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  1. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda/Simonverse

    I didn't realize there was a thread for this book, which is silly of me because with Julie around, of course there'd be a thread Thanks to Julie nagging, I read this book a few months ago and loooooooooooooooved it. I am stoked for the upcoming movie. Most of you have covered what I was going to say anyway, and I'm really not eloquent when I'm tired at this hour, but I'll just throw in my two cents about a coupld of things
  2. Languages

    Adding these all into the list! *If you're adding your name to the list, just copy it and paste into your post to add into it.* Arabic - TreacleTart Bulgarian - Nhaz Dutch - Ineke French - 800 words of heaven; TreacleTart; Felpata_Lupin; Lost Muse German - Lost Muse; Nhaz Hindi - 800 words of heaven; Lost Muse; FlamingQuilltips Italian - TreacleTart; Felpata_Lupin; Nhaz Mandarin - just.a.willow.tree Russian - Nhaz Sanskrit - FlamingQuilltips Serbian - SnapeLove Spanish - just.a.willow.tree; TreacleTart, sunshine_locks, Stella Blue Tamil - FlamingQuilltips Telugu - FlamingQuilltips, sunshine_locks
  3. Did I spy a Kristin? :P Welcome back, love! I've missed you! :wub:

    1. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      :loveshower::bighug::grouphug::wub: HI CHIARA THANK YOU :freeze::hug: 

  4. Your Preferred Reviewing Method?

    I think the type of review I leave depends on the story. But generally, my reviews are a combination of reactions to particular things, and sometimes philosophical thoughts about something I noticed in the chapter, and what I thought of the chapter overall. If I offer CC, I tend to do it in the middle, because as previous people have said it's nice to start and end on a good note. I also tend to be a bit more focused in requested reviews, because usually people are looking for specific things and so I address all of those. But yeah - a little of everything In terms of what reviews I like to receive - honestly I just love the fact that everyone reviews in a different way, because it means that sometimes I get the stream of consciousness where people react to certain things, and sometimes people read the whole chapter before remarking on their opinions on it as a whole, and I really like that mix of a little of everything.
  5. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    Omg Thank you for sharing.
  6. Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

    Bahaahaha! Well, I'd like to be a firebender because I think it'd be really nice to be able to boil water and make tea in an instant. (My love of tea rivals Iroh's.) But in terms of what I'd actually be - Idk. My zodiac sign is an air sign and I do think my personality is the most air, so that's probably what I'd be. I am also a fundamentally irritating person, so it fits
  7. Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

    HAHAHA yes omg. I totally agree with you on several points of this - Korra's arc over the last two seasons was amazing and Korrasami always felt so natural, as opposed to Kataang in TLA which just felt forced. Also yes Aang could be really obnoxious and frustrating! I do think that in terms of overall storytelling, TLA was done much better, but that's because the whole thing was planned out from the start, whereas with LoK I remember there was some weird thing going on with Nickelodeon which I think really impacted the storytelling and rushed some things, not to mention that they had fewer episodes to develop the story - but given that, they did go into a lot of important issues pretty deep (especially for a kids' show) and did it really well. I thought it was a bolder story and of course I really appreciated having a female character as the protagonist. But overall, I think all the seasons of ATLA were strong, but LoK had some ups and downs. I wasn't a huge fan of S2 because of the love triangle nonsense, Unalaq being a boring villain, and the rushed conclusion to that season's big threat. But the last two seasons made up for it as they were amaaaazing. tldr: I love both shows and each of them did some things better than the other. Ozai is kind of a stereotypical villain, yeah. Honestly the most interesting thing about him is just that he is voiced by Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) The villains (particularly the later season ones) in LoK are great. I really liked Azula too. I think it's because she just tries SO hard and really wants to make her father proud, and is really humanized by her fear of failure (which mostly just comes out at the end). Despite her attacking my favorite character Zuko, I felt bad for her at the end because she's become so twisted and obsessed and ultimately loses everything when she fails. I also love her because of her aggressive beach volleyball tactics It's only season 2 that has annoying romance plots, really Korrasami is so worth it in the end You should watch. Right?!? and beyond that, why would they stay together? Most 'relationships' at that age last like, two weeks, at most.
  8. Thank you for dropping a review, Kristin. I'll get a chance for stopping by your story as well.

    1. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      I saw your review! Thanks very much, Kenny!

  9. Hypothetically... What if Brandon Savage was a bad guy? :ninjavanish:

    Asking for a friend. 

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    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Omg how has this existed for months and I had no idea?

      (I will read it soon, but... not right now because I'm a bit exhausted from all the reviewing I just did this weekend :P )

    3. toomanycurls


      Because you're a fancy science person :P I'm pretty sure you were out of contact when I published that. 

      I look forward to your eventual shouting :yay:

    4. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Bahaha, truth. Be prepared for capslock.

  10. Hi there and welcome to HPFT! :hufflepuff: 

  11. I wanted to say that knowing that my reviews (even though they’re literally just me gushing about how great your story is hahah) made my day! Plus your reviews on my AP continue to make me grin like an idiot so thank you! <3 

    also re: your response to my first review on Icarus, of course I’ve thought a lot about the story. It’s just such a thought-provoking and smart story and I love it <3 can’t wait until I have the time to finish reading (even though finishing is seriously bittersweet) 

  12. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    I know little about filmmaking either but I don't think one has to know a lot about filmmaking to know that it's possible. After all, Ridley Scott replaced Kevin Spacey in a major role with only a month until the release of All the Money in the World, so... the least they could have done for FB is recast Johnny Depp for this. Who cares if he had a contract. So did Kevin Spacey for House of Cards, I'm sure. Also agreed about the fact that Depp just looks wrong for the role. There is no way in which Grindelwald should resemble a troll doll, but alas, here we are.
  13. Thank you so much for your lovely review! It's made my evening :wub:

    1. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Aw, you're very welcome, I'm glad to hear that! I absolutely loved the story :wub:

  14. My turn to squeal and say thank you—just saw the reviews you left me on Hermione’s Betrayal and Keyframe. Thank you so much, they made my day!! ❤️ (And I’m super flattered that you think my writing is good, considering that you’re definitely a huge role model for me now that I’ve read the amazing-ness that is your writing. :wub:) -hugs- 

    1. forever_dreaming


      OH AND thank you for the minor note; I double checked the wiki, and you’re right, Hermione did get Crookshanks in her third year! I’ll be sure to change that later to keep with canon :D Thanks for pointing that out~

    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      You're very welcome for the reviews! I've loved perusing your AP, you're a fantastic writer. Also, you are seriously my favourite person in the world right now. all those reviews were honestly the best part of my day. :wub::wub:  Role model? I don't know what to say! I'm flattered! :bighug: ♥♥♥♥♥♥ LOVE YOU

    3. forever_dreaming


      Omg yay I’m so glad that they made your day, that’s my one goal as a reviewer! <3 And thank you! Really your reviewers made me so happy, and today’s been sort of a tough day, so they were so wonderful to see :D

      You’re so sweet! <3 Love you too <3 

  15. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :wub::wub::wub::hearteyes::hearteyes: :bighug:THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THOSE REVIEWS OMGGGGGG

    1. forever_dreaming


      Awww haha you’re welcome! I’m not done yet either hahaha I just fell asleep before I could finish xD More reviews coming~ <3 -hugs- 

      ok but really, your cliffhangers KILL me, I’ve been wondering about Lily’s family the entire night hahaha 

    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      and a sotm nomination too?! Thank you!! I just.. :wub: You are too good to me!

    3. forever_dreaming


      You’re welcome, and you totally deserve it! ❤️