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  1. COUNTDOWN DAY 2: Who do you write like?

    So I did this ages ago and depending on the story that I put in I got a wide gambit of results. Now when I do it most everything consistently comes up Agatha Christie and that makes me quite giddy, to be honest.
  2. COUNTDOWN DAY 4: Nano Playlists

    Pandora is a godsend and for the past several years NaNo starts as it will this year with Halloween Party Radio. This will last me a week at least. From there I pick the music that pleases the Dragon muse the most and that typically is either my AC/DC rock station, or I'll switch over to my YouTube Asian Pop playlist, sometimes the Dragon demands Darker and that is what Skillet station is for. As an aside, I will occasionally write with the song Acapella by Karmin playing on loop. The steady beat just helps to keep the fingers moving sometimes.
  3. Nanowrimo Rebel Sign-Up Thread

    HPFT Penname: scooterbug8515 NaNo Username (if applicable): scooterbug8515 NaNo Project: Words Goal: 50k
  4. Site Suggestions and Feedback

    Hey idea that bubbled in a chat that I thought I'd put out for all. Is it possible for us to have a "To read list" Like a way to mark a story and 'need to read'? That would be really nice. If not could we maybe have a small corner of the forum of it?
  5. MAGIC - Rules/Schedule/Overview

    We have a question in our common room that needs a judgement/ruling. Assistance is requested.
  6. Book Recommendations

    Title: Ready Player One Author: Ernest Cline Genre: Sci-fi/dystopian Year Published: 2011 Summary: Welcome to the OASIS, a hyper-realistic, 3D, video game paradise. It's 2045, and pretty much everyone logs into the OASIS daily to escape their terrible lives, lives affected by overpopulation, unemployment, and energy shortages. Eighteen-year-old Wade Watts is one of these people, and he has a mission: to find an Easter egg hidden inside the OASIS by its wackadoodle creator, James Halliday.* Why You're Recommending It: This book is AMAZING, if you are a sci-fi geek you will be sure to recognize something from the book. If you remember or know anything of the 80's you will recognize a lot in the book. The easter egg hunt set forth by James Halliday requires one to be familiar with the pop-culture of the 80's. You follow Wade in his hunt for the eggs, his fight for survival, as a corporation is after the eggs as well, to make a profit. The corporation will stop at nothing, including murder. to get what they want. The geekery, the 80's, and the action all combine for a really amazing and fun read! That I would recommend to any geek out there! Also, a movie is soon to come out, and you know the books are 99% of the time better. So, you wanna read the book before seeing the movie! Oh, and if this adds an incentive to the fact that the book is awesome, the audio version is narrated by Will Wheaton. *Summary borrowed from shmoop.com
  7. Scooterbug8515

    The Prompt I'm using: Darkness can be isolating and yet that was where we found each other. I know nothing more about you than the warmth of your skin and the softness of your touch and the lone sweet aroma that fills my lungs when you are near. I imagine you are beautiful for that is what you are to me with silken hair that is cropped near your face. Our moments together are silent yet blissful as my hand take their time to learn you. The thin bridge of your nose that slopes downward leading to your full soft lips that contain your heated breath as you slowly exhale against my skin. My fingers then drop to the tenderness that is your throat which I can feel move slightly as you inhale once more exposing it even further for my fingers to trace. Eventually, I stop my hand resting on your chest where I can hear and feel the steady beat of your heart. The one thing that tells me you are alive and that this is not the imagining of a desperately lonely man. Your chest rises and falls as you continue to breath but it is your heart that enthralls me. I can feel it quicken with anticipation as my other hand laces into your hair pulling you closer. Touch is no longer enough, there is more. I need to taste those sweet lips as they press against mine feel your heart flutter under my love and touch and know we are one as I feel the same elation running through me to have this sweet moment lost in the dark.
  8. Dearest, sweetest puffs we just got your recent letter and ode and just.  :wub:  Com'er you! :grouphug:

  9. Would You Like To Play Rosencrantz?

    Can you think of a better debate?
  10. Would You Like To Play Rosencrantz?

    Are we now entering into some sort of philosophical debate?
  11. Staff Review Thread

    Link to Chapter(s): The Fading Light Word Count:3014 Summary: Saving the world can come at a cost. Is there a point when being the super hero costs too much? Advisories: None Genre: General Main Characters: Original Characters Ships: Mark/Nadia Areas of Concern: Looking for general thoughts, did the story play out well? I tried to use a small bit of imagery as well and I am wondering if is noticeable and plays well. Preferred Staffer (if applicable): None
  12. Way to go Puffy Puffs!  Awesome game!

    1. StarFeather


      Puff seemed to fight well.

      I missed the moment while working.

      Congrats, Puffs! :cheers:  Congrats, Snakes. :hotwartscrest:

  13. MAGIC - Round 2

    We would like to re-call the hat shape on card three the info is in our common room!
  14. Does a Slytherin shuffle. :slytherincrest::greenstars::slytherincrest:

  15. MAGIC - Rules/Schedule/Overview

    With the story about the squib, it can be a non canon character correct?
  16. MAGIC - Rules/Schedule/Overview

    Sorry for the double post but I had a second question, for the ode to a house, seeing as that is a poem does it fall under the 1000 character rule?
  17. MAGIC - Rules/Schedule/Overview

    I hate to be that person but can we re-evaluate the typing test quiz on Sporcle? I ask because it requires one have a typing speed of about 83 words per minute. I know that 40 wpm is considered above average. Meaning the quiz requires more than double that. Honestly, the quiz does not test one's love or knowledge of HP but challenges a person's physical capabilities which are limited. I know typing skills improve over time but eventually, a person reaches a point where practice will not improve the skill further because they have peaked at their physical limitations. Thanks for taking this into consideration! This is for call I46
  18. Book Recommendations

    Title: Pendragon Series Author: D J MacHale Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy Year published: 2002 Summary: The series focuses on the chronicles of Bobby Pendragon, an American teenager who discovers that he must travel through time and space to prevent the destruction of the ten "territories": critical locations throughout the universe. Each book deals with the battle over a particular territory, fought by Bobby's side against the forces of Saint Dane, a shapeshifting demon, who exploits a decisive turning point for the local people of each territory. At this turning point, Saint Dane steps in to guide the territory towards utter chaos, with Bobby and his allies attempting to stop his efforts.* Why I would recommend it: This series is amazing, it has a bit of history and loads of fantasy, the characters are compelling and the story just pulls you right in. When I picked up the first book I knew it had to be mine when the story starts out with the main characters, Bobby writing to his friend Mark. He states how he's been in this huge fight and the world as he knows it is not what he thought it was having now traveled through space and time but that isn't important what is important is their schoolmate Cortney kissed him. That was what he had to tell his friend first, near death experiences could wait first Cortney kissed him. *Summary is taken from Wikipedia
  19. My author page has just gone from 1 to 2 pages. O.o

    I kind of feel bad for the lonely story on the 2nd page.  Guess I should make it some friends.

    1. abhorsen.


      Congratulations! (And yes, you definitely should. :P)

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      Congrats! Now it needs some friends to keep it company! :P

  20. Tag Requests

    Can the following be added, please? Fandom: Babylon 5 Character: Marcus Cole (Marcus would be under the requested fandom)
  21. Firefly

    Title: Orbiting Home Author: Janix88 Link(s): here (15+ maybe M) on FF.net Length / Completed: Completed 24 chapters 40,044 words Main Character(s): Mal, Wash, Zoe, Kaylee, Simon, River, Inara, Shepherd, Jayne, Rose Tyler and The Doctor Main Pairing(s): Rose/Doctor and I believe Malcolm Reynolds/Inara Serra Kaylee Frye/Simon Tam (forgive me it has been some time since I read this!) Genre(s): sci-fi, crossover, mystery adventure Summary: Rose has been searching for the Doctor for years, but when she buys passage on the Serenity, she finds there's more at stake than a missing Time Lord... Sequel to A Twist in Time. Other Identifying Details (if applicable): It's a crossover with Doctor Who. You may want some familiarity with Doctor Who but I don't think it is a must. While it is a Sequel, it is not a must read. The only thing you miss is why Rose is once again The Bad Wolf and immortal (the one detail that takes a bit to pick up on.) Reasons for recommending: Did certain things in the Firefly movie make you cry? Yeah me too. This story isn't exactly a fix it but this story picks up after the show and before the BDM. WIth Rose and the Doctor being present for the events of the BDM - they are game changers. So seeing how things could have played differently is a great reason to read this. Other things I love about this story is it grips you right off and keeps you reading, something I did not expect from a fic on FF.net. Also, the dialogue sounds as if it is direct from the mouth of the characters and is in short perfect.
  22. NaNoWriMo Tips

    It has been a while since this thread has seen some love but I thought I'd help to dust it off as Nano is just around the corner. There is a load of great advice here such as having fun and write every day. Other pieces of advice only apply if you are that kind of writer such as 'plan'. Far be it for me to knock it because I'm not. Some people that is the key to Nano, plan, plan, plan and then do an outline. But that is that is the kind of writer you are. I know a large number of people who have succeeded in Nano who are pantser. I am a pantser. I typically get an idea of what I want to write close to November. I will have nothing much more than the start of the story a plot point midway in and the end of the story. Sometimes I have nothing more than a generic idea. Every November that I've actively participated in I have won, but I don't think all of it is based on skill, determination or a plan or lack of a plan. I think for me it is the community. I have tried camp many times and have failed every time. The difference is the community. In November, I am surrounded by people with the same goal as me and these people help to encourage and push me to win. Camp everyone has their own goal and there are fewer people working and encouraging. So my advice is community. Surround yourself with support and get invested in the project with people and success will be all the easier versus going it alone. There are a lot of people I know who have lived and died in Nano based on the community or lack there of.
  23. *looks at online user list* *looks at time* *looks at your name specifically* *looks at time again*  Shouldn't you be sleeping? 

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      Yes. Yes, I should. And I was... But then my cat walked across my face and woke me up, lol!! :P Plus I fell asleep with my computer out again. You know me, haha!! ^_^ About to shut everything down and try to go back to sleep here in a few. :sleeping:

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      That darn cat! *fist shake*  Sleep well!

  24. Wee hours of Saturday morn where I am and I'm sitting at work just waiting for MAGIC to start! :waiting:

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      Its 8:15pm here and I am watching the Eels vs the Cowboys while I wait (and cringe at brutality)

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      Alexis Black

      Can't wait to play MAGIC!

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      Can't to battle again in R2!

  25. September Head Students

    Congrats Loves! Well deserved both of you!