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Hi, I'm Ken. Call me Kenny. This fiction is my childhood memory.  The prompt "Childhood Dream" was given by TreacleTart.


Kendo Teacher (Kendoist)


 He was always calm. He gently smiled at children. His eyes were filled with great love and affection for his students. His posture was beautiful and was deft at swordsmanship.

He never raised his voice. His eyes glared only before he gave his opponent a blow on the head. I remember the sound of gliding steps on a tatami mat at martial art gym rather than a shout or a call. I like tense silence before administering a frontal hit with a bamboo sword.


 Kendo isn’t known as well as Judo, and after the war, GHQ prohibited Kendo in school.

I imagine various martial arts had been made use of by the Army, but a young child had no way of knowing of the historical fact. I just liked the tense atmosphere. So becoming a Kendo teacher was one of my dreams like becoming a tea ceremony teacher.


 When I was a school kid, I and my friend used to visit an old church after school. It might not be old, but in my memory, the church was colored in sepia. I didn’t remember her face. A kind woman gave us the Old Testament and I often read my favorite page at home. I couldn’t remember the exact words, but I remember the passages, a wise queen used her head to overcome her hardship. Near the church, there lived a tea ceremony teacher. I was looking forward to eating a seasonal confectionery before making a bowl of green tea. Both teaspoon and tea whisk were made of bamboo and the teacher told me to operate them carefully.


 I think both Kendo and Tea Ceremony have a common atmosphere : beauty of silence.





:read: My first attempt writing HP fanfiction was "Harry Potter and a Daughter of Druid" I had posted the draft on the other site for years. I started another Post-War story,

'Harry Potter and Phoenix's Song'. My stories will be updated when a good prompt is given, like story challenges hosted by various authors or members of various fanfiction sites.

Sometimes your review may be the prompt itself! So please leave your thought! Thank you for stopping by my stories.

My plan:

1. Finish reading cambangst's CoB [hpft archives]. I recommend you to read it.

2. Edit chapter 2 for "HP and Phoenix's Song". I wrote the draft, waiting for beta reading. I wonder if I can mix HP fandom wandlore with Token Rambu fandom.

3. Write chapter 5 for "Out of the Magical World". I've written about 1000 words so far. I'll update this story asap, as well.

4. Write Charlie/Tonks ship. [I'll be back to this story asap.]

5 Write Next Generation with Dad Harry. [almost finished with Tengu and Ninja. Just started a story, "Purification".]

6. Write Harry/ Hermione ship. (I've just managed to start a story. )

7. Continue Founders Era story.





5988effc62d2c_WaW_ribbonbyVilja.thumb.png.3a7fc63025f91feb69eb2af742f67ff3.png  story challenge hosted and stunning ribbon made by Vilja.

DKRIXBf.png       Golden Paw Award 2016 Most Original Story,"Tengu and a Daugher of Ninja".


59895572eb7c0_l0hhvK7byAsphodelic@tda.gif.c5a0a520dbe2b03eb27ea10bb309fb98.gif "Charlie Weasley and His Dragon."  awesome graphics by Asphodelic @  tda