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      January's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, the upcoming FROGS, some special awards, and more! You can check it out +here.


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  1. Oliver/Percy doesn't count as a rare pair - I'm so proud of my ship

  2. Welcome!


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      We have achieved 50% puffdom

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      Now to plot the rest of our takeover

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      YAY EVA I’m terrified of your reviewing skills though tbh


  3. The Fairy Tale Challenge | Deadline: 1 March 2018

    Ohhh nice Maybe I'll try something OF for this? Can you give me a western story to mull over? Spoiler: it's gonna be gay
  4. FROGS Category Suggestions

    Most Original Best Fluff Best Rare Pair Best Friends to Lovers Best Love/Hate Relationships Best Slow Build/Slow Burn Best Questioning Identity
  5. Hi AJ! Welcome to HPFT and Hufflepuff!

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      Hi! Thanks for the welcome!

  6. LGBTQA+

    Title: Scars on my Back Author: FireOpal Link(s): (M) Length / Completed: 11,819 words/9 chapters completed Era: Misc (Other Fandom) Main Character(s): Misc Main Pairing(s): Misc Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Angst, Crime/Mystery, Romance, Song Fic Summary: Catastrophe falls, and gets back up - a narrative exploration of the music video for Taylor Swift's Bad Blood Reason for Recommending: This story is an amazing mix of a lot of complicated emotions as the main character deals with betrayal, blossoming relationships, and trying to move on when it's not that simple. It is a really thorough and inventive exploration of the Bad Blood music video (which is nice for an other fandom story - it only takes watching a quick video to understand the context). Oh, and EVERYONE IS GAY. It is seriously awesome, check it out.
  7. @just.a.willow.tree get off here and go do your apps

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  8. omg I'm sorry for that mess, but here's Sam and Lily's shiny collab
  9. lol I submitted the story, and made a perfect mess of it by hitting submit before I filled in most of the story shell, and not realizing it would go into the queue..... You'll have it soon though
  10. One more day for this! Let me know if anyone needs an extension
  11. Lily and I aren't giving up! I may need a bit of an extension, but I'll try my best to get it in by the deadline!
  12. Excellent! I hope you have time to get something written =) Rumpel - every time I see someone review Spiral I get more excited to read it! Participants Abhorsen - 8 Rumplestiltskin - 5 MegGonagall - 2 ImaRavenclaw - 3 MuggleMaybe - 6 Lost Muse -7 teh tarik - 4 notttheodore - 1 TreacleTart - 7 Available Prompts Write a story without using the first or last letter in your username (if the last letter is the same as the first, use the second to last) Write a story that can be read backwards and forwards (either via words or sentences) Write a story that doesn’t use any word more than once Write a story without verbs Write a story where the first sentence starts with A, second starts with B, and so on. Write a story with a vocabulary of 50 words (the story should be longer than 50 words, but only 50 unique words can be used) Write a story with no words shorter than three letters Write a story in which each word in each sentence is one letter longer than the last (resetting at the start of new sentences)
  13. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    All if that, plus our one hope of finally getting queer rep in a Potterverse film is soured by him being part of the ship. So much barf.