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  1. Okay you have the students vs. staff version but now there is a students vs. prefects version. So count way and hope you don't find yourself caught by a prefect! I'll be kind and get you started: 1
  2. Archive Issues/Bugs

    I know this topic is for the forums or will this topic suffice for both forums and archives? There are a few minor things I've stumbled upon in our archives. 1. OCD me noticed that there is a paragraph that isn't double entered down. Nothing major I'll try to find it again in just a bit to help you find it. EDIT: 3rd paragraph just below the list of banned fanfic 2. Skin changes. (The skins are lovely and I'm a fan of Sommerbrise) However, when I checked out Night Sky I noticed that the little drop down to change skins vanished. (at least it did on the FAQ page) 3. FAQ page... #2 of How do I join is missing from the list. It goes 1 3 4 4. Site Guidelines, this isn't a bug but a request/an issue where I am blind. Can there be a quick link to them somewhere? Like at the bottom of the page is the TOS and I'm able to get to the guidelines via the TOS but I can't find a link just to the guidelines lest I go to the TOS first. (On another site things are set up similarly and I got frustrated looking for the guidelines failing to realize they are only linked in the TOS.) 5. Guidelines state that stories must contain a minimum of 100 words but when submitting a story there is an option to post Drabbel which is slated as -100 so either it's option needs to be removed OR Guidelines needs to mention this exception which I'm not sure what/how that is. EDIT 6. Editing stories - that is a little confusing... I edited in a banner and it took me a minute to realize that I had to select 'add story' again to edit which isn't intuitive. Don't know if this can be edited but something I thought would be worth mentioning. 7. This isn't a bug but more of a question and I'm not sure where to put this but I wanted to inquire about the Arranged marriage rule. I don't want to make waves but all references to arranged marriages are rated M? That would seem to mean the Movie Brave by Disney would have to be rated M because the main plot point is an arranged marriage that is defied. The same would be true of an agreed to arranged marriage which is fairly common in certain cultures even today. I just wanted to verify this rating considering some arranged marriages are consensual, some are asked for and some while intended don't happen. I mean it seems like it would potentially be a pure blood practice for HP not to mention it is a historical thing. EDIT 2 8. There seems to be a correlation issue of sorts. When adding a new story there is a section called story notes, however when the story is published what is typed in that section is listed as the story summary. 9. This is a suggestion rather than a bug, an easy way for authors to get to their author page to see what users see when they go to your author page. I like looking at the list of my stories with my banners instead of just looking at the list in manager story and clicking into the stories. So a link to 'view author page' would be awesome and super helpful!
  3. Quidditch

    Title: The Quidditch Boot Camp for Troubled Teens Author: Adina Puff Link(s): HPFF (M) Length / Completed: 9378/ No Pairing(s): James Sirius Potter/OC Genre(s): Humor, Romance, Angst Summary: A summer of team-building, personal discoveries, and friendships that will last a lifetime. Excuse me while I go barf. Title: Breaking The Quidditch code Author: Mistress Link(s): HPFF (M) Length / Completed: 287471 / Yes Pairing(s): Other Pairing Genre(s): Fluff, Humor, Romance Summary: I’m James Sirius Potter. Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I have girls. I have best mates. I have bad grades (the kitten was fine!). I have a legend. I also have teammates who break the Code, a Seeker trying to overthrow me, a Head Boy sticking his big nose into my business, and Avery. The only girl I’d break the rules for. EDIT BY STAFF: Topic merged with Olympic Sports Story Recommendations
  4. Conquering Self-Doubt in OF

    Self-doubt and loathing is one of my biggest bugs. I hit that wall and was ready to quit my dream that is how paralyzing my doubt was and that was when I 'returned to my roots' and started writing fanfiction after a long hiatus away. It was writing that I found fun once again and didn't worry about and that showed me the joy of writing with no pressure where I could have fun and learn how to write all over again. It is what I am using even now with my current block. I am facing re-writes for two different novels that I haven't finished and I have been stuck and convinced that I can't re-write and pick up where I left off in general until I remembered that it is what I am doing and have done with Not my Own. So, I guess where I go to is a place of comfort and work from there. It is as @Rumpelstiltskin has said - got to remember to write for yourself first. It is something that I kind of forget and am having to remind myself of. As for writer's block, I've learned that when you stop pushing things will release - sort of like a Chinese finger trap relax to get out rather than pull. And part of that for me is to go have fun - I immerse myself with fun things like games to help me relax and unwind and then things will come when I least expect it and I feel recharged rather than worn out.
  5. Most Versatile Author Nominations

    This is getting a third from me.
  6. FROGS Category Suggestions

    The four things I would like to see are: 1. Genre specific categories (eg. comedy, romance, angst, dark, etal) 2. Best Original Fiction (excluding poetry and dabbles) 3. Best Other Fandom 4. For poetry and dabbles to be separate categories
  7. COUNTDOWN DAY 2: Who do you write like?

    So I did this ages ago and depending on the story that I put in I got a wide gambit of results. Now when I do it most everything consistently comes up Agatha Christie and that makes me quite giddy, to be honest.
  8. COUNTDOWN DAY 4: Nano Playlists

    Pandora is a godsend and for the past several years NaNo starts as it will this year with Halloween Party Radio. This will last me a week at least. From there I pick the music that pleases the Dragon muse the most and that typically is either my AC/DC rock station, or I'll switch over to my YouTube Asian Pop playlist, sometimes the Dragon demands Darker and that is what Skillet station is for. As an aside, I will occasionally write with the song Acapella by Karmin playing on loop. The steady beat just helps to keep the fingers moving sometimes.
  9. Nanowrimo Rebel Sign-Up Thread

    HPFT Penname: scooterbug8515 NaNo Username (if applicable): scooterbug8515 NaNo Project: Words Goal: 50k
  10. Site Suggestions and Feedback

    Hey idea that bubbled in a chat that I thought I'd put out for all. Is it possible for us to have a "To read list" Like a way to mark a story and 'need to read'? That would be really nice. If not could we maybe have a small corner of the forum of it?
  11. MAGIC - Rules/Schedule/Overview

    We have a question in our common room that needs a judgement/ruling. Assistance is requested.
  12. Book Recommendations

    Title: Ready Player One Author: Ernest Cline Genre: Sci-fi/dystopian Year Published: 2011 Summary: Welcome to the OASIS, a hyper-realistic, 3D, video game paradise. It's 2045, and pretty much everyone logs into the OASIS daily to escape their terrible lives, lives affected by overpopulation, unemployment, and energy shortages. Eighteen-year-old Wade Watts is one of these people, and he has a mission: to find an Easter egg hidden inside the OASIS by its wackadoodle creator, James Halliday.* Why You're Recommending It: This book is AMAZING, if you are a sci-fi geek you will be sure to recognize something from the book. If you remember or know anything of the 80's you will recognize a lot in the book. The easter egg hunt set forth by James Halliday requires one to be familiar with the pop-culture of the 80's. You follow Wade in his hunt for the eggs, his fight for survival, as a corporation is after the eggs as well, to make a profit. The corporation will stop at nothing, including murder. to get what they want. The geekery, the 80's, and the action all combine for a really amazing and fun read! That I would recommend to any geek out there! Also, a movie is soon to come out, and you know the books are 99% of the time better. So, you wanna read the book before seeing the movie! Oh, and if this adds an incentive to the fact that the book is awesome, the audio version is narrated by Will Wheaton. *Summary borrowed from shmoop.com
  13. Scooterbug8515

    The Prompt I'm using: Darkness can be isolating and yet that was where we found each other. I know nothing more about you than the warmth of your skin and the softness of your touch and the lone sweet aroma that fills my lungs when you are near. I imagine you are beautiful for that is what you are to me with silken hair that is cropped near your face. Our moments together are silent yet blissful as my hand take their time to learn you. The thin bridge of your nose that slopes downward leading to your full soft lips that contain your heated breath as you slowly exhale against my skin. My fingers then drop to the tenderness that is your throat which I can feel move slightly as you inhale once more exposing it even further for my fingers to trace. Eventually, I stop my hand resting on your chest where I can hear and feel the steady beat of your heart. The one thing that tells me you are alive and that this is not the imagining of a desperately lonely man. Your chest rises and falls as you continue to breath but it is your heart that enthralls me. I can feel it quicken with anticipation as my other hand laces into your hair pulling you closer. Touch is no longer enough, there is more. I need to taste those sweet lips as they press against mine feel your heart flutter under my love and touch and know we are one as I feel the same elation running through me to have this sweet moment lost in the dark.
  14. Dearest, sweetest puffs we just got your recent letter and ode and just.  :wub:  Com'er you! :grouphug:

  15. Would You Like To Play Rosencrantz?

    Can you think of a better debate?
  16. Would You Like To Play Rosencrantz?

    Are we now entering into some sort of philosophical debate?
  17. Staff Review Thread

    Link to Chapter(s): The Fading Light Word Count:3014 Summary: Saving the world can come at a cost. Is there a point when being the super hero costs too much? Advisories: None Genre: General Main Characters: Original Characters Ships: Mark/Nadia Areas of Concern: Looking for general thoughts, did the story play out well? I tried to use a small bit of imagery as well and I am wondering if is noticeable and plays well. Preferred Staffer (if applicable): None
  18. Way to go Puffy Puffs!  Awesome game!

    1. StarFeather


      Puff seemed to fight well.

      I missed the moment while working.

      Congrats, Puffs! :cheers:  Congrats, Snakes. :hotwartscrest:

  19. MAGIC - Round 2

    We would like to re-call the hat shape on card three the info is in our common room!
  20. Does a Slytherin shuffle. :slytherincrest::greenstars::slytherincrest:

  21. MAGIC - Rules/Schedule/Overview

    With the story about the squib, it can be a non canon character correct?