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About Me

Hi! I'm Branwen, a twenty-something Brooklynite who works in the library science field by day and engages in necromancy by night. (But it's the good kind of necromancy. I'm the abhorsen, I have to keep the dead down.) Also I write fanfiction and make graphics, because that's what all the cool kids do.

Most of what I write is Harry Potter and Game of Thrones centric, because... I'm depressingly predictable? :P I can't help it. I root for the heroes, too. I'm just very uncomplicated and straightforward that way.

I love eyeshadow, boots, skinny jeans, caffeine, the history of smallpox, national parks, the 7 train, speeding on deserted highways in the southwest, and statistics. I’m also a registered Democrat who votes for Hillary Clinton whenever she’s on the ballot, and I am prone to political rants about civil rights on twitter. Feel free to follow me - but you’ve been warned. :P

I've been on HPFT's staff since the site started, in a variety of roles - I became a professor in May 2016, head auror in July 2016, and headmistress in January 2017. I'm still the main archive admin as well, so if you have any questions about the archive, the forum, or the Ravenclaw common room, I'm always available to be PMed. ^_^


Books/Series: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Old Kingdom, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Circle of Magic, Tortall, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, the Flash, Kushiel, Narnia, X-Files, Psych, Graceling, Stranger Things, Futurama, Avatar TLA/LOK

Characters: Harry Potter, Fleur Delacour | Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen | Katniss Everdeen, Johanna Mason, Finnick Odair | Thor, Iron Man | Sandrilene fa Toren, Briar Moss | Neal of Queenscove | Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane, Spike | Barry Allen | Imriel de la Courcel, Sidonie de la Courcel | Edmund Pevensie | Shawn Spencer, Juliet O'Hara | Katsa | Zuko, Korra, Asami Sato

Pairings: Bill/Fleur, James/Lily, Teddy/Victoire | Jon/Dany, Robb/common sense, Sansa/Margaery, Arya/Gendry | Katniss/Peeta | Lirael/Nick | Kel/Dom | Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Faith | Barry/Iris | Imri/Sidonie | Shawn/Jules | Asami/Korra

Colors: Red, purple, black

Sports: FC Barcelona, Valencia CF, Sevilla FC, Arsenal FC, New York Red Bulls, US women's national team, Spanish men's national team

*I want to note that I am indeed aware that the vast majority of my favorite characters are Gryffindors. It's not my fault.

Selected Stories

I feel like we're maybe not supposed to play favorites as authors, but LBR, we totally do anyway. So here are my favorites! (Banners by me unless noted otherwise.)



(Sidenote: Greengrass dys/function) series

Series dealing with the Greengrass family in general and Astoria in particular. It gets pretty dark at times - mind the advisories, because they're there for a reason. There's quite a lot of Drastoria in here as well, though that relationship is not dark.



banner by page thirteen. @TDA

a sorta fairytale series

Loosely related poetry/one-shots about finding hope and happiness in dark places.



Shenanigans, Capers, and Hi-Jinks (M)

Meeting banshees in the Forbidden Forest, setting the Great Hall on fire, and smuggling in contraband: Victoire and Fred Weasley are trouble with a capital T.

HPFT Ravenclaw Nargle: Best Ravenclaw Character (2017) | HPFF Diadem: Little Claw (2016), Ravenclaw SotM: Best Characterization (July 2015)



banner by Enigma @TDA

Curiosity Is Not a Sin

It's still only September, but Rose has already jinxed Scorpius Malfoy's hair and can't stop eavesdropping on his embarrassing conversations - about her. He can't figure out whether he'd rather hex her or kiss her.

Well, O.W.L. year was never going to be simple.

HPFF Ravenclaw Diadems: Most Original Cliche (2015); Ravenclaw SotM: SotM (April 2015) & SotM Best Characterization (April 2015); Gryffindor SotM: SotM (January 2015)


Awards/Gifts (because I am a vain person)


by TreacleTart | by poppunkpadfoot


by poppunkpadfoot


by me (look, I'm usually one of like a couple designated graphic makers, sometimes I make awards for things that I won)


by barry allen @shadowplay


for victoire weasley in shenanigans, capers, and hi-jinks (by me | by me | by aurora borealis @TDA)


for curiosity is not a sin (by me | by BookDinosaur @TDA)


for a light that never goes out (by me) | for astoria greengrass in dead eyes and red eyes (by me)