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  1. Oh God, just found fanfiction I wrote TEN YEARS AGO! It's so cringe-worthy I couldn't finish reading it HAHA

    1. greisful


      dsjglkdfjglsd same, I opened up an old fic that I wrote in my prepubescent years and there was no saving it, I just had to delete the whole thing it was so terrible.

    2. RoxiMalfoy


      OMG! I was actually JUST reading a Next-Gen fic that I found last night, that was written clear back in 2011. I had forgotten nearly everything that happened in that story, but I was so surprised to find that it wasn't actually THAT bad, lol! xD I started college in 2012, so I never finished it... But now I'm kinda wondering if perhaps maybe I should revisit it at some point in the near future? o.O