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  1. If you can rewrite the HP books, how will you change the plot?

    Wolfstar wolfstar wolfstar wolfstar wolfstar ahem I definitely hear what you're saying here, but at the same time I think Harry's behaviour makes a lot of sense when you're taking care to look at him through the lens of "abused child". His whole life he has not been able to trust adults. The people who were supposed to be his caregivers very openly didn't want him around, thought of him as a nuisance, and wanted him to just shut up and be invisible. When you grow up in that kind of environment you don't learn skills like "asking for help when you need it", you learn to quietly solve your problems by yourself even when they're overwhelming and you don't feel like you can handle them. THAT BEING SAID, I would've loved it if Sirius and Remus in particular would have reached out to him more, even if he rejected their help or whatever. Regarding that last point, I think one thing I would've changed would've been Remus and Harry's relationship? I mean, James and Lily were two of Remus's best friends, and presumably even though he wasn't Harry's godfather he was around Harry as a baby and cared about him. It makes sense that he would be forbidden by Dumbledore to contact Harry while he was growing up, and I suppose I could justify his not reaching out in Harry's first or second year (not wanting to overwhelm him?), but after they met in Harry's third year and had such a warm relationship (Harry was actually opening up to him, which is actually kind of a big deal when you take into account the above) it seems weird to me that the extent of that relationship after the third book essentially boils down to "they have warm interactions and seem to care for each other... whenever they happen to bump into each other". I guess you could argue that Harry got a bit caught up in having his godfather around, but I find it strange that Remus never reached out with a letter or anything, or that they never had any kind of scene talking about Sirius after he died. Also, I can understand why the relationship between Harry and Sirius developed the way it did (Sirius was on the run and then he was in a house that held traumatic memories for him and caused his mental health to seriously deteriorate) but I would've very much liked if there'd been some space made in there for him and Harry to just... get to know each other a little better. I know that part of the tragedy of what happened to Sirius was that he and Harry barely got any time together, but I think if anything that could've been heightened by more of a glimpse of what they could have had. Perhaps if Harry could've gone to visit him and Remus during the Lie Low At Lupin's period...? I also would've loved more/better character development for Ginny, which I'm sure I'm not alone in
  2. Best Angst (Fan)fiction Nominations

    Archive name: clairevergreen Story title: to the end of time Link to story: +here (M) Reason for nominating: I feel like anyone who's read this story will just know instantly why I've nominated it. Claire is TORTURING US with such an intense slow burn and there's so many genuinely heart-wrenching moments in this story. It's really beautifully written and it's impossible not to feel for Parvati when her emotions are described so poignantly.
  3. Best Major HP Character Nominations

    Character Name: Sirius Black Story/Stories/Series Title: acceptance Link to Story/Stories/Series: +here (M) Author: sapphicsunrise Reason for Nomination: This story is really unique and puts Sirius in a scenario that I don't think I've ever seen in another fanfiction, so I think it deserves to be commended for that alone - but the reason I think it deserves to be in this category is that Sirius is so well-characterized and well-written in this, even with the unusual-ness of the story. This piece puts a very popular character into a different scenario and does it really, really well, so I feel that it's deserving of the Best Major Character category. (And that's coming from me )
  4. Best Romance (Fan)fiction Nominations

    Archive name: nott theodore Story Title: Thrill Link to story: +here Reason for nominating: I am so smitten with this story because Sian managed to capture so much love in every interaction between Sirius and Remus, down to the smallest little moments. They're both characterized so perfectly which just added to how genuine the whole story felt. Of course, Sian had to go and add some crushing angst in (which, like, relatable ) but I found that it heightened the non-angsty bits and made them all the more powerful.
  5. Best Humor (Fan)fiction Nominations

    Archive name: Veritaserum27 Story Title: In Which Harry and Ron Discuss Everything BUT Quidditch Link to story: +here Reason for nominating: I really enjoyed and appreciated this story because it was really funny without being absurd (although absurdity can also be good, of course!) and because I found both Ron and Harry to be so in-character (which I always find extra impressive when it's characters as major as those two)
  6. help!!!! what year of school were the marauders in in 1977? was it sixth?? #badattimelines

  7. Author Talk changes

    sounds good, thanks branwen!
  8. Author Talk changes

    I don't have a writing journal, how long would I have to make one?
  9. SOS! i've written myself into a weird place with the department and could really use some help hammering it out. i'm pretty much stalled right now and can't figure out how to move forward :'(

    1. StarFeather


      What weird place, Kayla?

    2. poppunkpadfoot


      it's hard to explain without spoilers :( could i pm you?

    3. StarFeather


      Yeah, shoot me. :)

  10. Challenge Hall of Fame

    Challenge Name: The "Sirius Black Is Gay" Challenge Challenge Creator: poppunkpadfoot Short Challenge Description: "The challenge is simple: write a story about Sirius Black being into dudes. It can be a romance story that focuses on Sirius in an m/m relationship, a coming out story, a story about him going to Pride or something - the details are completely up to you, the one and only requirement is that the focus is him liking men." Fandom(s) Included: HP Challenge Winners: First place: Acceptance (M) by @sapphicsunrise This story features so many things that really aren't common when it comes to HP/Sirius Black fanfiction. There are lots of stories out there where both Remus and Sirius survive the war, but I don't think I've ever read one before where Sirius survived and Remus didn't. It also features Sirius/Male OC, which is quite uncommon, whereas Sirius/Female OC is extremely common. Like everything Elisabeth writes, this story is absolutely brilliant - moving and humorous and beautifully written. I was crying by the end of it, but more out of happiness than you'd expect. Congratulations, Elisabeth, on winning first place, and thank you for writing this unique and wonderful story! You have won 4 reviews, and your story will be linked in my signature. Second place: Mutually Beneficial (M) by @clevernotbrilliant (clairevergreen) I was so delighted by this story from the moment I read Claire's summary. Sirius Black/Marlene McKinnon is a fairly prevalent pairing in Marauders fanfic, and I always enjoy seeing it kind of played with and messed with. But to take it beyond "Marlene is a beard/Sirius is repressed/whatever" into them both being gay and helping each other out, is something I don't think I've ever seen before and made for an absolutely brilliant starting point for this story. So far, it's a lot of fun, with great characterization to back up the concept. I hope Claire will post chapter 3 soon! Claire, you've won 3 reviews! Thanks for entering and for writing this awesome fic! Third place: For third place I had a tie! I truly couldn't make my mind up between these last two fics because I really felt that they both deserved to place. So without further ado... Letter to the Lost (M) by @Crimson Quill Like Elisabeth and Claire, Abbi also did something really unusual - a Sirius Black/Caradoc Dearborn fic! I can say with certainty that not only is this a pairing I've never seen before, it's one I would never even conceive of. But Abbi definitely made it work, and I really enjoyed reading this fic, which is a beautiful exploration of grief and loss. Twelve Years by @melian I know that Wolfstar falls outside of Mel's own headcanon, but she entered the challenge anyway and pushed herself. This was also her first story in second person, and she pulled both off fabulously. This story is melancholy, but with an undercurrent of hope, and I think it was really well done. Great work, Mel! Both of you have won two reviews! Congratulations and thank you for entering! All winners: please rehost+credit if you want to display your awards, and please PM me to let me know what you'd like reviewed!
  11. Nano Penpals

    Pen Name: poppunkpadfoot Full NaNo or Rebel?: rebel Nano Goal: 10k (lol) House: Gryffindor Nano Project: The Department Will you be posting as you go?: hopefully! Link to your NANO Nest: +here What can your penpal do to help encourage you along?: being able to bounce ideas/talk through sticking points would be great, the occasional poke/prod/reminder - really more practical stuff to hold me accountable/make me focus
  12. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    this is one of my favourite tv shows EVER!! i've rewatched most of the episodes SOOOO many times. did anyone else watch the season 5 halloween episode?? omg i SCREAMED. and also cried a little lol.