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  1. Six Sentences

    How many miles did you tread, sisters and brothers? Will this long journey end someday? Looking back the path your ancestors walked, what do you think of ? Oh, hear the wind roaring. Keep walking on a rainy day or on a windy day. Believe in the day when you will find a way home.
  2. Hallo, Meg. Here's my entry Swan (M) Out of the Magical World, chapter 6 . (Cho Chang) I tried to make it sense for the readers who hadn't read the previous chapters.
  3. Milestones

    managed to write1043 for Cho Chang. 2493 / 3000 - 5000
  4. Today, suddenly my Muse whispered to me to write Cho Chang and her Patronus, swan and a muggle man who fell in love with her.
  5. Have you ever read a fanfiction like the film, 'Escape Plan' like Harry was forced to run away from Azkaban?

    1. Renacerá


      No! And I haven't seen the movie either, but it sounds like a great idea!

    2. StarFeather


      It does, yeah? :) I'd like to write such a story.

  6. Milestones

    Finally, I wrote 1450 / my goal 3000 - 5000.
  7. My son suggested me to write a big mystery unsolved to the end while the main character faces the other small mystery. A big challenge.

  8. I read Mayumi Tsuruoka's new book review and learned that Celts had their own unique calendar. November 1 is their New Year and Halloween (they call Samhain) October 31 is New Year's Eve for them. And Lúnasa (August 1) is the day to celebrate the best summer season and the harvest time, which implies the end of summer is coming and dark winter coming soon. Then I remembered the conversation with Ysh about the Hindu Diwali Festival and Samhain. Both of them occur about the same time. I'll try to put Druidic perspectives around these seasons in my story. They set big Bonfire on the hills. Please share the other calendars about your country's unique events or seasons like Halloween or Christmas, New Year's Eve (like Scottish Hogmanay) or anything you feel like to share with us.
  9. I wrote 169 words after weeks and updated my old story.

  10. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    My Muse has been waiting for me to write more though I've been stuck in the snow piled up in front of the cabin called 'Real Life'. When I can remove it I will be able to see her and catch her words. Bonfire in Ireland might reproduce the ancient evil witch by a desperate wizard who lost his wife. She will be a big threat for Harry Potter and the Wizarding World.
  11. Dumbledore's Ardour

    It's strange and interesting when you get reviews which say your characterization of your headcanon is wrong in spite of your effort for writing your story. First when I got negative ones on my plot about Harry/Ginny ship, I felt slightly or heavily disappointed. Recently some reviews say they don't think my characterization about Draco Malfoy will let readers feel sympathetic towards him. I tried responding to them by telling my thinking way. It's your story. Just a fanfiction. We can enjoy writing a variety of story. And at the same time I try to think what I can do or could do to let readers feel sympathetic towards the character more. So thinking those reviews positively might make your writing strength strong.
  12. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 29 Rebels: 29
  13. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purist: 26 Rebels: 27
  14. Watching OoP film, my son suggested me to write the story how Dementors were created. 

    1. victoria_anne


      Ooh that would be really interesting! 

    2. Rumpelstiltskin


      I agree--that does sound pretty awesome!