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  1. Call for Stories - December

    The link should work now.
  2. Y'ALL. Y'all are killing it with the Winter Wonderland event. The sheer number of reviews and the quality! Holy guac. I'm simultaneously razzled and dazzled by the wonderful reviews I've been left.  :wub:

  3. Okay, so I stayed up all night reorganizing my OF and outlining the remaining chapters and I'M SO HAPPY WITH MYSELF. Like productivity has been dead and gone for months and I had this wonderful burst last night and now I'm writing easily again and my story feels so much more cohesive and meaningful and interesting and it makes me ramble. I also wrote the Bencident of my story, but I think it's just going to be a side story I share once I post the entirety of Rose & Co. Basically, it's the story of when Bia and Cast first meet. They're both dating this college boy named Ben and think he's a dreamy, albeit stupid boyfriend. Cass is at his apartment for a date night in when Bia shows up and lots of yelling and stupidity incurs and then Bia drags Cass out of the apartment with her because she feels bad bc Cass is so young to be dealing with someone so shitty and then they go get food and live happily ever after as girlfriends instead*. *eventually they stop dating because they aren't as compatible as they'd like, but there's definitely residual feelings there or at least I low key ship them because 99% of their scenes alone have that going on so I have to sort out who Cass actually ends up with because this point idk. But here's a story snippet that I'll go post in story snippets in a minute (totally unedited so excuse me that's how i live my life): I also made a list of "hot girl stuff" and "hot guy stuff" so I could keep mannerisms in mind instead of just lovingly gazing into orbs and I made a list of Bia and Cass things. Bia suffers from severe anxiety (bc I love self inserts) and Cass tries to be sensitive of that and do things like order her food for her and bring it to work so she can eat in peace and be mindful of when she needs space so that's nice. It was just a nice productive night. Also I realized that y'all are the best support system I've ever had. Like I felt a little insecure about going to the movies by myself on thursday, but with the outpouring of positive responses and understanding words I don't feel nearly as stressed about it. Like I think I'm going to actually have fun. Also the fact that I told y'all how I'm feeling over my IRL friends is a whole thing in and of itself. Today I'm headed into the city to go buy christmas presents for my husband's side of the family (they're the worst to shop for and always buy me crazy expensive presents and never abide by limits so ugh). I'm looking forward to alone time while shopping, but also I just bought six new books (Maggie Stiefvater had a sale on amazon–I think she still does if you want to start the raven boys and fall in love) and a new pair of glasses I didn't need and two coffee mugs so spending in december just makes me guilty. If I could just buy my nieces and nephews their presents and call it a day I'd be happy. Last but not least here's a video of my pup being festive. Or me being festive at him. Whichever. (Idk if this will work I've never tried it but there's no time like the present)
  4. Remadora (Remus/Tonks)

    A thing I have never seen, but would really like to see is a happy poly Sirius/Remus/Tonks relationship. Tbh I think both Sirius and Tonks suit Remus very well, but I also think they are a lot alike. Jacked up family drama-check Hilarious-check Fought up in the war and ready to make a difference-check Pranksters-check I think the deaths of Tonks and Remus were up there in the most devastating and if the tone of the story didn't need that kind of darkness then I'd probably rebuke it like nobody's business. I also write almost exclusively fluff so I'm not a good thermometer on angst though.
  5. Switching from Fanfiction to Original Fiction

    THIS! Yes! I think it's the main reason I've been so stuck in my original fic universe instead of fanfiction. I feel like I can work on my OF at my own pace and write and revise constantly. Although if I finished stories before publishing them on archives I guess I could do that too. Who has that kind of restraint though? Instead of naming things I struggle with naming people. I always end up giving people temporary names for like ten chapters before I really start working on naming because otherwise I spend months on it. I'm still struggling with my MC's name because I feel like it's a little too special sounding given the other names in the fic. I love the idea of writing it as basically fanfiction for things that might have been done before.
  6. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    I'm glad you said something here because I'm feeling it pretty strongly too. I was iffy on the first movie, but I went ahead and saw it and now I'm not at all convinced I'll be seeing the next one. I'm very, very disenchanted with JKR and the whole franchise right now. To me he should have been recasted from the get go (also his role was so minuscule in it I don't think it would have been very difficult to reshoot but also i have no concept of filmmaking and the legal stuff and the logistics so what do i know), but now with all of this backlash I'm hoping they'll be shamed into reconsidering. Ignoring all the obvious and serious social issues, I can't even envision him as Grindelwald. like who even decided that he looks like jack frost
  7. EEK!!! Paula, your review on LNW totally made my day!!!  I had just gotten some pretty bad news about my Aunt on Friday night, so when I saw your review, it instantly cheered me up. I am SO EXCITED that you are finally reading my story, and I'm so glad that you liked it too!! Thank you so much, darling!! :wub: 

    1. PaulaTheProkaryote


      It was SO good already! I've been meaning to stop by forever and a half and I'm so glad that at the end of this week I'll finally have time! <3 Good vibes for your aunt though! 

    2. RoxiMalfoy


      Yay!! That makes me so happy!! :yay:  I really can't wait to see what you think about the rest of the story!! It was bad news for my Aunt Pat tho, sadly... I'll PM you hun. :(

  8. I'm taking writing classes on skillshare to motivate me to write. It has just inspired me to redecorate my office though so :shrugs:

  9. Best Site Resources

    Tumblr has brought foodtimeline.org into my life. It's exactly what it sounds like: centuries worth of information about FOOD. It's excellent for writing historical fics like founders era or regency or literally any time period (apparently potatoes don't belong in medieval novels), but it also gives a really intriguing history of specific foods and even lore behind the food (think pomegranate in mythology for example).
  10. Build a Snow Fort (Fight #1)

    Family theme Paulatheprokaryote - Love, Not War, Prologue by RoxiMalfoy
  11. Alright I've low key given up on NaNo this month and instead I'm working on my Pride & Prejudice one shot AU collection so if you think of great AU prompts holla at ya girl

    1. victoria_anne


      I’ve given up too so I’m here to help! 

      - One of them is sick and the other is playing nurse 

      - Hogwarts sorting! 

      - Snowed in a cabin (possibly Christmas?) 

      - Pirates

    2. PaulaTheProkaryote


      Yessss! Thank you for the prompts! 

  12. The Pettigrew Awareness Challenge - Deadline: 1 March 2018

    I'm definitely in! I love Peter!
  13. Rat Race #53 | :45 - :10

    Renee, I have tarot cards and a book about them by Maggie Stiefvater if you need an in depth ish reference
  14. Rat Race #53 | :45 - :10

    SWC: 2579 EWC: 3130 WW: 551
  15. The Panic Thread

    Sooo. I'm like only eight thousand words behind. You can tell it's nano time because I'm typing out eight thousand. Numbers count as words. Luscious, precious words. Words that I will repeat until I get my word count for the day. ON a very serious note, I'm stressed because I've started a brand new fic and I need to finish this one shot in the next day or two and I don't think fifty thousand words will be happening on my end this month with my work schedule and lack of motivation.