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  1. Which do you prefer, short reviews with encouragement soon after posting your story, or a longer reviews with concrete insight and encouragement after a few months since you posted it?

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    2. Alopex


      @StarFeather That 1000 character thing is really for competitions when reviewing is an activity for the competition, to ensure there's some sort of standard or consistency across the board and to try to ensure reviews left for points are more higher quality/proves the person read the chapter.  :)  It's not something you need to pressure yourself to do all the time outside of an event.  A short note will put a smile on almost everyone's face.  Besides, reading and reviewing should be something you do because it's fun for you, not something that stresses you out and makes you tired.  The smiles should be on the readers' faces too, not just the writers!  :P

    3. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Honestly... any reviews are amazing. If anyone takes time to tell you what they thought, whether it's several paragraphs or just a few words, they're all valuable to me.

    4. Veritaserum27


      I agree with Stella.  I love when someone takes the time to really dive in to my story and leave a review that's long and deep, but I also adore it when someone reads one of my multi chapter stories and drops a few lines of pure emotion for each chapter.