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  1. So @RoxiMalfoy is the amazingest, just in case you all didn’t know. :wub:

    1. victoria_anne


      I did know this :D :hug:

    2. forever_dreaming


      1000% agree—Deana is AMAZING ❤️

  2. Archive name: @RoxiMalfoy Story title: Love, Not War Link to story: Mature Reason for nominating: I’ve been meaning to read this for a while, and I’m so glad I finally have started it. I’m only a few chapters in, and already there have been moments that have affected me, and have stayed with me hours after reading it. There’s this ominous tone as you read, that makes the angst truly come alive, where you can physically feel it. Even from the very beginning, it’s dark and packed with such amazingly written angst. I cannot recommend this story highly enough and truly believe it deserves the recognition.
  3. Best Minor HP Character Nominations

    Character Name: Lysander Scamander Story/Stories/Series Title: Lightning Love Link to Story/Stories/Series: Mature Author: @toomanycurls Reason for Nomination: Lysander is the sweetest little cinnamon roll, and I love how adorkable he is. As always, Rose has a gift for writing such well rounded, realistic characters who you can’t help but to root for. From the first chapter I immediately loved him and am sure anyone else who reads the story will feel the same way.
  4. Best LGBTQA+ Character Nominations

    Character Name: Albus Severus Potter Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Gay Story/Stories/Series Title: Before the Sun Sets (next gen) Series Link to Story/Stories/Series: Mature Author: @toomanycurls Reason for Nomination: Albus is one of my favorite characters in this series. Just reading his character growth from Pure Intentions, to the later oneshots, from after the two novels, was a great experience. There were times when I wanted to slap him, and other times I wanted to hug him, and others that I wanted to cry for him. He was never stagnant, and such a pleasure to follow through some pretty trying times in his life. And his relationship with Brandon is one of my favorites in all of time.
  5. Best Original Character Nominations

    Character Name: Brandon Savage Story/Stories/Series Title: Before the Sun Sets (next gen) Series Link to Story/Stories/Series: Mature Author: @toomanycurls Reason for Nomination: I couldn’t not nominate Brandon for this category. Everyone who reads the stories in this series immediately falls in love with Rose’s Brandon. He’s the perfect mix of sweet, confident, flawed, thoughtful, brave, funny, and just all around wonderful. The fact that she actually tore me away from the Scorbus ship and had me 100% invested in Branbus speaks volumes, considering Scorbus is one of my OTPs. He’s by far my favorite OC in any fic that I’ve ever read, and totally feel Rose deserves the recognition for such a great character.
  6. Best Non-HP Fandom Nominations

    Archive Name: Stella Blue Fandom: Legend of Korra Story Title: Until the End of the World Link to story: Clicky! (AA) Reason for nomination: This is one of my favorite pieces, period. Kristin’s work in this fic is absolutely flawless. From the characterizations of Asami and Korra, to the Spirit Wold itself, it’s perfect. This oneshot could have easily been a continuation of the series and is basically canon to me now. If you’re a fan of LoK or Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’ll really love this story!
  7. Happy New Year everyone!! I love you guys, and hope 2018 brings you all nothing but happiness!! :loveshower::grouphug::greenstars:

  8. What Fics Would You Like To See As a Movie?

    How have I not noticed this topic before now?? There are some really great fics posted already that I would love to see as well! I’m going to add to this and say the fics I would probably sell my soul for to see as movies would be both Pure Intentions and True Romance by @toomanycurls. With all the little missing moment one shots added in for the directors cut lol.
  9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Oh! I forgot! One more thing. I was SO happy that Rey didn’t turn out to be Luke’s daughter. Or the daughter of any other character that we already know. I thought that would have been way too predictable. And that doesn’t make her some character who is trying to live up to her family name, or any of that nonsense. She’s just a powerful Jedi who wants to do the right thing, for no other reason than to do the right thing. I don’t know, that just really made me happy.
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Yes! One of the criticisms I saw was, “It’s too progressive.” Which I felt was code for, “the women were too much in control of the story.” It always seems like fanboys become way too uncomfortable with powerful women in their beloved franchises. I agree with you here 100%. It was great to see the women saving the day. Same. I definitely thought that was when she was going to die. Because I was completely convinced that they would have had to have killed her in this. But now I’m really curious as to how they’re going to do it, or whatever they’re going to do, in the next film. What got to me was the dedication during the credits. 😢 I don’t ship Rey with anyone, to be honest. I think she’s fine alone, and I feel like it would cheapen it to throw those two together. I can’t stand all the Reylo love I see on Tumblr. And I definitely thought they were going for Reylo for a minute, and started to become super aggravated. That’s exactly how I felt when seeing him for the first time in The Force Awkens, and then again in this one. I was like, “baby boy has a lot of anger issues.” His character is super irritating, but I can’t say that I minded that shirtless scene... Right?? That was a total shock to me! But I loved it. I loved that Luke was just so human. A flawed human who failed and made mistakes. And I cannot state enough how excited I was for a Yoda sighting! That made the entire movie for me, to be honest lol. I’m really not a HUGE Star Wars fanatic. I’ve seen the original 3 movies maybe 5 or 6 times each since I was a kid, and I’ve seen the prequeals each once (and didn’t like any of them, actually). So I’m not the greatest person to weigh in on the movie, but I liked it. I’ve seen that a lot of hardcore fans either thought it was the greatest one ever made, or they completely hated it. I thought it was a fine movie. I still like the originals more, but TFA and TLJ are miles ahead of those prequels. I’m definitely interested to see how the story continues.