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  1. I'll be a maybe with Cambodia. I have an idea...
  2. Luna Lovegood

    Title: All Black and Full of Bones Author: Sihaya Link(s): Here Length / Completed: 582 words / Yes Pairing(s): None Genre(s): General Summary: While other girls dreamed of ponies and unicorns, she dreamed of thestrals. 2014 HPFF House Cup, Prompt One Reason for Recommending: Luna is one of my favourite characters but she’s definitely not an easy character to write. She’s eccentric and it’s hard not to get lost too deep in that. Sihaya does a wonderful job of not only avoiding getting too lost in the eccentricities, but capturing her character in such a mature way, with her views on fears and death. It really was a lovely read.
  3. Magical Creatures

    Title: Selene Author: goldfinch Link(s): HPFF link (15+) Length / Completed: 1004 words / Yes Pairing(s): None Genre(s): Drama, General, Angst Summary:Ten thousand and twenty moons ago, you had been free. Reason for Recommending: The first time I read this story, I was in awe. I'd never thought of writing from the POV of a magical creatures and to read this story about Selene the bogart, who had to show people terrible things..like, it stuck with me. It's a really neat perspective and the friendship between Remus and the bogart was lovely.
  4. Ginny Weasley

    Title: A Field of Thestrals Author: Veritaserum27 Link(s): A Field of Thestrals Length / Completed: 711 words / Yes Pairing(s): Harry/Ginny Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort Summary: Everyone can see the thestrals. Part of the Recovery series.
  5. Ilvermorny Houses

    I got Thunderbird! The first time. I had to take it twice because that's how I function (Did the same with Hogwarts houses...Puff the first time then a Claw which is how I originally sorted before pottermore changed). Second time I got Horned Serpent. Either of which, to be honest, is awesome. I love learning new things and the idea of being like the mind is impressive and exciting. But honestly, I think I'll likely stick closer to the Thunderbird as traveling is my favourite and being the soul is much greater than a mind in some ways. Also...a Thunderbird brings storms along with it. Intimidating, yeah?
  6. Harry Potter Hangman

  7. Firsts and Lasts

    Bahahaha! I almost regret opening this thread. I just went through and read some of my old reviews on HPFF and just…wow. Way with words I have there… Only have reviews posted on HPFF. So. First account review, from back in 2008: Most recent review on HPFF, from June 7, 2016: *Possible spoilers for ASLTW* Quite the difference in reviews…went from little sweet notes to actually looking at the writing for what it includes and what possibilities it opens. A lot more chatty (especially on longer stories or with Authors I know) and definitely much more overdramatic
  8. A trip to Ollivanders

    Diagon Alley was one the most amazing places I’d ever seen. There was so much adventure hidden in such a small zone that I was easily lost amongst the shops. I’d spent hours lost in Flourish and Blotts, realizing almost too late that I still had quite a number of stops to make before I would be prepared for school. Luckily though, I managed to keep myself on task long enough to make it to the wand shop, where I’ve spent the last 45 minutes trying out wands that tended to either blow boxes off shelves, or start papers on fire. Mr. Ollivander was quite the determined man though. After putting out the fires and sweeping the boxes aside, he continued to grab box after box for me to give a try. It was only now, as he’d vanished between the shelves quite a number of moments ago, that I wondered if I would ever find the right wand for me. “Ah, I may have found just the one,” I hear echo from somewhere within the shelves of boxes. “I don’t have very many of these, they’re not easy to find or make, but I think it may be just what you need.” He appears from the shelf closest to the far wall, a faded blue box in his hand. The sequence on the outside read WH35547 and as he sets it on the desk before me, I note the areas cleared of dust on the box from his fingers sat. This had to be a wand he’d been holding on to for quite a while, from the looks of it. He opens the box, pulling back the paper around the wand before nodding at me to pick it up. I hesitantly reach out, feeling hopeless as I’d tried out so many wands. To my great relief, warmth spreads up my arm and golden sparks fly out the end of the wand. “Very good! Very good indeed! A difficult customer, but this wand should suit you quite well. It’s Willow Wood with a unicorn hair core, 10.75 inches, slightly springy flexibility. It’s got great power within it and will travel far with you, brining you anywhere you wish to go. Treat it well, and it shall respect your every dream.” I can only nod, hesitantly returning the wand back to its box, my mind flying with all the possibilities the world has to provide me.
  9. Sorting Ceremony

    Mikaela stood nervously at the back of the group of students waiting to be sorted. She hated large groups of people and was not looking forward to being up in front of everyone. What if she tripped? What if her name wasn’t called and she was told it was all just a big misunderstanding? What if she got up there and the sorting hat decided it didn’t want to place her in a house? That thought wasn’t reassuring her either. Why did a hat that could read her every thought and feeling get to choose her house? What if it found something it shouldn’t? What if it was able to remember facts from her brain and share it with another, if someone asked? Would it do that? Could it? No. She could do this without freaking out. Everything had gone fine so far. Everyone else made it through the sorting without a problem. She could do this. She would just not think about anything in particular. Then, the hat would have nothing to remember and she’d feel better. It’d go fine. “Mikaela.” She looked up, getting drawn out of her thoughts with the nasty feeling that this wasn’t the first time her name had been called. She quickly slipped through a gap in the group, making her way up to the stool, only stumbling a little bit on the top step of the platform the stool was sitting on. She sat quickly, keeping her eyes on the floor until the hat was placed on her head, where it very quickly fell over her eyes. Keep your mind blank…don’t think… “Don’t think? A blank mind is not an open slate.” It could be. I’m still not thinking. “Stubborn one, you are. Like being right. Like knowing things…will go to quite lengths to know things.” How do you know? Not thinking still. “Patience to no end, until someone pushes just too far. Then an explosive temper. Secretive…though that’s not the word you’d use. Reserved. Don’t like upsetting others, would rather everyone just get along. One of the many reasons you have such unopinioned answers to questions. You’d make an excellent Hufflepuff, you would.” Would I really? What about Ravenclaw? I like learning, and books, and I’m way too socially awkward to handle speaking with people. And yes, I’m nice, but like…the Ravenclaw Common Room has those nice comfy chairs by the window which are excellent for book reading and… “You’re thinking.” Am not. Shut up. Ravenclaw? The hat chuckles. “RAVENCLAW!” The applause explodes from the table of Blue and Bronze as the hat is pulled off her head. The uneasy thought of the hat getting into her head is washed away as she can only smile, hopping from the stool and racing to join the Ravenclaw table.
  10. Welcome to HPFT!

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