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  1. FROGS 2018 Winners

    I have just giggled like a mad woman at the graphics. I didn't expect anything as third place so thank you! The images are gorgeous! Congrats to everyone who won something! (and those who even were nommed you are awesome too!
  2. I read your "love note" in the Slytherin CR and it made me smile and get all teary eyed at the same time. That was lovely. And thank you so so much for your kind words to me. We've indeed shared some beautiful and fun times together and I will never forget them. You are awesome and I look forward to staying in touch and having a chat whenever we can. Lots and lots of love!

    1. scooterbug8515


      Anytime dearest.  I meant every word.  I love each and every member of our house, and we have indeed had some awesome times!

  3. Diverse TV/Film Recs & Discussion

    Title: This is Us Film or TV: TV Approximate rating: Teen Year of release: 2016 Reasons for recommendation: Where do I even start? This is a family drama but it is real. It also addresses some very real things both in the present day and the past. The family that is focused on in the show is the Persons who are a mixed family the parents having adopted a POC baby in the 1970's. The show explores day to day life for this family now that the children are grown while looking at their lives growing up and looking at the lives of their parents and how they came to be who we see in the 1970's. We see Randall dealing with his identity as a POC growing up, the fact that he is adopted, meeting his bio father, and the family struggles with diversity including in family racism. The show is about more than this as each member of the family deals with their individual issues, Kevin trying to find his way as an actor and get a feel for his identity, Kate and her struggle with weight. Among other things. Season 2 is powerful as well as Randall and his lovely wife Beth decide to foster underprivileged children as they are financially privileged. They hit some real hot-button topics and even include LGBTQA+ characters such as Randall's bio dad being bi and a few side characters revealing their sexuality. Honestly, I cannot speak enough good things about this show that gets me overjoyed, filled with warm fuzzy feelings and sobbing my eyes out (not all at once but yeah).
  4. Review Tag

    Reviewed Dreams My Page
  5. @just.a.willow.tree You beat me in posting in the review tag!  I was just going to post when yours popped up lol

  6. Once Upon A Time

    The last episode I watched was just before the mid-season break. I found myself rolling my eyes way too hard at various things. Hook's story did get me in the feels though I am not fond of the non-consensual moments they are so fond of. I didn't like it and it wasn't good when it happened to Robin Hood and the same is true when it happened to Hook. Also the chemistry between Henry and Cinderella is kind of lacking to me. Also I'm not sure I am liking what they are doing with Rumple either. I might look at the show again but right now not so much. To be honest while I have enjoyed the show and loved some of the plots - there are a lot of little rants I can do regarding the show, something I've talked about at length with a few people on an OUAT AU roll play. We opted to fix a lot of things we had issues with and then just change things entirely at other times because well we wanted to.
  7. Review Tag

    Reviewed Water and Wine (My page in case you need it)
  8. Review Tag

    I am wishing to bring life back to this thread! I reviewed Wrong Number (M) (Incase I don't have a link to my page Here is my page)
  9. It is official, I am the resident Dragon Slayer and I'll be here all week! *bows*


    (Dragon Master's dragons will not be touched as they are protected.)

  10. Conquering Self-Doubt in OF

    Self-doubt and loathing is one of my biggest bugs. I hit that wall and was ready to quit my dream that is how paralyzing my doubt was and that was when I 'returned to my roots' and started writing fanfiction after a long hiatus away. It was writing that I found fun once again and didn't worry about and that showed me the joy of writing with no pressure where I could have fun and learn how to write all over again. It is what I am using even now with my current block. I am facing re-writes for two different novels that I haven't finished and I have been stuck and convinced that I can't re-write and pick up where I left off in general until I remembered that it is what I am doing and have done with Not my Own. So, I guess where I go to is a place of comfort and work from there. It is as @Rumpelstiltskin has said - got to remember to write for yourself first. It is something that I kind of forget and am having to remind myself of. As for writer's block, I've learned that when you stop pushing things will release - sort of like a Chinese finger trap relax to get out rather than pull. And part of that for me is to go have fun - I immerse myself with fun things like games to help me relax and unwind and then things will come when I least expect it and I feel recharged rather than worn out.
  11. Most Versatile Author Nominations

    This is getting a third from me.