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      January's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, the upcoming FROGS, some special awards, and more! You can check it out +here.


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  1. I need a new sig set badly -- just hate not knowing what I want lol ugh 

    1. Professor McGonagall

      Professor McGonagall

      Well money is always a good gifting option

  2. Happy New Year everyone!  May it be filled with life, love, happiness, blessings, and words upon words! :hug::lubu:

  3. Ask a Moderator

    Hai guys -- I was directed here via twitter with my question. I'm wanting to do a monthly series of urban legends but would like to get ideas and prompts from the community. It's a challenge but not really (I do want to do a graphic for whichever prompts a story each month). What section would something like that go please? Thank you!
  4. Hello, dear @Diogenissa!! I come bearing a gift from our founding father, made especially for you!! :rose: Thank you so much for being so dedicated to our Noble House. Salazar Slytherin is most proud to have YOU as one of his prized pupils. :slytherin:


    Happy Christmas & a GREAT New Year to you, Karen! I do hope that you enjoy all of the Kitty Cuteness here!! ^_^

  5. Milestones

    Broke 1k before work. #slowandsteadywinstherace
  6. Milestones

    Not much but 2 milestones for me: 1--I started today 2--I managed 445 words in the process.
  7. Nano Penpals

    Pen Name: Diogenissa Full NaNo or Rebel? REBEL YELLLLL NANONONOOOO! Nano Goal: None (a little different this year, wanting to see how well I can do IF I write every single day, hoping to surprise myself) House: Nano Project: Part of Star Chaser, more like a beginning. Will you be posting as you go?: Ehhhhh dunno Link to your NANO Nest: Don't have one atm What can your penpal do to help encourage you along?: Just make sure that if I say 'write every day' that I write EVERY DAY. I haven't really written for months and it's been extremely irritating. Also idea bouncing and just hoping to make a new friend.
  8. Nanowrimo Rebel Sign-Up Thread

    HPFT Penname: Diogenissa NaNo Username (if applicable): N/A NaNo Project: It doesn't have a title but it's like a prequel (or maybe the actual beginning of Star Chaser) Goal: Not going to have a WC but I want to see how much I can actually write in a month if I write every day (weird yeah lol)
  9. Friendly PSA:  Y'all  better be on your best b/c :slytherin: is IN IT TO WIN IT!  :duel:

  10. Prefect Change

    My lovely twinsie -- I'm so very PROUD of you for all you've accomplished, not only here but more importantly IRL. You worked very hard and have achieved your dream. I'm sorry to see you step down but you are doing what is best for yourself. I'm just happy for you and you'll always be special, loved, and cherished by every single person here!
  11. Hey Karen! :hug: Thank you so much for all that you do for Slytherin! We all absolutely adore you!  You're sweet, caring, hilarious, fun, helpful and a ton of other things, but mostly just downright amazing! :hearteyes: This place would definitely not be the same without our Karen -- thank you for absolutely everything, you wonderful person!  

  12. Friends, Romans, Potterheads, lend me your ears! It's time once again for the Order of Merlin presentation! For the month of August, the prefects would like to recognize a relative newcomer to the staff team. She isn't however, not new to the community but she's returned to her home with a vengeance! Please join me in congratulating ROXIMALFOY! Deana has indeed returned like the band the Scorpions to rock the Forums like a hurricane! In the short time she's been back, she is now Paula's partner in crime and has reached out to so many people and have done so much to help us in several CR facets, as well as bring her lively and colorful personality to everyone she interacts with. I personally can't say enough about this lovely lady! Congratulations Deana -- so nice to have you home and so very well deserved! please rehost & credit poppunkpadfoot
  13. Good morning and happy 1st day back my darlings! :hotwartscrest:

  14. Pass It Along Challenge 2017 | Results

    @Rhaenyra twas my pleasure entirely Milady! (I'm going to miss that tbh -- I LOVE Bronn ) @Felpata_Lupin Yes indeed I loved all of it darling (just as nice of a surprise was the fact that my gifter was a Badger ) @victoria_anne , @clevernotbrilliant , @MuggleMaybe & especially my owl @ShazaLupin -- THANK YOU for all of your hard work and dedication in putting this together -- you ladies are nothing short of awesome and amazing!