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  1. Milestones

    I've finally hit 40K
  2. Milestones

    I've hit 25K And I have a target of 4 more days to finish EEEK!
  3. Rat Race #45 :10- :40

    I haven't managed to do a Rat Race yet, so I hope that others will be able to join me It's a 30 minute one SWC: 22,148 EWC: 24,530 Difference: 2382
  4. Milestones

    After not being able to write the last two days because I had a small breakdown, I managed to get to 10K today. Slow and steady wins the race, right?
  5. Milestones

    I'm going slow this year, but I've managed to hit 5K on the first day
  6. First Words

    As I'm writing both of my stories at the same time, because it makes all the sense to me, here are mine haha For Breathe For Imagine The Drama
  7. PP: Music

    I'd like to request the Cha Cha Slide Cha Cha now ya'll
  8. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 9 Rebels: 7
  9. Pajama Party Check In

    I brought new pyjamas that are christmas themed, so I'm all ready and waiting!
  10. COUNTDOWN DAY 3: Dear...

    Dear Tammi, Please write something. You know that you can do this, and you know that you can get through this block you've had. We're doing this for dad. Dear Skylar, I'm about to put you through a lot of bad things. I'm so sorry.
  11. COUNTDOWN DAY 5: Survival Kits

    Mine is a whole mess of stuff. - pyjamas - My boyfriends jumper because its so soft and warm - fuzzy slippers - Ipod -Laptop - Story notes - Nano stash, which is a whole array of sweets and chocolates, hot chocolate, junk food. - Easy to make food, so I don't have to waste my time on cooking meals. - Nano mascot - this year it's a wind up pumpkin that hops around
  12. This year, I am attempting to write one main novel which I already know is going to be hard for me to do because of the topic of it, and a back up novel. This is incase I am unable to write the first one. The main story is called Breathe (I am likely to change my mind on the title) and is about a girl called Skylar. The story starts with the aftermath of her fathers death, and is about how she's coping/dealing with everything that life is throwing at her since. Things such as; - The breakdown of her relationship - How she's feeling, and trying to cope. It's going to touch on sensitive subjects such as self-harming, and depression. - Her entire family situation - family not helping in the slightest, spreading rumours about her, making up lies, not being there for her, stealing from her... etc etc - Friends turning out to be horrible people. - A new relationship with Albus Potter, who is going to help her get through it. He's going to make her want to keep going when everything is trying to drag her down. I already know that it's going to be hard to write, but I want to try my hardest to do it due to personal reasons. In the event that I am unable to write this one, I have a back up plan. It's a story called Imagine The Drama, and it's a James II/OC story, where James is forced to attend a Drama club due to his bad behaviour as a way to try and get him to get his act together. At first he resists it, but then he gives in and enjoys his time there and develops new friends. But, he can't help but act a fool at times, and struggles to not go back to his old behaviour. It's not really the greatest description, but this is what I'm hoping to write for NaNo. Any questions?
  13. Let's hope that NaNo helps me start writing again :S

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      Good luck, Tammi! :D

    2. StarFeather


      You can do it!

    3. MuggleMaybe


      TAMMI!!!!! :hug::hug: It's great to see you here! 

  14. Nanowrimo Sign-Up Thread

    HPFT Penname: BuckyStilinski/WalkingDredd Nano Username: AnneBlack NaNo Project: 1) Breathe (Temporary title) AND/OR 2) Imagine The Drama
  15. Hey everyone! Long time no see. I've missed you all