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  1. After listening to the previous president Obama's interview, I happened to find youtube bbc reading Jane Eyre (read in very basic English) and it's the first time for me to read it through. I noticed the very intrinsic theme of Harry Potter or Downton Abbey in that story. 

  2. I wish Hermione were here now to urge me to study more. Learning a foreign language is so hard.

  3. Best LGBTQA+ Character Nominations

    Character Name: Professor Grubbly-Plank Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Lesbian Story/Stories/Series Title: Miss Grubbly Plank Finds Herself Link to Story/Stories/Series: Miss Grubbly (M) Author: FireOpal Reason for Nomination: Though I couldn't leave a review during House Cup activity due to time limited (I asked poppunkpadfoot to do instead), I don't forget the first impression when I read this story. If you nominate a story for Best HPFT LGBTQA, from HP fandom's POV, "the idea that there would be gay unicorns whose horns go leftwards (from Kayla's review) " is very unique and once you read this, you can't forget this mystic fantasy with the unicorns and professor Grubbly-Plank's fieldwork.
  4. Best Original Fiction Nominations

    Archive name: Alexis Black Story title: The Wind Chimes Are Calling to Me (poetry) Link to story: The Wind Chimes Are Calling to Me (All Audiences) Reason for Nomination: I could feel soft light, breeze and atmosphere of all seasons like we read haikus from her poetry. I got visual images in my mind and felt like I could listen to the sound by the window. Pleasure for spring visits. Sense for coming rain or the weather change in summer Autumn foliage, various colors, Mother Nature, the sun Cold outside, warm inside in winter The wind chimes carry gentle wind each season.
  5. Oops, I hit 'Ginny Weasley' instead of 'Ginny Potter' at F.R. O. G .S. while nominating Kevin's 'Fitting In'. Please someone fix it, if you could. Thanks in advance. 9_9

  6. Best HP Rare Pair Nominations

    Archive Name: Crimson Quill Pairing: Lavender Brown / Parvati Patil Story title: Parisian Scars Link to story: Parisian Scars (M) Reason for nomination : Abbie expressed both Lavender's emotional scar and the look from the outside, which is deeply related to her feeling towards Parvati. I'm glad she set a happy ending after lots of her pains, which is very her style. With visual Indian food, a floral descriptions of Parvati sounds very comforting for readers, too.
  7. Best Family/Friendship Nominations

    Characters Involved: Ginny Weasley and Lily Luna Potter Archive Name: TidalDragon Story/Series Title(s): Fitting In Link to story: Fitting In (All Audiences) Reason for nominating: It's always heartbreaking to know or read children's pain as a parent. They live their lives with all their strength every day. I think Ginny in Kevin's story must have felt like that way towards her daughter Lily. I really like the spot, "they both stared out at the overcast sky that currently marred the grassy vista" it's very beautiful and at the same time it indicates Lily's worry. Ginny's advise is quite appropriate as a mother. This story is full of affection, I love it.
  8. Character Name: Sirius Black Mental Illness/Disability: Mental Illness Story/Stories/Series Title: The Department (M) Link to Story/Stories/Series: The Department (M) Author: poppunkpadfoot Reason for Nomination: Reading Kayla's story, I imagined the dark hallway, staircase of Grimmauld Place and his mother's shriek. I felt pity for Sirius who had found that his brother Regulus ended in his mysterious death. (spoiler alert!!! →) Even he saw his brother's ghost there.
  9. Archive Name: TreacleTart Story Title: The Forest (T) Link to story: The Forest (T) Reason for nominating: From Kaitlin's splendid descriptions, I imagined the forest in the story like " Aokigahara" in Japan where not a few people go deeper to try suicide. Each description about the horrible scene Marta (the main character) witnessed in the forest sent me a chill.
  10. Thirded ( Alyssa is genius, Humor Queen! I also like her Voldemort story.)
  11. Archive name: MuggleMaybe Story title: Beyond Repair (T) Link to story: Lily / Petunia (T) Reason for nominating: When I look back this story, I feel sad remembering Lily's deep emotion, attachment to Petunia. Renee expressed how Lily tried doing anything to please her sister and Petunia's complicated feeling towards her sister who lived in a different world (the magical world), her jealous heart and her affection for Lily.
  12. Archive name: Rumpelstiltskin Story Title: When Spring Doesn't Return Link to story: Grace x Karkaroff (T) Reason for nominating: We notice Rumpel separated each person’s POV beautifully on the right and the left. Some of the words are sexually stimulating. The others are horrifying. She tried expressing the ship, romance between Karkaroff and the original female character, Grace, using all seasons. I say their romance "peculiar" because Karkaroff is apparently a Death Eater, Rumpel created the original and unique world in these poems. I like all stanzas inlayed with brilliant descriptions of seasonal phenomena and their emotion. Especially winter parts are very impressive.
  13. Best Minor HP Character Nominations

    Character Name: Roxanne Weasley Story/Stories/Series Title:Jigsaw (M) Link to Story/Stories/Series: Jigsaw (M) Author: nott theodore Reason for Nomination (spoiler alert from me!! →): The story is told from the first person POV, Roxanne's mind movement. Through her eyes, you can enjoy her POV about her family , I often smile at Sian's descriptions of her parents, Angelina, George and the other relatives (you can meet Auror Harry Potter later!), friends and mystery.