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  1. Best Reviewer Nominations

    Archive Name: @Dojh167 Link to Author's Page: M Reason for Nomination: Sam leaves such wonderful happy, cheery reviews that just brighten up my day when I get one! I think she's reviewed everything on my page thanks tot he reviewing events that she just goes crazy on, so I think most people have received at least one review off Sam and they are just so uplifting and positive!
  2. Reading Challenge 2018

    I think I'm going to try this this year, just to keep me more accountable with my reading. I'm just going to aim for 25, just to try and keep it manageable and I'm also going to set two more goals for me! 1) To read more books than I buy Because that it becoming quite a problem for me and 2) Read more new books than re-reads, which ties into having too many un-read books History is all you've left me by Adam Silvera (in progress) It only happens in the movies by Holly Boune (in progress)
  3. The Dialogue or Description challenge Challenge Deadline: 15th December (because I start uni on Monday and that's when I break up for Christmas so that's when I'll realistically have the most time to judge and leave prizes) Challenge Details: So basically I was talking to some of you lovely people (and I don't remember who, I'm so sorry ) and it kind of appeared that most people preferred writing ether dialogue or description, not really both. Therefore this challenge is going to get you to try and specifically write the one you don't like, but with a little bit of help. If you're interested, leave a comment and please say which you find the hardest to write, dialogue or description.(don't cheat, cause then it's not much of a challenge) Then, after about 2 weeks I'll pair you up with someone who is the opposite and together you have to try and write a story, one person doing the dialogue and one person doing the description. Obviously you can help each other out but not to much, I want this to be somewhat difficult! Therefore, no takers or maybes, just please try your best to get it written and only one-shots accepted for this! Also, feel free to keep entering after the two weeks is up, I'll just keep putting people together as they enter! Accepted Fandom(s): Just Harry Potter for this challenge, otherwise it would be too difficult (unless you can find a fandom both of you and myself are interested in!) Accepted Ratings: Any as long as it's accepted on the archives Rewards: I'll review every entry and try to get graphics to people but I'm not very artistic so no promises! 3rd place: 1 additional review for each author. 2nd place: 2 additional reviews for each author. 1st place: 3 additional reviews for each author + Meet the Author Questions!
  4. Sorry @Shadowkat678 I only just saw this now! If you're still interested feel free to go ahead with @MalfoysAngel How is everyone else finding things?
  5. December Bulletin

    Thanks for everything Laura, hope to still see you around the site! Congratulations Emily and Hayden, Emily you've been amazing in the CR I'm so glad you're a prefect! Congratulations Olivia and FlamingQuillTips as well! So very well deserved and another story to add to my TBR pile!
  6. After a slight delay the results for Story of the Month are in!! I am delighted to announce that the story YOU have selected as Story of the Month for October is. (Please rehost and credit poppunkpadfoot) Beyond Repair(M) by MuggleMaybe! Congratulations!!
  7. Your Preferred Reviewing Method?

    Like most people I tend to do more the stream of conscious type review, mainly because if a fic/chapter is several thousand words long I'll have forgot a lot by the end of it but also because I feel like it makes my reviews longer. If I just read it all and then put a review at the end I struggle to get a paragraph, it's just "great fic...loved X and Y.." which I don't like leaving people. It just feels really generic, and a bit of squealing/capital letters is always good! I'm also really positive, even though I love it when people leave CC on my work, bar the odd spelling error, I don't tend to leave it in reviews. I just try to be nice and point out the good things!
  8. November 2017 Bulletin

    I love the idea of a bulletin, this is amazing! Congrats to all the new staff members and prefects, you're all going to be amazing! Great job to all the winners and featured stories, some more fics to add to me to be read pile! And Happy Birthday to all the November babies!
  9. Learning to Write Again

    I know how that feels! When I first joined the site in 2012 I was writing everyday and now I'm lucky if I write a few times a year! I'd love to get back into it but I have no motivation for it. Just take it slow though, writing something now is an achievement even if it isn't a long term fix. And personally I think Challenges are a great way to get you back into writing, ones that give you a prompt or the first line are good if you don't feel like planning either. You can just see where it takes you. And don't worry about feeling like your writing isn't as good any more, just jump back in and if you still feel like that I'm sure there's a beta on here who could help or make you feel better about it. Good luck with Nano as well!
  10. Cluedo - Round 3

    We can't disprove
  11. Yay, more takers! Hey guy!! Dialogue: ImaRavenclaw Bittersweetflames Description: Dojh167 Jen25 MalfoysAngels Okay I'm going to start pairing people now so check below for pairs, and if you don't get one now, I'll pair you up soon when more people sign up or I'll step in! 1. ImaRavenclae and Dojh167 2. Bittersweetflames and Jen25
  12. Yay! I'm glad people are interested, I'll be back in about a week to pair you up so feel free to keep putting your name down! Dialogue: ImaRavenclaw Description: Dojh167 Jen25
  13. October Featured Stories

    Congratulations guys, so many amazing stories here and I defo need to add them to my TBR!
  14. October Head Students

    congratulations guys!
  15. Do people really need sleep to survive?

    1. Dojh167



  16. (Cursed Child)The Sorting of Albus Severus Potter

    I love Albus having been sorted as a Slytherin, as most people have said it really helped to show that Slytherin isn't just for bad guys! I think it's nice to show that you can be a ‘good’ guy like Albus, and still wear the green uniform. Because good and evil aren’t that black and white, most people are elements of both and I think Cursed Child shows that really well, especially in Albus and Scorpius. I also had an inkling after reading the nineteen years later part in Deathly Hallows that he would be sorted into Slytherin, but it's justified so it makes sense to me. I think as the Wesley's get married and have children, they won't just automatically all be put into Gryffindor. There must be other traits that they value beside bravery and other typical Gryffindor ones. I also wish we knew what houses the other next Generation kids were sorted into because Albus still seems so against being a Slytherin at first, but it made me wonder weather it was against being a Slytherin or against being in another house beside Gryffindor like the rest of his family.
  17. Prefect Change

    Thank you for everything Reene and it's been so much fun working with you!
  18. This month's nominees for Story of the Month are: Title: Immortal Misconception Author: AbraxanUnicorn Link: Immortal Misconceptions (m) Warnings: Sexual Content, Slavery, Hate Speech & Domestic Abuse Reason for nominating: Despite the warnings on this, the piece is hilarious, humour can be so difficult to get right but Meera kills it. I think it's an amazing piece because I didn't stop laughing when reading. Such an enjoyable piece that will have you in stitches! Title: All the Truth About Jimmy Portman Author: Felpata_Lupin Link: HPFT (M) Warnings: Sexual content, violence Reason for nominating: Even if you're not familiar with Chiara's amazing Liar universe, you need to give this story a read. I'm not even usually a fan of AUs but this one grabbed me straight away (and, hey, the Marauders live!) It's a fantastic What if? story where Neville is marked with the scar, and gives the universe you know so well a fresh feel. Chiara's been working hard on it lately, and I think it deserves recognition. Title: Secret Keeper Author: poppunkpadfoot Link(s) to story With Rating: HPFT [T] Warnings (if applicable): Substance Abuse Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?: Peter is definitely a character that doesn't tend to feature in fanfic and Kayla has done an amazing job here writing from his pov. I loved how it focused more on Peter's relationship with the other Marauders than I had seen in pretty much any other stories. It's a fantastic little snapshot into their lives (and of course there's Sirius too, would it be a Kayla story without him? ) Title: The Recombination of One's Soul and the Psychological Aftereffects: a Case Study Author: @Rumpelstiltskin Link(s) to story With Rating: HPFT (M) Warnings (if applicable): Sexual Assault, Violence Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?: What is this, even. Like, I don't even understand what this is. Rumpel does an absolutely incredible job of presenting an alternative universe in which Tom Riddle experiences remorse and survives DH... and shows how incredibly toxic he continues to be despite that. Highly recommend. Title: The Ultimate Betrayal Author: @RoxiMalfoy Link(s) to story with rating: +Here (Teen) Warnings (if applicable): None Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?: I had an extremely tough time picking a nomination for this month, but I ultimately chose this fic because of how well Deana wields Percy Weasley's character in this AU. Having to throw Percy into a dark story where he was forced to decide between what the Dark Lord was offering and what was previously noted as the standard 'right way' was something that had to be done very carefully in order to stick to Percy's canonically pre-established characterization. Deana uses that characterization to bring an entirely new depth to Percy that plays directly into the sequence of the plot in the first two exciting chapters of this awesome tale (hint, Deana, update ). Title: The Department Author: poppunkpadfoot Link(s) to story With Rating: The Department (M) Warnings (if applicable): Domestic Abuse Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?: Kayla did a great job in describing Sirius Black, a rookie Auror who got to know his brother's death. She broke new ground in her writing. Title: Beyond Repair Author: MuggleMaybe Link(s) to story With Rating: T Warnings (if applicable): N/A Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?: This is such a great story about the relationship between Lily and Petunia. It''s a really refreshing fic and shows just how complicated a sibling relationship can be.
  19. October Story of the Month nominations!

    Title: Beyond Repair Author: MuggleMaybe Link(s) to story With Rating: T Warnings (if applicable): N/A Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?: This is such a great story about the relationship between Lily and Petunia. It''s a really refreshing fic and shows just how complicated a sibling relationship can be.
  20. October Story of the Month Nominations How it works: This thread is for you to nominate your favorite stories to be recognized as the HPFT Story of the Month. Seconding isn't necessary as all stories will move on to the voting round. Mid month, a prefect will post a voting poll with the stories that received the most votes. Don't worry about having to rush. You'll have about 10 days to read the stories and vote on your favorite! We will announce the winner on the first of the month. The winner will receive a cool prize! Please post your nominations in this thread using the following format: [b]Title:[/b][b]Author: [/b][b]Link(s) to story With Rating: [/b][b]Warnings (if applicable): [/b][b]Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?:[/b] Rules for nomination: 1. All stories that have been nominated must have been updated sometime since July 2016. 2. Stories can be any genre, character type, fandom, or length. 3. No NC-17 rated stories. 4. Any story nominated must follow site guidelines. 5. Stories can be posted on HPFT, AO3, FF.net, or HPFF. 6. You may only nominate one story. 7. Stories do not have to be complete to be nominated. WIPs are acceptable. 8. While there are lots of lovely authors out there, we'd like to focus specifically on the ones who belong to HPFT, so try to double check that the person you nominate has an account here. Nominations will close on September 17, 2017 at 11:59pm GMT Previous Months' Winners: September - The Harder They Fall by victoria_anne October - How Hogwarts Scarred Me For Life (by Enid McElderry) by beyond the rain December - Gravel on the Ground: From the Ashes by 1917farmgirl January - Liar by Felpata Lupin March - Periphery by firewhiskey_ginger April- Absolution by Rhaenyra May- In This Darkness by Quill2Parchment July-Voldemort and the Impromptu Holiday by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap & Nights like These by Banshee August-The Wild Princess by Victoria_Anne & Skewed Toward Truth by MuggleMaybe September- Traitorous Heart by Penelope_Inkwell
  21. PaulaTheProkaryote

    Hey Paula! So your new fic sounds amazing (but so did the other one so who's surprised? ) I'm impressed with all of these, and how well you've managed to follow the prompts with them. I'd do terribly, hence my lack of thread! The most recent one you've done is really impressive, I can see the cell and what it must look like even though you couldn't use sound or sight, which is incredible. It was interesting to see what other sense you used since you couldn’t use what most people would probably see as the most obvious one when describing a place- sight. (I suppose that’s the reason for these exercises though) I really liked your use of taste, especially to describe the air and how she could taste the different things in the room, like the coppery taste of blood. Another one that really stood out to me was the Nature Walk one, because how you managed to describe a nature walk without sight is beyond me. But again, it still felt like I could see what was happening around her and what she could see as well. These are all really impressive Paula!
  22. Board Games/Card Games

    I love board games, one of the best things about being a twin is that I always had someone to play with! Although they're probably the reason why we’re both so competitive now. Monopoly is still my favourite, I've got the Doctor Who Version of it which is fun! Less so when your sister isn't a fan of Doctor Who so doesn't understand any of the places on the board. When we were younger we also used to love frustration and guess who, and then our Nana got us into card games. Lately I've been playing Risk a lot, me and my boyfriend have a competition going on to see who's the ultimate champion (I'm winning at the minute). However, we had a nightmare trying to buy it and had to get the retro version in the end. This was because there had been a problem in production and the batch that was in the shops didn't have dice in them. Cards against humanity is definitely another favourite, it really does bring out 5e worst in you. Luckily some of my humor is quite dark anyway. I don't recommend playing with family though, did that once with my Nana and I've never seen someone more confused and outraged.