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  1. The Cute Things in Your Fandom

    Awww, there are so many cute things in this fandom, i love them I agree with these, and I'm adding on - Gus and Lassie tap dancing - literally everything about Buzz
  2. The Fairy Tale Challenge | Deadline: 1 March 2018

    Apologies for the double post -- My story will be based on Maid Maleen
  3. I saw you have a goal to bullet journal this year. I bullet journal too!  I don't know if you're on twitter, but if you ever want to share your spreads with me, I'd love to exchange ideas! :D 

    1. Renacerá


      Oh my gosh, so cool! I’m not on Twitter (except for career stuff), but I’d totally love to PM on here about it!

      How long have you been doing it?

  4. HPFT Cookbook

    I like food. I mean, I know food is also challenging at times. But it sure is delicious! (And also necessary for our survival, etc. etc.) Over the past year, I've been cooking a bit more - and I have come to really love trying new recipes. It's fun to have a lot of variety in what I eat, and very fun to have the satisfaction of successfully making something. Our HPFT community is so international and awesome, I think it would be fantastic for us to have a place to share favorite recipes. While you may have a lot of these, the idea is to share either the ones you return to time and time again, or those new discoveries that you want to cook all weekend and then gleefully serve to everyone you meet, including total strangers. (No? Just me?) Anyway, you get my point Before we start, here are some resources for converting between metric, Imperial, and US cooking measurements: +handy charts // +handy calculators When you share a recipe, also copy and paste the recipe index from the previous post, and add your recipe (with the link, if there is one). That way, we can always see and use all the wonderful recipes without lots of searching. Here's the format for the index: I'll start us off... INDEX 1. Vegetarian Shepard's Pie (V, Vg, $) V = Vegetarian / Vg = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free / $ = Budget friendly +Vegetarian Shepard's Pie, via Budget Bytes There are a lot of things I love about this recipe. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do try not to eat meat with every meal. Unfortunately, I am a crazy person and don't really care for bread or pasta, so it can be hard to find vegetarian options that keep me full. This one definitely does the trick! It also feels like great comfort food to eat, while actually being pretty healthy. Since it's easy to access online, i'm not going to write it all out, but I have some tips. Tips: - I always include the lentils. I can't really imagine the recipe without them and don't understand why they're listed as optional - Keep in mind, you will need to prepare or buy mashed potatoes before you start (having leftover ones on hand is ideal) - For ^this reason, I usually use canned lentils to save time; they work fine (I promise! I have also used dried and tasted little, if any, difference) - I use chicken broth rather than vegetable broth, because I find it more flavorful. Obviously, I realize this makes it not vegetarian - While it's good either way, it's nummier with cremini mushrooms than button mushrooms, imo Now, share your recipes, please, and let's get cooking!
  5. I recently had a very helpful discussion with a friend around the following prompt: How can we hold onto the idea of our unique voice as our greatest tool, rather than letting our insecurities stop us before we've even begun? It can be scary to start a new project and hope that the story will work, that the characters will be genuine, that your voice in the story will emerge as one you like. It feels like a big risk to write, sometimes. There's a relatively common platitude in writing, "It's already been written, but not by you." To me, this means that your unique voice as a writer is your most valuable tool - but it's also an area where we often doubt ourselves. Our demons sneak in, and we wonder how we ever thought we had any business writing. Obviously, the demons are wrong, but it's easier to say that than to believe it. What do you think? Do you struggle with this? How do you get through this specific type of writer's block? How do you trick yourself into feeling confident (or at least getting to the end of the page) when you start to think a story will "fail"?
  6. The Fairy Tale Challenge | Deadline: 1 March 2018

    I am spending some time brainstorming for this challenge, and I am browsing through this awesome fairy tale database from my undergrad university. (Kind of proud of it lol.) Dropping it off in case it might be helpful for anyone else who is still choosing a fairy tale. http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/folktexts.html [Note to mods: I don't live anywhere near my undergrad university anymore, so no worries on location data ]
  7. Students & Teachers in HP

    Please note that this topic is about PLATONIC teacher/student relationships ONLY. Thank you! Has anyone else become morbidly obsessed with a fan of the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text over the past year? No? Just me? (It's amaaaaaaazing - and I am not usually a podcast person. ) I was just re-listening (I told you I was obsessed) to the episode about CoS chapter 7, where Draco calls Hermione a mudblood, and then the trio retreats to Hagrid's. Hagrid is very kind to Hermione in that scene, and it made me think about how, in PoA, Hermione is initially the only one of the trio who is really there for Hagrid during the allegations against Buckbeak. I think that if the stories were told from Hermione's point of view, Hagrid would actually have an even greater presence in the books than he does in Harry's experience. He doesn't just support Hermione - she supports him, too. They have a very caring and genuine teacher-student relationship, and I had never really thought about it before. Teacher-student relationships in HP don't seem to get a lot of attention in the fandom (with the exception of Snape's loathing for Harry), even though some very important characters fall into this category. For example, I would love to know more about the relationship between McGonagall and Neville. In the scene where she does career advising with him in OoP, she is clearly very supportive, and able to see strengths in him that most people don't notice. On the other hand, she can be dismissive of him and find him embarrassing. The relationship between Snape and Draco is also fascinating, in both similar and different ways. And then there are some we don't know anything about at all. Who was Luna's favorite professor? Or Oliver's? Is anyone else interested in this? (As a teacher, I may well be biased )
  8. Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge Winners!!

    I am super delayed in replying to this, whoops. Anyways, Thank you SO MUCH! I had a great time writing my entry, and I've loved reading all the other entries, too!
  9. The Fairy Tale Challenge | Deadline: 1 March 2018

    well dang. I LOVE fairy tales, AND I could write OF for this, AND one of my goals this year is to write more OF.... basically, I'm in! Not sure which story yet, but I'll let you know.
  10. Archive name: banshee Story Title: Nights Like These Link to story: +link [M] Reason for nominating: This Dean/Seamus fic shows a very believable way that the two might get together. As usual, Julie writes brilliantly. It's heartbreaking to watch Seamus struggle, but then so, so lovely to experience the realizations of love alongside both of them. There's just enough passion in this, and the romance is SO CUTE. I swear, it is literally impossible not to root for Dean and Seamus once you start reading this fic.
  11. F.R.O.G.S. Nomination Rules

    I know stories cannot win again in the same category. Does that rule also apply to member categories (best reviewer, most versatile)? Thank you!
  12. Reading Challenge 2018

    GOAL: 50 books Audiobooks are very much included because otherwise there's no way. I also want at least 5 of these books to be written in Spanish. ^^^LITERALLY THE SAME, Aph! I have 33 books I haven't read, and I am really striving to read all of them by the end of the year. Although, several of them are massively long (e.g. War and Peace), so... yeah, we'll see. BOOKS READ A Darker Shade of Magic - V. E. Schwab (in progress) The Bear and the Nightingale* - Katherine Arden (in progress) *audiobook
  13. What Fics Would You Like To See As a Movie?

    Oooooh GREAT topic! I haven’t read some of the ones mentioned above, but 100% agree about Dormitory 2.6A, the Stygian Trilogy, and Kill Your Darlings. I think I’d be too afraid they’d ruin things with How to Tame a Marauder or The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship, honestly. I also think pretty much everything by Mistress would make a great movie, but I’d especially like to see 30 Days of You and Me. Also: Icarus by Stella Blue, Actions Speak Louder Than Words by Veritaserum27, Lying Josephine by writeyourheartout, and Chicks Before Broomsticks by banshee. and, er, this is awkward and I hardly expect agreement since it’s as yet completely unfinished, but I might die of happiness if there was a movie of Elaborate Lives by, um, me
  14. Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge

    My entry: +First Lit, Last Burning (M)
  15. BREAKING NEWS: for the first time in possibly ever, I have complete a challenge entry on time. Talk about holiday miracles ;)

  16. kitten is curled up on my lap purring and i love her :wub:

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      Awww 💕 That’s always the best. :wub:

  17. I'm being difficult .... Instead of being the very first time they conjure a patronus, could it be the first time they conjure one after a period of being unable to do so? (I have a plunny)
  18. *peeks in* I miss everybody! :hug:I wish life was not so busy! Just stopping by to say hello. <3

    1. victoria_anne


      :hug:You were in my dream last night! I was at your school and you were busy teaching xD

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      Omg I love that!!! :wub:

  19. Rat Race #63 | :40 - :10

    Thank you so much for posting this, Deana. <3 I've been telling myself to write for like, two hours, and just keep messing around online. *rolls eyes* SWC: 0 (new chapter) EWC/WW: 347 Im so sorry, Tasha, but I'm literally falling asleep while I type. But I'm happy I got a couple hundred more words. Thank you for racing!
  20. Rat Race #62 | :00 - :25

    SWC: 1553 EWC: 2146 WW: 593
  21. Rat Race #61 | :05 - :25

    Ran a little over on the last one SWC: 1222 EWC: 1553 WW: 331 Ducking out a hair early bcs i need food. But welcome, Rumpel! I'll hopefully be back in time for the next :00
  22. Rat Race #60 | :30-:55

    SWC: 752 EWC: 1222 Words Written: 470
  23. Rat Race #59 | :00 - :25

    I'm going to be writing a lot today, if I have any luck at all. Feel free to join in! SWC: 505 EWC: 752 Words Written: 245
  24. Rat Race #58 | :00 - :30

    I'm here! SWC: 23101 EWC: 23607 WW: 506
  25. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    apparently Teddy is into lots of Muggle music and introduced Rose to Johnny Cash?????? Definitely did not see that coming, lol