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  1. Where Does Canon Stop?

    Canon stops with the books... Probably a little of the movies. I never really watched the interviews, and I hardly be on Pm as it is. But, the books will always be canon for me and I agree with Lotte. ^
  2. Staff Changes (Again :P )

    Aw, thanks for being a great Staff Member Carl, and sorry to see you go! Yay Congrats Olivia and Tasha for making staff!
  3. Currently working on rewriting my one-shot, Disclosure. :)

  4. It's like starting Hogwarts for the first time xD 

  5. Hannibal

    I had stopped at season 2... probably only watched a couple of episodes of season 3, but I'll try to go back and watch it over. It is definitely a brilliant show, so dark and deep... and just full of amazing characters and the cast for it.
  6. Psych

    Omg! I'm so late! I just saw the trailer and I'm so happy - too happy for words I tell you! My mom is so excited as well! Oh no! No Lassie! I'm glad he's doing alright too. <3 Can't wait to see Shawn and Gus back in action!
  7. Omg! :o I just realized there's a header for the profiles!! And I love how the emojis pop automatically once you type in the code. xD 

  8. I'm in love guys. I am. Seriously! Thanks so much for this! The site guidelines doesn't seemed to be linked with the TOS post. I kept getting a 404 error. I don't know if it's just me.
  9. Omg, I'm in love!! :x:x:x 

  10. Oh this is great!
  11. Staff Change

    Aw, sorry that you had to step down Jill! Thanks so much for being an awesome staffer! Hey Olivia! Congratulations on making staff! With all you've done already for the community, I already know you'll be a great member. <3