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  1. Forgive me for my lack of presence guys! I do miss you all. I'll aim to be active, but I can't promise anything. I begin my new job soon and it's full time for now. Until I have control over my schedule, I'll just pop in whenever I can to see how you all are doing. :)


    Also, I want to thank those who have left reviews during on my stories! :hearteyes: Even though I have been absent, I did see them, and I will certainly respond to them. :wub:


    Anyways, I hope you all have been doing well. <3 :loveshower:

    1. StarFeather


      Glad you have your full time job, Alishya!

    2. Lady Asphodel
  2. Where Does Canon Stop?

    Canon stops with the books... Probably a little of the movies. I never really watched the interviews, and I hardly be on Pm as it is. But, the books will always be canon for me and I agree with Lotte. ^
  3. Staff Changes (Again :P )

    Aw, thanks for being a great Staff Member Carl, and sorry to see you go! Yay Congrats Olivia and Tasha for making staff!
  4. Currently working on rewriting my one-shot, Disclosure. :)

  5. It's like starting Hogwarts for the first time xD 

  6. Hannibal

    I had stopped at season 2... probably only watched a couple of episodes of season 3, but I'll try to go back and watch it over. It is definitely a brilliant show, so dark and deep... and just full of amazing characters and the cast for it.
  7. Psych

    Omg! I'm so late! I just saw the trailer and I'm so happy - too happy for words I tell you! My mom is so excited as well! Oh no! No Lassie! I'm glad he's doing alright too. <3 Can't wait to see Shawn and Gus back in action!
  8. Omg! :o I just realized there's a header for the profiles!! And I love how the emojis pop automatically once you type in the code. xD 

  9. I'm in love guys. I am. Seriously! Thanks so much for this! The site guidelines doesn't seemed to be linked with the TOS post. I kept getting a 404 error. I don't know if it's just me.
  10. Omg, I'm in love!! :x:x:x