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  1. Book/Film Pet Peeves

    THIS. Like the part in the books where he sticks up for Hermione after Snape called her an insufferable know-it-all and it's not even mentioned in the movie. Speaking of character assassinations, don't even get me started on what they did to my precious Ginny Weasley. Why was the shoe-tying scene necessary? WHY?! Also, "Size is no indication of power. LOOK AT GINNY."
  2. Stella Blue's Reviews

    Kristin's review thread is back?! Story and Author Name, including RATED link: Haunting Shadows (M) by dreamgazer220Warnings and Advisories: eating disorders, sexual content, substance abuse, violenceGenre: angst, drama, hurt/comfort, romance, crime/mysteryLength: Chapter 9 is 2850 wordsShips: Fred Weasley I/OC, OC/OCSummary: Areas of Concern: This is a big chapter - not length wise, but content wise, so I'm curious to see how the reveal goes in terms of narration and story-telling; it goes back and forth between past and present, so I'm wondering what you think about that, and how effective it was to reveal some of the truth; I'm also curious about characterization in regards to reactions. Also: this has a trigger warning for a panic attack, so if you're not comfortable reading that, I totally understand! Thank you!
  3. My reviews are turning out to be...so long. I'm sorry that you have to work your way through such a rambly essay each time. :')

    1. dreamgazer220


      omg no, don’t be sorry! 😍 I was just going to tell you how much I loved them! ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so glad you’re enjoying it so much so far!

  4. Unanswered reviews are back down to 0, and I wrote the first 800 words of chapter 13 of Haunting Shadows! All around a productive Sunday night. :computer:

    1. Felpata_Lupin


      Read your replies! :wub: And so thrilled you are working on HS!!! :greenstars:Also, thank you so much for the review on Jimmy... :$

    2. dreamgazer220


      Of course!! I've been meaning to get around to it anyway, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity :wub:  And I'm excited about HS, too -- I really want to try and finish it this year. 

  5. The Say Goodbye Challenge - Deadline: 2 March 2018

    Thanks, Hayden! Can't wait to read it Possible Participants: Entries: May We Meet Again: clevernotbrillaint +Burdens (M): BlackPixie
  6. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    Hey, Eva! This review thread is super generous, so I thought I'd swing through - if you don't mind! I will mention that this story has some darker undertones (depression, anxiety, and PTSD are included), so if there's anything you don't feel comfortable with reading, I definitely won't be offended! And I know you have time constraints, so the number of chapters you look at is totally up to you. I'm pretty flexible and can come back and re-request more if it's a story you like and are interested Thank you! Story and Author Name, including link: Haunting Shadows (M) by dreamgazer220 Warnings and Advisories: eating disorders, sexual content, substance abuse, violence Genre: angst, crime/mystery, drama, hurt/comfort, romance Length: currently at 12 chapters with 35,147 words Summary: Ships: Fred Weasley I/OC, OC/OC Areas of Concern: One of my major goals is to finish this novel this year, and it's been a while since I've looked at the beginning/the story as a whole. I'm curious about characterization, pace, and suspense as well as anything else that catches your eye!
  7. Quidditch

    Title: Friday Night Flights Author: clairevergreen Link(s): HPFT (M) Length / Completed: 10,580 / No Pairing(s): OC/OC Genre(s): general Summary: Reasons for recommending: This is a fic unlike any other I've read before. Claire brings us to the magical world of the USA, where No-Majs and wizards co-exist and Quidditch is everything. Her characters are so relatable, they come to life on the page, and the relationships she's built feel so authentic. It's only three chapters in, but so far it's been a really fun journey discovering Thea and her world, and you really want to root for her and the Fort Mill Eagles. Everyone who loves Quidditch fics should read this!
  8. Kevin, your review was an amazing surprise. Thank you :sad::hug::wub:

    1. TidalDragon


      Every word deserved. :)

  9. Review Tag

    Read and reviewed untrue, untrue by just.a.willow.tree
  10. The Say Goodbye Challenge - Deadline: 2 March 2018

    Definitely! Also, welcome to HPFT Possible Participants: Entries: May We Meet Again: clevernotbrillaint
  11. Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge Winners!!

    Congratulations, guys!!
  12. Best Original Character Nominations

    Character Name: Brindley McCroy Story/Stories/Series Title: The Harder They Fall Link to Story/Stories/Series: The Harder They Fall (M) Author: victoria_anne Reason for Nomination: There is so much to love about Brindley - but what I love about her most isn't that she's a Hufflepuff, but that even though she's technically Finn's love interest, she's so much more than that. She's strong, knows when to put him in his place, and really helps him become a better person without putting her own individuality at risk. She's honest and there's so much sass that there were so many times I'd laugh out loud with her comments, and she has so many layers. Her story is really interesting, and Bianca does an amazing job of giving its own focus and simply adding onto HTF without taking anything away from Finn. (Plus, she convinced a brooding Slytherin to build a pillow fort. I think that should say enough about how awesome she is.)
  13. Best Reviewer Nominations

    Archive Name: PaulaTheProkrayote Link to Author's Page: +here Reason for Nomination: Paula's reviews are always such a joy to receive. Whether or not they've been requested, they're always so detailed and thorough, and you can tell she's read through the entire piece and has given some thought to the review. She's always so positive and encouraging. Her reviews constantly leave me smiling and give me something to think about.