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  1. Nanowrimo Rebel Sign-Up Thread

    HPFT Penname: Ineke NaNo Username (if applicable): Ineke NaNo Project: Eh, various? I might me writing on my two wip's providing i can get through that block (WIP's being Introducing and When The War Hits Home), it might be something new, and it might be posts for RPG's. Really, anything I can find the inspiration for. Goal: Whatever I can reach, tbh. I've been struggling with writer's block for ages so if I can break through it it'll be progress :3
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    I am still not over the Halloveen episode and it's been two weeks, that's how much i loved it. In fact, it might throw the DW 2015 Christmas special from its top of my alltime fave episodes ever and considering I can talk that one along, it's saying something! Also, Paula, aren't we basically all Boyle in regards to Jake and Amy???
  3. Staff Review Thread

    I did StarFeathers! Slot 1: CambAngst Slot 2: pookha Slot 3:
  4. Congratulations to all new Prefects, both the head students and tasha for being promoted to gamekeeper as well <3

  5. Congratulations to all of you <3 And I'm so sad to see you go, Karen It was great working with you <3
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Because I know there are several members watching this show and because I cannot believe there ain't no topic yet for this gem of a show. Okay so Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy show with plenty of action too considering it's a cop show but trust me when I say that it's hilarious, heartwarming, heartbreaking and has literally everything including representation, while also dealing with relevant topics i.e. racism and lgtba+ issues. So, especially with season 5 being underway right now, feel free to tell us who's your favorite character, favorite episodes, favorite Halloween episode (because yes this is a different distinction) etc. Do keep in mind that some people might not have seen S5 yet so put spoilerwarnings where necessary <3
  7. There are many famous author's out there who are worth our admiration, but many of us have one special author who's writing style we really look up to. Perhaps you like writer's who write in second person or use lots of descriptive prose. Maybe you like a more direct, third person style of writing. Or perhaps you have no idea who it is you may write like! But fear not! As your NaNo story develops, merely pop sections of it into this here (12+) generator, and it will analyze your submission before letting you know which famous author's writing style you seem to share! Tell us all about who you write like below.
  8. COUNTDOWN DAY 3: Dear...

    We all have our moments when we just need to write letters to either our muse or characters for various reasons. Do you need to yell at yourself/your muse/your character because they just don’t work along? Or do you actually want to thank them for working along? This is the thread to do just that, so climb in your pens and start writing that letter below!
  9. There are a lot of people in the world who need music when they’re writing, and within that group of people there are people that have specific playlists that reflect certain moods they need to be in when writing (be it happy or sad) or just listen to numbers which really reflects the character they’re writing with. And as we’re a curious bunch of people - feel free to post the music you listen to below! Who knows, you might get inspired by other people’s music…
  10. Diverse TV/Film Recs & Discussion

    I can't believe this one hasn't been recced yet... Title: Brooklyn 99 Film or TV: TV Approximate rating: M Year of release: 2013 Reasons for recommendation: I present you in the main characters only already: Two Latina Women (Cuban & Argentinian descent), Two Black man (one who also portrays a gay character but thats maybe for the LGBTA+ thread) (thats 4 POC out of 9 main castmembers (7 in s1) already). The show in itself is an action/comedy, but also refuses to hesitate addressing relevant topics such as racism and actually has episodes during which it's a big line in question (such as how it is to be a male POC/gay POC etc.). Not to mention that there are several platonic male/female relationships going around, which is also a bonus. The characters in themselves are also incredibly diverse and are all exceptionally well-rounded.
  11. Nano Penpals

    This year for NANO, we're doing something a little bit different! The lovely MuggleMaybe had the brilliant idea of creating a Penpal activity, so we've modified it a bit to fit in this month! Here's how to participate! -Post saying that you're in by 11:59pm GMT on November 2nd. -We will be pairing you up with someone. The goal is that it will be someone you don't know super well or haven't interacted with a whole bunch. (Pairings will be posted on November 3rd GMT) -You must commit to writing to your penpal AT LEAST 4 times throughout the month. They don't have to be super long letters, but they should be substantial and encouraging. Ideally, you'd check in more than that, but 4 times is the bare minimum. -We are only allowing each participant to have one penpal. We want you to have an opportunity to really get to know your penpal. To Sign Up fill out the following form: [b]Pen Name:[/b] [b]Full NaNo or Rebel?[/b] [b]Nano Goal:[/b] [b]House:[/b] [b]Nano Project:[/b] [b]Will you be posting as you go?:[/b] [b]Link to your NANO Nest:[/b] [b]What can your penpal do to help encourage you along?:[/b]
  12. Rat Race Rules

    RAT RACES One of the most useful NaNoWriMo writing tools is the use of Rat Races, in which members can push each other to unlock their true potential through the power of competition! What is a Rat Race? It's simply a race against time where participating writers do nothing but write for a specified period of time. Often many writers will participate together to add to the fun. How do I start or join a Rat Race on HPFT? Just follow the rules below! Rules of the Road When posting a new Rat Race, include the number in the title. EXAMPLE: If the most recent race was "Rat Race #7" post your topic as "Rat Race #8" - this helps us stay organized when things get crazy Also include the start and end times in the title, omitting the hour. EXAMPLE: If you want your race to start at ten (10) after the hour and last for thirty (30) minutes, your title would read ":10 - :40" Whether you are starting a new Rat Race or joining in on the fun, include a starting word count ("SWC") in the body of your post. Don't forget to come back at the end and post your ending word count ("EWC") and the difference (+/-) for all to see! And always remember the most important rule of racing: HAVE FUN! #writingwordsiswinning
  13. Novel Nest Rules

    Here you can make your own Novel Nest, interact with other authors, upload snippets, write journal entries detailed the highs and lows of your novel writing experience, post character and plot notes, and ask questions to other members. A few rules: 1. There is a limit of one (1) Novel Nest per author. 2. Please name your Novel Nest the title of your story and your author name, e.g. Sweetheart Tom, by Aphoride. If you have multiple WIPs, feel free to put simply: 'Various', by Aphoride. 3. All posts must abide by the Site Guidelines. Please only start a topic in this section if you're participating in Nanowrimo - although anyone and everyone is welcome to post in others' topics!
  14. Is the idea of writing 50k words in a month too daunting? Do you find yourself wanting to join the crazies but don’t have the time to commit to a full NaNo project? Do you have multiple projects you want to complete this month? Have no fear my dear, you are what we like to call a NaNo rebel. What is a rebel you may ask? A NaNo Rebel is someone who is participating in NaNo but has created a word goal that is less than the full 50k. Rebels create their own word goals or simply set a goal to write for a specific amount of time every day or just to make an effort to write daily for the month. You can sign up to be a rebel by filling out the following form: HPFT Penname: NaNo Username (if applicable): NaNo Project: Goal: GOOD LUCK!
  15. Nanowrimo Sign-Up Thread

    The writing event of the year has finally arrived! That’s right folks it’s time for NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month) For those of you new to the writing world, NaNoWriMo is an event held worldwide every November where participants strive to write a novel (50,000 words) in 30 days. All in all this averages out to 1,677 words per day. You can find more information at the official NaNoWriMo site here (http://www.nanowrimo.org). This is the place where you can sign up on HPFT to join the rest of the crazies in this adventure. You will laugh, you will cry, you will want to throw your computer across the room when the words just won’t come. For those of you that succeed, at the end of the month you will have 50,000 words that may or may not make any sense but they will hopefully become the next great novel. To sign up, simply fill out the following form: HPFT Penname: NaNo Username: NaNo Project: Rebels, you can sign up here GOOD LUCK!