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  1. SOS! i've written myself into a weird place with the department and could really use some help hammering it out. i'm pretty much stalled right now and can't figure out how to move forward :'(

    1. StarFeather


      What weird place, Kayla?

    2. poppunkpadfoot


      it's hard to explain without spoilers :( could i pm you?

    3. StarFeather


      Yeah, shoot me. :)

  2. Untitled, by firewhiskey_ginger

    omg okay i absolutely LOVE this. such a cool idea, i wish you all the success with it! i'm even more excited to be your penpal now bc this sounds freakin' awesome. also please tell me the ending omg i'm burning with curiosity can i ask, where did you get the inspiration for this story?
  3. Holy Association for Divinity and Ecclesiastical Studies

    *creeps in here* elisabeth have i ever told you that you are unbelievably creative and a genius because you are *rolls away* (will be back at some point with Questions and Coherent Thoughts)
  4. The Department by poppunkpadfoot

    @firewhiskey hiiii! my tendency across all my stories is very much to build them on the foundations of what's established in canon. it's very rare that i outright change something important from the backstory of a character (although i'm not the type to obsess over dates or anything, so sometimes my timelines get wonky - for example, in breathe, sirius runs away from home a year early. oops!). what i do do is build on top of established motivations, canon events, existing relationships - etc. often, the changes that i make are things that don't directly alter canon facts about a character's past/backstory, but also don't directly alter the character's future either. so, for example, remus and sirius are a couple in the department. that doesn't directly contradict canon - it just fills in a hole where nothing firmly established exists. sirius ran away from home for reasons relating to his sexuality - again, doesn't really contradict canon, as the reasoning we were given was very vague, along the lines of "i got sick of their nonsense". the only place where the department really starts to veer off canon lines is.... well, sirius being an auror and the establishment of the child protection office. which i recognize is basically the whole plot of the story ahaha. but my point is that most of my stories i would say are not... NOT aus, you could definitely call them aus, but in my opinion they fit fine into established canon because they don't drastically alter the path of a character. this is different, because while i've stuck to my usual method of leaving backstory intact, i've meddled with sirius's "present" (i.e. the post-hogwarts pre-azkaban years) and future. so this was basically a very protracted way of saying: backstory up to the department's "present" remains intact along canon lines, as usual. james plays a fairly prominent role in chapter one (M), and the whole gang makes an appearance in chapter two, with remus being most heavily featured. regarding my plans for "future" canon events, i am comfortable revealing that - won't say anything beyond that, because that would get right into spoilers territory! thanks for stopping by! Edit by staff: Added rating for a link to a mature-rated chapter.
  5. The Department by poppunkpadfoot

    @Rumpelstiltskin omg I'm flattered! Thank you! To be completely honest - I started writing this back in 2016 and by this point I've forgotten what initially inspired it, exactly. But what I like about it is it lets me look at Regulus Black - and Sirius's relationship with/to him - with more nuance. It's something I explored a little in Breathe, and then Drown, but obviously those events take place before the two of them become estranged and before Regulus dies. I want(ed) to explore how Regulus's death would affect Sirius but I really don't remember how I got from there to "Sirius is working as an Auror and decides to create an office that deals with child abuse and neglect". Sorry I can't give you a firmer/more interesting answer bahaha. Thanks for stopping by!
  6. The Department by poppunkpadfoot

    @StarFeather thanks for the encouragement kenny! i'm hoping to have chapter 4 up in the next few days! @FlamingQuilltips omg THANK YOU! i love it!
  7. Challenge Hall of Fame

    Challenge Name: The "Sirius Black Is Gay" Challenge Challenge Creator: poppunkpadfoot Short Challenge Description: "The challenge is simple: write a story about Sirius Black being into dudes. It can be a romance story that focuses on Sirius in an m/m relationship, a coming out story, a story about him going to Pride or something - the details are completely up to you, the one and only requirement is that the focus is him liking men." Fandom(s) Included: HP Challenge Winners: First place: Acceptance (M) by @sapphicsunrise This story features so many things that really aren't common when it comes to HP/Sirius Black fanfiction. There are lots of stories out there where both Remus and Sirius survive the war, but I don't think I've ever read one before where Sirius survived and Remus didn't. It also features Sirius/Male OC, which is quite uncommon, whereas Sirius/Female OC is extremely common. Like everything Elisabeth writes, this story is absolutely brilliant - moving and humorous and beautifully written. I was crying by the end of it, but more out of happiness than you'd expect. Congratulations, Elisabeth, on winning first place, and thank you for writing this unique and wonderful story! You have won 4 reviews, and your story will be linked in my signature. Second place: Mutually Beneficial (M) by @clevernotbrilliant (clairevergreen) I was so delighted by this story from the moment I read Claire's summary. Sirius Black/Marlene McKinnon is a fairly prevalent pairing in Marauders fanfic, and I always enjoy seeing it kind of played with and messed with. But to take it beyond "Marlene is a beard/Sirius is repressed/whatever" into them both being gay and helping each other out, is something I don't think I've ever seen before and made for an absolutely brilliant starting point for this story. So far, it's a lot of fun, with great characterization to back up the concept. I hope Claire will post chapter 3 soon! Claire, you've won 3 reviews! Thanks for entering and for writing this awesome fic! Third place: For third place I had a tie! I truly couldn't make my mind up between these last two fics because I really felt that they both deserved to place. So without further ado... Letter to the Lost (M) by @Crimson Quill Like Elisabeth and Claire, Abbi also did something really unusual - a Sirius Black/Caradoc Dearborn fic! I can say with certainty that not only is this a pairing I've never seen before, it's one I would never even conceive of. But Abbi definitely made it work, and I really enjoyed reading this fic, which is a beautiful exploration of grief and loss. Twelve Years by @melian I know that Wolfstar falls outside of Mel's own headcanon, but she entered the challenge anyway and pushed herself. This was also her first story in second person, and she pulled both off fabulously. This story is melancholy, but with an undercurrent of hope, and I think it was really well done. Great work, Mel! Both of you have won two reviews! Congratulations and thank you for entering! All winners: please rehost+credit if you want to display your awards, and please PM me to let me know what you'd like reviewed!
  8. Nano Penpals

    Pen Name: poppunkpadfoot Full NaNo or Rebel?: rebel Nano Goal: 10k (lol) House: Gryffindor Nano Project: The Department Will you be posting as you go?: hopefully! Link to your NANO Nest: +here What can your penpal do to help encourage you along?: being able to bounce ideas/talk through sticking points would be great, the occasional poke/prod/reminder - really more practical stuff to hold me accountable/make me focus
  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    this is one of my favourite tv shows EVER!! i've rewatched most of the episodes SOOOO many times. did anyone else watch the season 5 halloween episode?? omg i SCREAMED. and also cried a little lol.
  10. The Department by poppunkpadfoot

    So, once again, my NaNo project is my (hopefully) novel, The Department! I feel like most of you are probably familiar with it by now, but just in case you're not, I'll give a quick rundown: When Sirius learns of Regulus's death through his position as a rookie Auror, he becomes determined to prevent what happened to his brother from happening to anyone else. Realizing that the Ministry of Magic has no mechanism by which to intervene in cases of child abuse - no laws, let alone a way to enforce them - he sets out to create an office of child welfare. Meanwhile, as part of his work with the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius is involved in a dangerous operation that forces him to get up close and personal with the life he left behind. When these two worlds unexpectedly collide, the stakes are raised and Sirius finds himself struggling against opposition, indifference, and the trauma of a past that he can't seem to escape. Pinterest boards! (All M) +The Department +Sirius Black +Regulus Black +Remus Lupin +James Potter Chapter images! And, of course: +link to the existing chapters! (M)
  11. Nanowrimo Rebel Sign-Up Thread

    HPFT Penname: poppunkpadfoot NaNo Username (if applicable): it's StormVandal but i doubt i'll be using the nano site much if at all NaNo Project: The Department Goal: 10k
  12. Book Recommendations

    Title: Girl Mans Up Author: M-E Girard Genre: YA Year published: 2016 Summary: All Pen wants is to be the kind of girl she’s always been. So why does everyone have a problem with it? They think the way she looks and acts means she’s trying to be a boy—that she should quit trying to be something she’s not. If she dresses like a girl, and does what her folks want, it will show respect. If she takes orders and does what her friend Colby wants, it will show her loyalty. But respect and loyalty, Pen discovers, are empty words. Old-world parents, disintegrating friendships, and strong feelings for other girls drive Pen to see the truth--that in order to be who she truly wants to be, she’ll have to man up. Why I would recommend it: While I didn't think this book was completely flawless, I had a lot of fun reading it. It was really touching and had great characters (and some really frustrating ones too, but what would a story be with no conflict?). I found it to be honest and sincere, and didn't shy away from addressing tough situations and emotions.
  13. Hi Kayla! 

    Firstly, I wanted to thank you for being so welcoming and open to new members; I appreciate your quick responses to my endless questions and your genuine willingness to help me, hear out my ideas--that's something that's really helped me feel welcome, and I appreciate it greatly. I also wanted to thank you for all the fantastic writing you contribute to the archives. Your writing makes me cry, usually, and makes me think, always. I leave your writing with new ideas and a different perspective, and that's something very valuable. I think that's a wonderful thing to contribute to this community: insights that ignite all of our creativities. I also wanted to thank you for being a kick-ass prefect :D Thank you for everything, Kayla! ❤️

    - Shreya 

    1. poppunkpadfoot


      Aw, thank you Shreya! This is so sweet! :wub: I'm really glad I could make you feel welcome, and that you enjoy my stories!

  14. Kayla, I just wanted to say thank you for kind friendship from the time when we got to know on the previous forums, site-wide quidditch game! 


    1. poppunkpadfoot


      awww! thanks kenny <3