dana K. Scully has left you some more reviews here+ :) 

    1. LadyL8


      They also have another gift for you: 


  14. Hey Rose. I'm here to deliver a gift from your secret cupid:


    To Agent Curls,



    Dana K. Scully

    They've also left you a review: http://archive.hpfanfictalk.com/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1067:) 

    1. toomanycurls


      :wub: I just love this so much!!! 

  15. I love that my cupid is Dana K. Scully 😍😍😍😍