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  1. Quidditch

    Being the massive nerd that I am, I actually play (muggle) quidditch, and I'm a chaser, mostly because that's the position I tried when I first started, and I've just kind of stuck with it - But I do enjoy cutting my way through the opposing team's players and stealing away some close goals. I also like that, while it's certainly cooperative, you can at times still do your own thing (which is more difficult for beaters, you always have to work with your partner). My favourite Quidditch-playing character is probably Oliver Wood, simply because he's so wildly passionate, but Harry's unbridled enthusiasm, especially in the first book, when he's finally found something he's good at without trying, is also one of my favourite things.
  2. The Love, _______ Challenge | June 15th, 2018

    I may have an idea I'll (probably) join in with a HP fanfic
  3. Sorting Ceremony

    Despite the First years’ excited chatter, the Great Hall seemed rather intimidating and gloomy in its half-empty state. Clearly, the school was designed for a far greater crowd, but as the number of students dwindled with each subsequent class, the many seats at the long house tables were vacant. As, or so she had been told, Julia and her classmates were born on the onset of the Second Wizarding War, theirs was a particularly small year, although it was predicted that the next few would be smaller still. After all, even Julia’s year at her local primary school back at home hadn’t been very big. Once she’d found out about magic, and Hogwarts, and the War, the 11-year-old had tried everything she could to understand this so very alien world, to connect it with the life she already knew, and her parents had acceded, though somewhat reluctantly, that during the first years of Julia’s life, there had often been an unnaturally cold and hostile atmosphere. It was therefore hardly surprising that this effect had been felt, much more pressingly, in the Wizarding World, Julia reasoned. Still, this observation did little to lift her mood while the girl stood in line with the other first years, waiting for her name to be called, watching as the young witches and wizards were sorted into their respective houses. Sometimes, the old, battered hat shouted out its decision the instant it touched the new student’s head, but other times, the Sorting Hat – a singing, speaking, sorting hat, for Christ’s sake – took more time, its subject’s expression ranging anywhere from curious to stubborn to terrified. Julia supposed it didn’t matter much where she’d end up, it sounded as though all of the houses had their ups and downs, and, really, she was happy just to be here, at Hogwarts, studying magic. “Last Name, Julia” Pulled out of her reverie, the girl ascended the few steps to the stool in front of the staff table where the sorting took place. She accepted the hat from the tiny, tufty-haired professor, who gave her a small, encouraging smile before she sat down and put on the hat, almost knocking off her glasses in the process. “Interesting..,” a voice sounded in the back of her head, startling her. This must be the Sorting Hat, reading her mind! “Well, you’re no Gryffindor, that’s for certain,” the hat continued, chuckling. “Easily frightened and rather quiet. Not nearly boisterous enough. No, you know how to use that head of yours. You would undoubtedly do well in Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff could also make a great home for you, kind-hearted and compassionate as you are. You have patience, too, or at least for others, you do. Yet you value learning… But I rather think you already spend enough time in your own head as it is, so it better be… HUFFLEPUFF!”
  4. A trip to Ollivanders

    Julia sighed heavily and shifted her weight, wincing at the audible crunch of broken glass. What had formerly been Ollivander's front window was now reduced to shards underneath her feet. While the girl grew more and more frustrated with each subsequent wand handed to her by the old man, the wandmaker seemed to delight in the challenge, an unrestrained grin on his face as he repaired the window pane with a careless flick of his wand. The young witch felt slightly envious at this really quite tactless display of a perfect match, but, then again, one wouldn't expect anything else from a wandmaker. Meeting the craftman's eyes, Julia found herself presented with yet another wand, this one a dark, chocolaty brown. The minute she touched the wood, her eyes widened in surprise. "It tingles," she whispered, gaze fixed on the long, smooth stick in her hand. "Wonderful," Ollivander beamed. "Give it a wave, then." As she drew her wand through the air, clouds of teal-coloured smoke emitted from the tip. "I knew we'd find the right match for you eventually. I've never yet failed, after all. Alder wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 ½" and slightly springy flexibility."
  5. Welcome to HPFT!

    Hello everybody! I, too, have read and understood the guidelines