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  1. The Say Goodbye Challenge - Deadline: 2 March 2018

    Hi there! Sorry was reading your challenge as part of a review for a story. It's an interesting challenge and if I may I'd like to try writing for it. I'm facing a little writers block which I'm hoping will clear out soon. I know I'm quite late but provided I have time to finish up a decent one-shot could you put me down as a maybe with James Potter the first?
  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my profile. So, what interests you about writing HP fanfiction?

    1. StarFeather


      Hi, Cal! Recently, I write James and Lily for Harry who will eventually think what parenthood should be in his future. :) I wrote about James and Lily in my story, 'HP and Druidic Magic'(M) at hpft archives. If you have interest, please try to use Gryffindor CR review tag (for activating Lion's Den actually). I will follow you as well after continuing the review game. :)


      Anyway, I also plan to continue Review-Mon-Go for lions after my test task done in RL.

  3. Hi! Welcome back to the forums!

    Do you write stories?

    1. Pen2Paper


      Hey thanks! It's great to be back! I do in fact. I've been writing on and off for about 6-8 years. My studies and subsequently work haven't given me a lot of time to focus on my writing so I took a hiatus for a while. Some new reviews of my old work inspired me to return to it. So here I am. I mostly write Marauder Era stories, I like to dabble in what could have been and try to keep things as canon as possible. If you feel like checking out some, please check out my author page and do tell me how you felt about it. :) I am rusty and could use pointers to things that readers like or dislike :) Thanks for stopping by! 

    2. StarFeather


      Oh, you write a story from James Potter's POV. I started reading yours. Keep posting at hpft archives. I'll follow you. :)

  4. Welcome to HPFT! :loveshower::loveshower: 

    1. Pen2Paper


      Hey! Thanks Rumple! It's good to be back! :twothumbsup:

  5. Hi there! Thanks for visiting! I remember you too! I remember us trying to sort through clues in the common room for House Cup one year! Great to hear from you and glad to see you hear. How have you been?

    xx Cali

  6. Hello! Welcome to HPFT! It's awesome to see another name in that Gryffindor Red! I'm Abbi and a fellow Lion! :)

    1. Pen2Paper


      Hey! So glad to see another Gryffie! Where be our brethren? :)

    2. RoxiMalfoy


      OMG, I remember you!!! HI!!! :waving: So, I used to be in Gryffindor too, before Pottermore came out and sorted me into Slytherin (not once but TWICE, lol!) So I actually changed houses, like, right before we moved here to HPFT. But I was a Gryffie for 7 years before that, so I definitely recognize your username!! OMGosh, it is SOO great to see you again!!! Welcome back, Cali!! :hug:  

  7. Sorting Ceremony

    When my name was called I walked up hurriedly and sat on the stool so hard I nearly toppled over. The hat was dropped on my head and I was plunged into darkness as the rim sat over my eyes. "Thank heavens I don't wear glasses! They would have been knocked right off!" I thought, then immediately regretted it as I thought 'It' could hear my thoughts... and it could hear that too! I wondered if the Hat could only see/hear what we were thinking at the moment. A sorting would certain bubble up one's inner insecurities and make it easier for the hat to- "Gryffindor!" the Hat announced. The hat was pulled off my head and I was ushered off the stage quickly as another name was called. I didn't mind. I had a broad grin on my face as I joined the cheering Gryffindors at their table.
  8. Welcome to HPFT!

    Hi all, Pen2Paper here! I have read and understood the rules and guidelines and will do my best to uphold them! I've been part of the previous forums ages ago and it took forever to find this forum once the previous one disappeared! I'm glad to be back! I've always been a Gryffindor at heart and in the previous forums and Pottermore agrees, therefore I humbly request to be housed under Gryffindor.