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  1. Loving the Soulmate prompt, but can I see another Random Prompt? Say, #5 ?
  2. I think I just found my perfect faceclaim for Marlene McKinnon!!  Elle Fanning!

    1. victoria_anne


      She's a face claim for one of my characters too :wub:

  3. Languages

    Ah this is awesome! Below are languages I know/understand listed in descending order of fluency/skill English - read, write,speak, think, sing and fly :-P Tamil - Native language: speak, think, read & write moderately Sanskrit - Read and write fluently Hindi - Speak, understand conversational Hindi, write fluently, read moderately Telugu - Understand conversational Telugu
  4. So last weekend was a total bust on the Nano front. Doesn't mean this has to be too. Right? Er...

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      That's absolutely right! You can do it! :D Every word is a win! 

    2. MuggleMaybe


      You can have a great writing weekend!

  5. Rat Race #28 :10 - :30

    SWC: 304 EWC: 672 Word Count: 368 Wow Rumpel, you're killing it! 8k mark already
  6. Once Upon The Marauders (Years 4,5) - by FlamingQuilltips / princesslily_36

    Writing update! I have been so busy with midterms and grad school stuff all week and I was able to sneak in 1056 words. HOWEVER, today is the day I've dedicated to Nano! My personal goal is 4000 words, but I would really like to hit the Nano cutoff for day 4. I feel pumped because it's pretty early in the morning, but I could use some love!
  7. First Words

    My Nano beings with It's not very exciting, but my first words never are
  8. Rat Race # 23 :15 - :30

    SWC: 531 EWC: 751
  9. Rat Race #22 | :30 - :00

    SWC 0 EWC: 531
  10. we rattle this town, we rattle this scene by cat!

    Hello!! I'm just stopping by to say I'm rooting for you and YOU CAN DO THIS! This, sentence, is, awesome!
  11. It's been 12 hours since Nano began and all I've done is design a cover for my novel 

  12. Various by WalkingDredd/BuckyStilinski

    Hello! Just dropping by to leave some cakes and cookies for Nano! Good luck with your projects!
  13. Once Upon The Marauders (Years 4,5) - by FlamingQuilltips / princesslily_36

    Abby Thank you so much!!!
  14. Hufflepuffs :wub: .  :hufflepuff: .