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  1. Ohh! The new site setup is awesome! So happy to see the conversion running smoothly! <3

  2. Pass It Along Challenge 2017 | Sign Ups

    I'm so happy to see this being carried on! How could I not sign up? HPFT username: TreacleTart Link to preferred author account (HPFT, HPFF, AO3, FFnet etc.): HPFT Link to Tumblr account: none Favourite HP (and otherwise) characters & ships: Dean/Seamus, Ron/Hermione, Eloise Midgen/Justin Finch-Fletchley, I love all minor HP characters too! For GOT...I love Tyrion & Jon. I ship Grey Worm/Missandei so hard. I also ship Asha Greyjoy/Deanerys I love Hunger Games & Lunar Chronicles as well. Anything you’d like to tell your secret gift giver?: I am so excited for this and will be thrilled with anything you leave me! Sending you so much love and lots of hugs!
  3. Just want to say that I'm so proud of everyone! I know how hard all 4 houses worked at this. You all should be very happy and proud of yourselves! <3
  4. Hello, all! You've been very patient while your professors tallied the final house points - and there were a lot to tally since our last update! The FROGS FROGS points were awarded for winners, runners up, as well as for participating. They shook out as follows: Gryffindor: 2117 Hufflepuff: 1935 Ravenclaw: 1364 Slytherin: 967 The Maze You spent June working through a set of grueling final exams, including a number of obstacles that tested your speed, strategy, and puzzle-solving. For OWLs, houses were awarded 50 pts for an A, 60 pts for an E, and 75 pts for an O. For NEWTs, those numbers were doubled, and houses earned ten points for each club they joined. We also awarded houses a small bonus for completing a club or exam first (5 pts for clubs, 10 pts for OWLs, and 20 pts for NEWTs). In the end, there were 31 exams and four clubs - a number of opportunities to earn points, if you were diligent students. Gryffindor joined four clubs and earned 14 Os in their OWLs, as well as 15 Os and 1 A in their NEWTs. Hufflepuff also joined four clubs and earned 11 Os, 2 Es, and 1 A in their OWLs, as well as 17 Os in their NEWTs. Ravenclaw joined three clubs and earned 9 Os and 4 Es in their OWLs, as well as 8 Os and 1 E in their NEWTs. Slytherin joined two clubs and earned 2 Os in their OWLs. We also awarded a few additional points for some of our favorites and for the most active house members. melian and nott theodore won a combined 45 points for their activity in writing. Dohj167 won 15 points for her activity in reviewing. Vilja, AltraX, and AbraxanUnicorn won a combined 60 points for their activity in writing and reviewing. Dojh167 has earned 30 points for her well thought-out sortings. nott theodore has earned 75 points for her story The Binchester Affair. AbraxanUnicorn has earned 50 points for her story Silver Linings. Dojh167 has earned 50 points for her story Footsteps in the Forest. In addition, Hufflepuff house has earned 50 points for their collab The Faces Behind the Frogs. Gryffindor has earned 25 points for their forum set by LadyAsphodel Gryffindor has earned 20 points for this picspam: here. Hufflepuff has earned 10 points for this picspam: here. Slytherin has earned 5 points for this picspam: here. Hufflepuff has earned 10 points for this graphic: here. Hufflepuff has earned 50 points for their very imaginative prank items and chocolate frog cards. Ravenclaw has earned 70 points for their intricate backstories and chocolate frog cards. After adding all of those up, along with your bonuses for your passwords, any point consequences/bonuses you may have suffered, and giving Hufflepuff an additional bonus for the impressive feat of completing all of the exams, the points shook out as follows: Gryffindor: 3762 Hufflepuff: 4373 Ravenclaw: 2518 Slytherin: 210 Students of the Year In addition, we wanted to recognize three members who have been particularly active and supportive of the site overall. Dojh167 has been a force to be reckoned with on the forums, particularly when it comes to Hufflepuff's efforts in the house cup. We therefore award her 150 points. CambAngst has been incredibly supportive of the archives since we opened them, including posting a number of high-quality stories and thorough reviews to them. We therefore award him 150 points. Stella Blue has also posted some wonderful stories to the archives, along with more than 400 reviews. That's a mind-boggling amount, and we're so impressed with her dedication to both writing and giving other authors feedback. We therefore award her 150 points. When all of the points from other recent activity are also added up, the results are as follows: Gryffindor: 7559 points Hufflepuff: 7374 points Ravenclaw: 5528 points Slytherin: 1778 points It was hard-fought, but ultimately, Gryffindor just edged out Hufflepuff for HPFT's very first house cup! Congratulations to Gryffindor, and to every other house for all your hard work! <3 <3 To see a brief video announcement by toomanycurls & TreacleTart, see
  5. I just realized I'm the worst and missed all of these response. Sorry. Work has been insane lately. If you want to pull off some crazy magic.... @LSC ... #16 Ali Bashir @Penny ..... How about Solstice Hayle? @Nott Theodore ... that's alright! Next time.
  6. In The Eyes Of Challenge -- Deadline August 26th, 2017

    Could I have a random object and place? I'm going to write two pieces.
  7. July Head Students

    Renee, Bianca, I think you know that I adore you both! Thrilled to see both of you as head students this month! You both very much deserve it! <3
  8. Camp Penpals

    Pen Name: TreacleTart Camp Nano Goal: To Complete TNGA/50K words House: GRYFFINDOR! Camp Nano Project: The Next Great Adventure Will you be posting as you go?: Probably once I'm about halfway through the month Link to your NANO Nest:Right Here What can your penpal do to help encourage you along?: Poke me and remind me that it's been like two years since I started TNGA and that I have 22 WIPs that need to be completed but that it can never happen if I don't finish TNGA.
  9. Camp NANO Sign-Ups

    HPFT Pen Name: TreacleTart NANO Pen Name: TreacleTart Project(s): The Next Great Adventure Link To Your Novel Nest: Right Here Goal: To Complete TNGA/50K words Will you be posting as you write?: I would like to start posting about halfway through the month.
  10. The Next Great Adventure A tale of death, love, and the bond that holds everyone together. Main Characters: Harry Potter Dobby Supporting Characters: James Potter Lily Potter Albus Dumbledore Ginny Weasley Severus Snape Draco Malfoy Bellatrix Lestrange Lord Voldemort Lily Luna Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger-Weasley Minor Characters: Remus Lupin Nymphadora Tonks Sirius Black Several OCs Minerva McGonagall Fred & George Weasley Bill Weasley Molly Weasley Arthur Weasley Central Plot Point: Harry Potter must overcome several personal obstacles/challenges that reflect personal growth over a lifetime to get to the afterlife. Secondary Plot Points: Dobby must safely get Harry through his challenges and to the afterlife without telling him it's a test. Lily and James Potter deal with their anxiety over not being able to help their son through his tests. Total Chapters Complete So Far: Prologue + 8 Chapters Estimated Chapters When Complete: Prologue, 35 chapters, Epilogue Current Word Count: 15,195 words Estimated Words To Complete Story: 50K-ish General Struggles To Be Anticipated: I have this mostly plotted out. I have the last three chapters complete and have mapped out all the major plot points that happen between the current chapters and the finish, but I've been struggling with connector/filler material. The thing is that there's so much action. In almost every chapter, something big happens and I feel like I've been writing a lot of cliffhangers, so I'm trying to even things out a little bit. I've also had issues finding the motivation to sit down and write this. In my head, I really love the story, but I have a lot of anxiety about making it as good as I imagine it.
  11. Cormoran Strike

    I read the first two books almost straight through without stopping. I actually was in Las Vegas with Mr. Tart's family and I needed a book. I stopped in a CVS and Silkworm happened to be on sale, so I picked it up not knowing that it was a JKR book. I loved it, so I went out and found the next book almost immediately. At the time, the third book wasn't out, so I ended up waiting. When I finally got my hands on the third book, I was super excited, but tbh, I haven't found it nearly as captivating as the other two. It seems a bit drier and I dislike that it's so focused on Robin. I also dislike how much drama there is between Robin/Mathew/Strike in the beginning. Mathew is an awful, horrible person and I hate that Robin just goes along with him and his temper tantrums. Anyway, here I am, months later and still only about halfway through the third book. Hopefully, at some point I'll be inspired to finish it, but for now it's back on my book shelf.
  12. Important: graphic hosting announcement

    I'm not super tech saavy, but does this mean we shouldn't use imgur for our banners and other graphics? Cause that's where I have everything hosted, but I don't want to cause trouble for myself or for HPFT? Any suggestions?
  13. Staff Change

    I'm so sad to see you go Jill! You're a lovely person and I've enjoyed being on staff with you! Olivia, I look forward to working with you. Congrats on your promotion!
  14. Help! I'm Stuck!

    Stuck on your novel? Need a place to get some feedback. Feel free to post the part of your plot that's getting to you and solicit some feedback here! Please, remember to be kind and constructive!
  15. Camp Penpals

    This year for Camp NANO, we're doing something a little bit different! The lovely MuggleMaybe had the brilliant idea of creating a Penpal activity, so we've modified it a bit to fit in this month! Here's how to participate! -Post saying that you're in by 11:59pm GMT on July 2nd. -I will be pairing you up with someone. The goal is that it will be someone you don't know super well or haven't interacted with a whole bunch. (Pairings will be posted on July 3rd GMT) -You must commit to writing to your penpal AT LEAST 4 times throughout the month. They don't have to be super long letters, but they should be substantial and encouraging. Ideally, you'd check in more than that, but 4 times is the bare minimum. -We are only allowing each participant to have one penpal. We want you to have an opportunity to really get to know your penpal. To Sign Up fill out the following form: [b]Pen Name:[/b] [b]Camp Nano Goal:[/b] [b]House:[/b] [b]Camp Nano Project:[/b] [b]Will you be posting as you go?:[/b] [b]Link to your NANO Nest:[/b] [b]What can your penpal do to help encourage you along?:[/b] Sign-ups end on July 2nd at 11:59pm GMT. Pairings will be posted by July 3rd at 10am GMT.