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  1. The Productivity Thread

    oh hey yeah i haven't done any of that but I DID fix my vacuum and I vacuumed soooo win?
  2. Hey Paula! I'm here to deliver a poem that Jayne Ostin has written for you:


    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Here's a fandom poem

    I wrote just for you


    Gansey's not dead

    Jane's name is Blue

    You're not a thief

    But my dreams are of you


    Darcy is well bred

    Bingley is too

    But as for who I'd rather wed

    My first choice is you


    Darth Maul is red

    Lightsabers are blue

    I don't like sand

    But like you, I do


    1. PaulaTheProkaryote



  3. ahahahaha my secret cupid is Jayne Ostin. :roflol:

  4. Hey Paula! I'm just here to deliver a gift from your Secret Cupid, Jayne Ostin


  5. I have a plunny for this! I'm in! Oh I guess I should say its endgame Katie/Alicia with a clueless, but suave Oliver.
  6. One of my tumblr mutuals is doing a 1000 picspam challenge and I'm so tempted to do one too.

    1. RoxiMalfoy


      You would KILL IT!!! Especially if we do what we were talking about for the HPFT Instagram page, lol!! :P 

  7. Pinterest is not productive.

    Pinterest is not productive.

    Pinterest is not productive.

    (repeat after me)

    1. 1917farmgirl


      But it is pretty....

    2. dreamgazer220


      are you sure because sometimes I use it for inspiration "research" :whistling:

  8. The Productivity Thread

    Feel free to pester me for things I'm trying to finish before Sunday: -Write every day this week for FebNo -Make a bunch of picspams for the tumblr -Fix my vacuum cleaner -Vacuum -Fix my silhouette
  9. This morning I got my first flame in years (on ao3) and I'm so proud of how little it bothered me. Like the last time I deleted everything I had ever written. Granted it was my first ever foray into the dark arts of writing and it was garbage, but it was still my garbage. This time I just snorted and deleted the comment. 

    1. Tecla Sunrise

      Tecla Sunrise

      Goshhh noo you should have left it! Let the internet be the eternal witness of idiots 

      (I personally love when I get trolls it's so funny lol)

    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      I'm impressed that you deleted it without writing some sort of petty, snarky comeback to it first, which is what I'd have done xD  Also, I can't fathom what anyone could possibly have to flame about your writing. Some crazy reviewer clearly just can't recognize greatness when they see it.

    3. PaulaTheProkaryote


      I did consider leaving it! It was anonymous so I assumed they'd probably not be coming back. :D They were upset because the story was a tomione with background Ron/Hermione breaking up. There are a lot of people out there firmly against that ship so I wasn't too surprised. 

  10. I may have put the cart before the horse because I was so excited for another Star Wars fan, but hello and welcome to HPFT! :) I'm Paula, one of the muggle liaisons, and we're so glad to have you! If you ever want to chat about anything or if you have any questions at all feel free to shoot me a pm! I'm always around! 

    1. Tecla Sunrise

      Tecla Sunrise

      Yellow! Thank you so much and don't worry, I forgive you, it's completely understandable that you'd be sidetracked by SWEET ANGSTY BEN SOLO OML! Btw I'm Elena and I love warm hugs:hug:


  11. The Cute Things in Your Fandom

    HELLO FELLOW REYLO SHIPPER! Every time his voice goes all soft and gentle and thoughtful!
  12. Earworm

    Another Night on Mars by The Maine. It was in my dreams last night and then I've been humming it nonstop all day. HELP.
  13. Conquering Self-Doubt in OF

    I hit major writers block with one of my original fics and I just couldn't push through it so I started rewriting it as a fanfic to convert back and it worked really well for me. I managed three more chapters than before and then I just switched back to OF. I don't think it would work every time and now I have to fix a few things in the characterization department, but it still helped a lot. Self doubt is killer. I keep thinking about writing for myself though and that helps a lot. I've gotten to the point where half the time I don't actually post my stories because I keep thinking that I've written them for myself not my readers. Eventually I'll sit on the stories long enough and post them though.
  14. Was Tom Riddle destined to be evil?

    My thing about psychopathy is that I'm not sure that I think that's enough to make him 'evil'. From everything I understand about it, it's truly a personality disorder and people can't help the way that they are. There's no cure, no easy treatment, and with the fundamental characteristics of it a person that is a psychopath wouldn't be in a position to seek help. No matter how callous or vicious a person is, I'm not sure that I necessarily hold it against them if it's something they can't help. I think in 100 years they'll look back and be horrified at our treatment of psychopaths. If I'm being honest I think I blame the adults in Tom's life much more so than anything else. If it was a genetic predisposition or in this case a magical predisposition, the adults in his life should have made up for it with environmental factors to the best of their ability. I find it very hard to believe that there were absolutely no magical foster families that could have taken him in and he didn't have the mother's love garbage that Dumbledore had harped on about with Harry. I feel like from the very beginning it seemed like Dumbledore held animosity and judgment for him. With love and help from mental health professionals (surely someone at St Mungo's had some training in that) I think they could have easily seen warning signs and corrected the issues.
  15. If you can rewrite the HP books, how will you change the plot?

    I agree on so many points. So she even wants to stress this right? Like we keep hearing about inter-house unity and the world not being divided into good people and death eaters, but we rarely saw anyone even partially positive from Slytherin. I can think of Slughorn and that's really it. I wanted at least one or two obviously good people from Slytherin during Harry's years there. Also, slight tangent but I'm starting to think that Crabbe and Goyle should have been Hufflepuffs. Now hear me out, they were crazy loyal to Draco. Nowhere did we see any hint of ambition or cunning. I'm just saying that they didn't remotely fit the house values, but they somehow ended up Slytherin? Don't even get me started on Ravenclaw. I would have really loved for the houses to have more dimensional characters. I'm Ravenclaw to the core (ahem, okay, a little Slytherin too) and I can hardly relate to any claw characters even if I like them.