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  1. Balancing Act by dreamgazer220

    I'm back again with a week 2 update! General Update: Week 2 is sometimes a struggle, and this year's NaNo was no different. There were days where I asked why I was doing this to myself, and days I simply didn't write at all -- and then there were days that I wrote 4k to make up for it all. I thankfully haven't fallen too far behind, at least enough where I can still catch up. I'm so glad I haven't given up on this story yet, because when I do write it, I'm really enjoying it. <3 Progress Report: current word count: 25,440/50,000current chapter: 6 I've officially made it to the halfway point! At least as far as NaNoWriMo is concerned, because I don't think I'm quite halfway through the story. So if I ever do something with this, even with editing, it'll probably be longer than the 50k that I'll write this month. Things I've Discovered: Zach and Maddy's relationship is turbulent to say the least, but they're at least talking. Also, I discovered that rather than the fact that they hadn't talked all summer since Brittany's funeral, they had. I decided it made sense if Zach was interested in both art and music, and James taught him as well; and he and Maddy bonded over their mutual love of music and their shared pain. Then, of course, they came back to school and everything went back to "normal". This'll definitely add conflict later on, especially when Zach finds out about James. There's less social politics than I originally intended. I think I'm gonna have to make that an update if I edit for later drafts. I haven't really found a way to diversify my cast yet, but I'm hoping edits will change that. Snippets!: I've written some really cute (and mildly ridiculous) Zach and Maddy scenes over the last few days, but I have three favorites I want to share. Zach invited Maddy to help clean out Brittany's bedroom, since they used to be best friends and he didn't want to do it with just his parents. Here's a few snippets in this chapter: Maddy arrives at the Davis house --> Zach and Maddy in the attic, grabbing boxes to sort through things --> Zach and Maddy's first Moment --> Shoutouts!: As always, just wanted to give a shoutout to @clevernotbrilliant for all of her help, patience, and encouragement. I definitely wouldn't be this far without you! Another shoutout this week goes to @WindingArrow for all of our epic races, which helped me get right back on track! Honestly I probably wouldn't have written this much in the last few days without you. And @MegGonagall made me a gorgeous character asthetic for Zach, which you can find on my tumblr [M]. (I wasn't 100% sure if I could post it in the nest, so I figured I'd link it.) And that's a wrap for NaNoWriMo Week 2! Many thanks if you stuck around reading all of this, and as always, I'd love any feedback, tips, or questions!
  2. Various by clairevergreen

    So, I don't have questions, I just came here to say how proud I am of you for everything you've accomplished so far! You've written a TON and have made some pretty awesome picspams. Plus, it's only the beginning of week 2--plenty of time left <33 Also, I love that snippet and I'm so happy to see more Jackson and that he has a first name! Way to go, Claire
  3. Best Lines!

    I really love this exchange. Maddy and Dan (her ex-boyfriend, who is currently dating her best friend, Sophie) are at a party, kind of drunk, and alone: I wasn't expecting these two to be so dynamic.
  4. Rat Race #51 | :00 - :25

    SWC: 16,218 EWC: 17,048 Difference: 830 Not quite as good as the others, but not bad! At least I'm working on today's words now. And great job, Renee!
  5. Rat Race #50 :15-:40

    SWC: 15,258 EWC: 16,218 Difference: 960 I love high school parties. So much potential drama (+awesome word counts...)
  6. Rat Race #49 | :35-00

    SWC: 14,288 EWC: 15,258 Difference: 970 Still like two days behind, but getting there!
  7. Rat Race #48 | :00-:15

    SWC: 13,750 EWC: 14,288 Difference: 530 Let's do this!!
  8. Balancing Act by dreamgazer220

    Hello everyone! We're officially a week into November, so I thought it was time to dust off this thread with a few updates on how the story is progressing. Also, this is just a warning that this post briefly mentions bullying and hazing. I kept them as brief as I could, but it's a major theme of the story, so I still wanted to include them in the snippets that are posted below. If you're not comfortable reading further, I totally understand <3 Character Aesthetics: (Made by me) (Made by @clevernotbrilliant) Progress Report: current word count: 13,750/50,000 current chapter: 4 All of my major characters have been introduced, and I've written my first official scene with Zach and Maddy, and they're just as wonderful as I expected them to be. Some new characters have made their way onto the screen and they come with their own set of problems: Daniel Porter: Maddy's ex-boyfriend. Dan was one of her closest friends (before they got together) and he's currently dating Sophie Quinn (Maddy's best friend/right hand woman). He's also captain of the football team and quarterback, and is not really for Maddy's "movement" to enforce the school's anti-hazing policy because he believes in tradition, and he thinks it's a different experience for guys than it is for girls. They broke up in April, shortly after Brittany's death, because Maddy was (apparently) very distant and distracted, at least according to him. James Fitzgerald: a student at the local college. He's also Maddy's music instructor, and they have a bit of a fling going on -- which causes a problem when James starts observing Maddy's music class at Riverside High. There is apparently a lot of romance drama, which I was not anticipating (see above). I'm also thinking I need to diversify my cast, but I'm not really sure how to do that, and I don't really want to do that just because, so if anyone has any tips or tricks in that regard, I'm happy to hear them. My other biggest thing is that I don't want Maddy and/or Zach to overcome their issues because of each other being a crutch, but rather as a way for them to grow as people. I hope that makes sense, and I think that's just something I need to work on on my own as I write. They're still going to be endgame; they're too dynamic not to be. Also, I just want them to be together My only concern is that there's too much romance drama... but there will still be focus on the important issues I plan on tackling in this novel too. Snippets: Maddy and Sophie are about to walk into school for their first day as seniors --> Maddy attempts to sway Dan to take her side of things --> Maddy ended up going for a run at five in the morning, and found herself at Riverside Park, where she, Brittany, and Zach used to spend a lot of time as kids, especially by the swings: And that's a wrap for week 1 of NaNoWriMo! Many thanks if you stuck around reading all of this, and I'd love any feedback, tips, or questions!
  9. Milestones

    You guys are doing amazing!! Keep up the good work --I've just hit 10k, and I finished chapter 2!!
  10. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    In the first two chapters, I've learned that apparently Zach has a stepmom (I think I meant for this to be stepdad in my plotting... ) and that Maddy has a taste for older guys, which is going to make things a liiiittle awkward later on.
  11. Milestones

    You guys are all doing amazing so far!! Keep up the excellent work <3 I myself have just hit today's wordcount mark, leaving me at 5,034! Not quite where I like to be since it's still so early (I usually like to be ahead) but I'll take it!
  12. First Words

    My first words! I'm glad I'm not the only one starting off on a depressing note.
  13. Balancing Act by dreamgazer220

    More questions!! HI KEVIN!! I actually hadn't thought about this at all until you asked it, so it's a great question! There are definitely opportunities for alumni to come back -- I'm planning on a Homecoming game/dance and maybe a fall festival -- but I'm not sure how significant they'll be. Probably the most significant one that will at least be name dropped a bunch will be Julia Pierce, who is the former HC of the Riverside Ravens and has had a lot of influence on Maddy. It's set in modern times, 2017. I honestly can't think of any unique challenges at the moment, though I wouldn't be surprised if technology is both an advantage and disadvantage, especially with the hype of social media. Hmm, that's an excellent question too. I think it really depends on Maddy and Zach and how they write themselves in, y'know? I sort of originally planned them as like a mid-point thing, so they're together for at least a portion of the story because that could have major effects on the story itself. They're definitely endgame in terms of the fact that they'll end up together; they really are equals in a lot of ways and are good at balancing each other out. I'm just not sure how quickly they'll get together, but they'll probably be more of a slow burn. I hope this sort of answers the question HELLO! Thanks for stopping by my nest <3 Yes, I'm definitely inspired by Riverdale! Although this story was formed way before I personally started watching it (like two weeks ago). But the setting is definitely a major inspiration, and it's given me ideas for characters and other scenes. But this story, in its conception, is more inspired/based off of a project I've been working on with one of my friends. College decisions are for sure going to be a part of this. And not just for Maddy, but Zach is going to be heavily impacted by it too. 100%. I think a lot of the younger girls (freshman-sophomore, some juniors) see her as a role model/look up to her. Some of the seniors though, like Sophie Quinn, have issues with her, and think she's a threat to the "way things used to be", and there's a ton of jealousy that Maddy got the role, even if it wasn't a surprise. Honestly none that I can think of now, but I'm sure some will write themselves into the story. <3 Yeah, for sure. Things like who you can eat lunch with, talk to/generally socialize with is a huge unspoken rule. There's also some diet/appearance stuff that falls into that category as well. <3 Mostly because I find the high school age easiest to write, plus I feel like I can get away with a lot more coming-of-age type drama. And since this is sort of about overcoming the social hierarchy, that's a little harder to translate into the adult world. Thank you so much for these awesome questions!! And I love to share, so I'm sure I'll be posting snippets of scenes I actually love as I write, so keep your eyes peeled on my nest for those. <3
  14. I answered all of the questions in my novel nest earlier and the site refreshed and didn’t save them. 😩 I’ll try again tomorrow. ❤️

  15. I'm super excited about my NaNo project this year, but I'm also mildly regretting not doing a fic one instead. :whistling: