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  1. You are my favourite person in the world, you know it, don't you? :wub:

  2. Just dropping in for a hello and a hug. :hug::wub:

    1. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Awww! Thank you! This totally made me smile. :wub: Here are some hugs for you too. :bighug::hug:

  3. FROGS 2018 Winners

    Wow! Branwen, those awards are amazing. (I'm not going to admit how long I just spent staring at all of them, but it was a while ) Thank you so much to everyone who made the awards a success - all the staff who organized it, everyone who nominated and voted, and everyone who wrote awesome stories and/or reviews (so like, all of you). Voting was extremely difficult just because everyone is so talented! ♥ Extra special thanks to those of you who nominated and voted for me/my stories - I was never expecting to see my name in there at all, after being away for almost 3/4 of the year, so it honestly meant so much to me. Thank you ♥ I'm so happy to be part of such an incredible community. You are all so wonderful and talented, and congratulations to all the nominees and winners!
  4. You just might be the loveliest person ever. <3

  5. Review Tag

    Read and reviewed chapter 18 of All the truth about Jimmy Portman
  6. It only took me forever, but... jill%20firefly%20banner_zps2od9qpkf.png

    (Idk? Let me know if you'd like any changes on it! :) )

    1. 1917farmgirl


      Where are the smilies on this thing!  I need that jaw dropping on the floor one!!!  Because, AH!!!!!  THANK YOU!!  It's so good!!!  And there are no boxes!!!

    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      :D :$ Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! <3

  7. What are the image dimensions for banners on the archive? I know it says somewhere, but I've been looking through the archive resources/help  subforum and can't find it.

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    2. MuggleMaybe


      (I got this number by stalking other people's requests on TDA so idk if it's "normal" but it definitely works) :P 

    3. just.a.willow.tree


      700 x 150 is the max banner size, but banners are more commonly 700 x 110 ^_^

    4. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Thank you both! I remembered the 700x110, but I made one that ended up slightly taller and wanted to know if it was okay that way or if I had to trim off a few pixels xD  Seems like it'll be fine!

  8. Review Tag

    R&R'd chapter 10 of Haunting Shadows
  9. Stella Blue's Reviews

    Eva and Chiara, your reviews are done!
  10. Y'all are so freaking talented. I just finished reading and reviewing all the FROGS nominees and there is some amazing writing on this site. (I think I got everyone. If I accidentally missed you, let me know!)

    1. Felpata_Lupin


      I don't know how you did that (r&r all stories, I mean)... anyway I agree, there's so much talent here! And may I add that you contribute to it significantly? :wub:

    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      How I did it is with much caffeine, and my fingers might now have a callus from the keyboard? It was a lot xD And aww, you're so sweet, thank you :wub::hug: 

  11. February Bulletin

    Congratulations Jill, Kevin, and Meg on your new roles, and Tasha thank you for everything you did! And congrats to Holly for the Order of Merlin - you deserve it! Thanks for all the hard work you do for this site Additional congrats to all the featured members, featured stories, and challenge winners! There is so much awesomeness on this site that it's going to be a really long list if I list you all, so, group hug and congrats all! Happy birthday to all you Aquarius and Pisces Last but not least, Branwen those graphics are all stunning.
  12. I'm Coming Home

    Tammi, I'm so sorry about your dad, and about everything you've had to deal with over the past year. Your dad sounds like he was an absolutely wonderful person. I'm so happy to hear that you're doing better now and that things are looking up and you have wonderful people around you and the support you need. Please don't feel like you owed us any explanation for being gone - you were taking the time you needed, and I'm so glad to hear that it has helped you heal. I'm looking forward to seeing you around here again! We missed you! And of course my inbox is always open if you ever need someone to talk to. Love you (... I realize I've just said literally the same things as Meg, but they are sentiments I'm fine with repeating :P)
  13. Stella Blue's Reviews

    Finished all of the above reviews! ♥
  14. Was Dumbledore good?

    What an interesting thread! Dumbledore is honestly a fascinating character. Was Dumbledore right to hide the information he did from Harry? Some of it, yes. Some, no. I think he should have been more honest with Harry during OotP, because Harry spent so much of that book figuratively in the dark, and got himself and others into a lot of trouble because of it. Once Harry started asking questions, Dumbledore should have been honest. And I think he realized that (after the fact), which is why we get VOldemort's history in HBP. But, I'm really conflicted on whether or not Dumbledore should have hid the information about Harry being a Horcrux. On one hand, Harry's just a kid and can you imagine the weight of that kind of knowledge? On the other hand, it's his life and he should be able to know if he wants to. It's kind of like asking someone if they want to know when/how they're going to die. Some people might want to know that, others prefer the freedom and peace of mind of not knowing. I can appreciate what a hard decision this was for Dumbledore to make, but I wouldn't want to be the one making it Did Dumbledore knowingly manipulate Snape from the very beginning? No? Maybe a little? Dumbledore did often use people as a means to an end, in a way, which is kind of its own discussion - but an opportunity just sort of walked into his office there when Snape begged for a trade and offered information in exchange for Lily's safety. Would Dumbledore have stayed on the same path with Grindelwald if Ariana hadn't died? I think he would have kept going a little longer with nothing to stop him, but at some point he still would have wanted out. He was very swept up in his plans with Grindelwald, and very ambitious to the point of neglecting other things in his life, but I think Dumbledore's desire to do good for the world is more innate than just being caused by a sort of awakening after Ariana's death. At a certain point I think he would have realized what he was doing and that it wasn't what he truly wanted to be doing - but how much damage would have already been done? It's hard to say. Do you think that finding out the truth about Dumbledore's past was a necessary character development? Did it make him more relatable? It definitely made him more human, to learn that he had all this arrogance as a youth, and that he was flawed and had these personal demons and was not always the upstanding, endlessly wise hero Harry saw him as. Characters in that grey area are always more compelling than perfect ones, so I appreciated the truth about his past.
  15. forever_dreaming's reviews

    Story & Author Name: Icarus by Stella Blue (M) -- chapter 15 "Tempus Fugit"Warnings & Advisories: Eating Disorders, Hate Speech, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, ViolenceGenres: Action/Adventure, AU, Drama, Sci-FiLength: 20 chapters/68,267 words; chapter 15 is 5067 wordsShips: Lily II/OCSummary: Well, I've sort of erased Voldemort from history and trapped myself in a parallel universe, and things are pretty different now. For example, I don't actually exist. Brilliant.Areas of Concern: Honestly, I'm just curious what you'll think of the rest of the story, as you've read most of it for the winter wonderland! So... general thoughts/whatever you feel like commenting on. (Because my areas of concern are so very unspecific, I understand if you want to skip this request :P) Thank you!