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  1. Hey, I'm Branwen, one of the admins here! <3  I changed your member group to Gryffindor - tell me if you have trouble seeing the CR. :)

  2. June Prefect Challenge Results

    Congrats to the winners! <3
  3. Diverse TV/Film Recs & Discussion

    Title: The Flash (Arrowverse) Film or TV: TV Approximate rating: T/M Year of release: 2014-present Reasons for recommendation: I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity in the cast when I started watching this! Half of the main cast are POC, including both Barry Allen's black foster family and the Hispanic scientist who helps him become the Flash. They're all complex, multi-dimensional characters who Barry relies on and who have their own significant strengths that are vital to the team's success - sometimes including powers that make them superheroes in their own right.
  4. Hey, welcome to HPFT! I'm Branwen, one of the admins - it's great to have you with us! :D I saw your post in the Sorting Ceremony, so I changed your group from Muggle to Slytherin - if you have any difficulty seeing your common room (or have any other questions I can help you with), please let me know! :)

  5. A Muggle History Challenge

    Oooh, so in! That sounds amazing!
  6. Writing Astoria is so much fun sometimes: "I still found Draco Malfoy to be a little off-putting, but his being the target of assassination attempts to was vaguely endearing." :P:P:P

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      "vaguely endearing" hahaha love it! 

  7. New forum set ftw!

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      Is soooo pretty!!!!! :x

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      Love it! :x

  8. http://archiveofourown.org/works/7578232  (T)I don't recommend fics very often, but I found this in the wilds of AO3, and immediately thought of you, since you're a big fan of Nix's work, too. This is so beautifully written. 

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      Thank you!!

    2. abhorsen.


      Thank you!!

  9. Question: does the friendship have to be entirely platonic, and does the story have to take place at Hogwarts or can it happen post-graduation?
  10. HPFT GOT Watch - Season 1

    I'm got HBO Now for the moment, so I should be able to stream them, too! I'd totally be up for it - is anyone else interested as well, and are there preferences on what kind of timeframe/times we're available?
  11. Order of Merlin: July 2017

    Awww! Omg, guys - thank you so, so much! <3 This is the best community, and I'm so happy to be able to do what I can to help it succeed. <3 <3 <3
  12. Live posting! Jon gets to Dragonstone: Love the dynamic between Tyrion and Jon, although good lord. "I promise I didn't have sex with your sister!" Also, yessss dragons! Varys and Mel: Was I the only one afraid that he'd push her off the cliff?? Also, did she is so very creepy. "We're both going to die here!" Jon meets Dany: I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FOURTEEN YEARS FOR THIS DON'T LET ME DOWN. Okay I am not let down, that was awesome and I love Jon so much and Dany is so crazy and the whole Jon-is-a-Targaryen adds so much awesome undercurrent to this, +1000. Theon: That's some PTSD right there. Yikes. Euron: He's so creepy and messed up. Cersei: Poetic justice for Ellaria, tbh, but also yikes, that's harsh... though I did notice her lip color and wonder, so I feel vaguely accomplished right now. Cannot quite believe that she's flaunting having sex with her twin brother. Just. What. Jon and Tyrion again: Jon. Jon, Jon, Jon. He is literally the most single-minded eye-on-the-prize person, like, ever. Ever. In the history of everything. He's such a simple person deep down. "But this is the problem and why can't you see it and no I don't want to make small talk THIS IS THE PROBLEM." Is he ever going to tell anyone that he died? Will he and Dany hook up and then she's like, "Wait wtf these are lots of stab wounds how did you not die?" and he's like, "Welllllllllll I did." Am I similarly single-minded or does the "she's not going to do anything on the word of a man she doesn't know" kind of foreshadowing that she will come to know Jon slightly better? Dany and Tyrion: "Are you trying to present your own statements as ancient wisdom?" Omgggg I love her sometimes. Dany and Jon: OKAY NEVER MIND THAT'S A THING THAT SHE NOTICED ALREADY. Also yeah that is a thing that will definitely endear him to Dany. "Oh you died for your people oh okay you're trustworthy." Like I feel like she is maybe the only person playing the game of thrones who will be like "oh good job" rather than "how can I manipulate you with this" because Dany is also a straightforward person in a lot of ways, she just has dragons and is fireproof. Jon knows your brothers are gone, also you share some family members. Also I love how Jon is still wearing a gazillion furs when it is very clearly not that cold. Winterfell: Tell me Bran or Arya is about to show up. Also, Sansa is damn competent. Maybe they should beat the white walkers and Sansa can be warden in the north. Actually that makes sense, I can't imagine that Jon is a secret Targaryen just to stay king in the north. Sansa's snark is awesome. Also, Littlefinger, go away. YES BRAN OR ARYA WHO Bran!! Also yes Littlefinger this will definitely help you win Sansa over to betray Jon, Bran showing up and being like 1) YEAH ARMY OF THE DEAD IS FOR REAL and 2) isn't Jon the best tho I'm not crying at that hug, you're crying I BET YOU DO NEED TO SPEAK TO HIM, BRAN. I BET YOU DO. Also I love how Bran just shows up and starts getting mystical and Sansa's like "look dude wtf, you are taking Jon's dire warnings to a whole new level" Also, Bran, I get that it's difficult to explain, but you could be doing a better job here. "Heyyyy so I went beyond the wall, learned from an old dude in a tree who was the three eyed raven, then the others killed him and Hodor and Summer so now I'm the three eyed raven, also I can see the past and shit." OMG BRAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THIS IS NOT HOW YOU COMMUNICATE. "Sorry bad things happened to you, LET ME REMIND YOU OF THEM NOW." The Citadel: lololololololol Huh, I wonder how a Jorah and Jon meeting would go Sam is that really a good idea? IDK? Is this praise or chastisement or both? I guess it's both then, okay. Dragonstone: Yikes. OMG TYRION DO YOU KNOW A SECRET WAY IN YES PLZ OMG YOU DID That is a deeply disturbing saying tho Casterly Rock: That's gruesome. Yikes. Highgarden: Also, IDK who's running strategy here but whoever it is, they are way smarter. Olenna, are you going to confess to killing Joffrey? OH YOU LEARNED FROM MY BOY ROBB OKAY GOOD Is Jaime about to drink poison? Oh she is about to confess to killing Joffrey And oh good I'm glad that damned sword is somewhere useful Jaime, stop lying to yourself, she's the worst. Olenna is 1000% right. Cersei is the grossest omg. Oh Olenna is about to drink poison because Jaime is not the worst person in the world. OMG SHE IS CONFESSING. Jaime, feel less bad about your choice to free Tyrion, I mean he killed your father but not Joffrey Ahhhh why is it done?????
  13. Psych

    I concur!!!!!! ... And I've heard it both ways.
  14. New Muggle Liaison!

    Congrats, Deana! I'm psyched to have you on board! ❤❤