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  1. victoria_anne's reviews

    Story and Author Name, including link: Imperium (M) by Aphoride Warnings and Advisories: Mature (Hate Speech, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, Violence) Genre: Horror/Dark, Drama, Angst, Crime/Mystery Length: Novel/Novella (3 chapters atm) Summary: Chapter 3: in which Cygnus and Druella have lunch (and discuss more than they realise); Tom catches up with some old friends - and asks an important question; Adelaide makes a trip, desperately looking for something; Eileen meets the handsome boy again and he's not quite what she expected. Ships: Tom Riddle/Cygnus Black, Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape (eventual), Eileen Prince/spoilers (one-sided) Areas of Concern (if any): What you think of the plot and characters so far - what do you think of Druella and [spoilers]? (You'll know who I mean when you get to it ) What were your thoughts about Adelaide and where she went, who she met? Any thoughts on Tom and his gang? How do you feel the plot's moving - is it too slow or too obscure? Anything else you wanna mention is lovely, too! Thank you so so much
  2. Reading Challenge 2018

    Read: Istanbul by Bettany Hughes Currently Reading: Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne Du cote de chez Swann by Marcel Proust Rubicon by Tom Holland (Also, I now have 56 books I own but haven't read yet because I am a weak and feeble person who should never be allowed into bookshops )
  3. Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge Winners!!

    Ahh you guys, this is amazing - I honestly didn't expect anything, the other entries were incredible! Thank you so much! And congratulations to everyone else - all of the stories entered were unbelievably good. I don't know how the staff actually chose
  4. The Fairy Tale Challenge | Deadline: 1 March 2018

    You have destroyed all my plans for writing this year and I can't decide if I'm excited or furious and I'm in Imma be, er, using lots of fairy stories, if that's okay - try to get Sweetheart Tom to work (assuming that previous attempted stories are allowed, since imma scrap pretty much all of my previous writing for it, so...??)
  5. Reading Challenge 2018

    Yesssss this thread's back So, my major problem (read: not actually a problem, but something my mum and sister tell me is a problem for unknown reasons) is that I have 53 books (soon to be 55) I own, want to read, but haven't yet read. I'd love to cut that number down to something a little more manageable - and, generally, I'd love to read more than I have done in past years, which this goal should help with So 50 will be the target to reach, but honestly given my previous attempts, I'd be happy to hit 30 Also, I'd love to get back into reading German books properly - non-dual-language versions, proper ones. I own some, but my German's rusted badly over the years, and it's a goal of mine for this year (as well as involving a challenge my family set me) to brush it up, so that'd be nice I have a list, and the first three books imma read already on the go (finishing some off since last year ), so everything's ready Ahhh this is gonna be so exciting!
  6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I don't entirely understand a lot of the criticism I've seen levelled at it from some of the fans, tbh. I mean, people are entitled to different opinions, but, like Kevin, I don't really get why people think the characters haven't progressed or are unhappy with the storyline. Yes, it's different to the previous films - but, yk, that was a good thing, because this is the first action-type film in a long, long, long time where I've actually felt that a main character could genuinely die. I was convinced Finn was gonna smash into the battering ram-thing, and the fact that it's different - that they are killing off major characters simply and easily, without much fuss; that the cast is wider and there are a larger number of 'bigger' or 'more important' roles - made me believe that. Equally, I do kinda agree with Meg - I do have to wonder how much of it is just because it's women taking over the storyline and doing a lot of the 'traditional' male roles: hero, etc. I've seen a number of people complaining about Rey being whiny and too powerful - but no one's complaining about Kylo Ren being whiny and too powerful, and no one complained about Anakin (who's the original whiny and too powerful kid), or about Luke himself. So, what's the big deal? Rey is very close to being a female answer to Anakin in ways - the random kid from nowhere, who doesn't know her parents, who's super powerful and who's mentor dies when they're young and haven't finished their training. And I like that. I love Leia, as always. I stand by my belief that Leia is the best Skywalker by miles. Skywalker boys should take notes. And more notes. And then give up because they will just never match up. The Finn/Rose and Rey/Kylo Ren angles annoyed me a bit. Particularly because they both felt incredibly forced: Finn and Rose in general, for both of them; and Kylo and Rey mostly just for Rey, who seemed mostly interested in his friendship and helping him because she believes he can be better, not out of any latent i-wanna-jump-your-bones feelings. It was a disappointment, because I love the focus the movie puts on family and friendship and standing by people, yk, with Luke being the only person to respond to the Rebellion's signals, with Luke finally confessing to his fear and the whole disaster which turned Kylo away, with Kylo's fear when he thinks maybe his mother might be dead when Leia gets blasted out of the control room, and the whole emphasis on Finn wanting to see Rey, wanting to keep her safe. And it was a shame for that to be twisted into oh-wait-it's-all-romantic type things, or for it to be insinuated to be romantic. I gotta agree with everyone else, too - I loved the male characters having to learn and learning, primarily, from women. It was a nice change - it shouldn't be, as Kevin said, but it was. Though, yk, there's a slight plot-hole in the whole Poe Dameron-thing, with Holdo waiting so long to smash the ship into Snoke's ship. If she was planning on dying anyway, why did she wait until most of the transporters had been destroyed before doing it? Like, dude, seriously! But that's just a plot thing for plot purposes, to allow Rey and Kylo enough time for him to be all 'come away with me, we will rule everything together, it'll be great!' and her to look at him oddly and refuse. But yeah, honestly, I really, really liked it. For me, it's the best one in a long, long time and it's mostly competing on 'favouritism' with the nostalgic memories of watching Star Wars when I was a kid (my dad's a fan ), so...
  7. Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    Hi, Chiara! I'm trying to kick myself back into gear with this one, so if you're up for reviewing, feel free to go for one (or all) of these chapters No worries if you just wanna do one, though - I can come back Story and Author Name, including RATED link: Imperium (M) by Aphoride Warnings and Advisories: Hate Speech, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, Violence Genre: Angst, Dark/Horror, Drama, Crime/Mystery Length: 3 chapters, ~13k total; roughly 4k per chapter Ships: Tom Riddle/Cygnus Black, Eileen Prince/spoilers, Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape (eventual), others Summary: Men become accustomed to poison by degrees - Victor Hugo It is October 1949: Lycus Malfoy is dying, quarantined in his house alone but for his wife, Adelaide, who still hopes there is a miracle cure; Eileen Prince has vanished into a Muggle life, washing the dead and arranging flowers, away from the sneers she endured at school; Cygnus and Orion Black are at war with each other even as they bury their secrets six feet deep. There is a murderer on the loose, shrouded in paranoia, and the old structures, things of blood and age and time, are starting to crumble. And a ship arrives from Lübeck bringing Tom Riddle home. Areas of Concern: What do you think of the plot so far? Does it make sense, do you have questions? How does the structure work for you - with the four different sections each chapter, each following a different character? What do you think of the writing in general - is it too slow or too heavy? What do you think of the characters - is Tom in character? How do you like the others, Cygnus and Adelaide and Eileen? Thank you so much! Good luck with your 300 goal!
  8. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    Hi there! I'm Aph or Laura, as you prefer, and basically, I'm looking at revamping bits of this series and working towards finishing bits of it off - including this story, so I'd love a fresh pair of eyes on it Story and Author Name, including link: La Bete Noire (M) by Aphoride Warnings and Advisories: None Genre Drama, Angst, Hurt/comfort, mentions of off-screen romance Length: 3 chapters, ~7k Summary: Immortality is as much ambrosia as it is poison: it is selfish, egotistical and all-consuming. We fell; or rather, one fell - the other was already at the bottom. Ships: Albus/Gellert, Nicolas Flamel/Perenelle Flamel Areas of Concern: How is the backwards timeline working so far? It is leading to something, but I don't know how obvious that is and if it really works. What do you think about the characters? Are they in-character or not? Anything else you want/need to comment on is great, too Thank you!
  9. Poking you as requested! :P I think you're looking for Kite Flying and The Way You Say My Name and A Candle (in that order). Thank you for the wonderful review!

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  10. Review Tag

    R&R'd The Open Air (M) by Beeezie
  11. Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge

    Heeere: in the dawn, we shall enter the splendid cities. (M) (I've put it in Other Fandom with no characters tagged as a placeholder until the tags are up on the archive, but I didn't want to miss the deadline. So if I edit it, it'll be to do that - though if you'd prefer if I waited to shift that stuff around until after judging or whenever, let me know )
  12. Tag Requests

    I'm posting a Les Miserables fic in the next few days, so could we have it added as a fandom, please? Strapline could be 'Do you hear the people sing?' Or if one fic isn't enough for an entire fandom (which I get), can we have characters Enjolras, and Grantaire added, and pairing Enjolras/Grantaire? Thank you!
  13. FROGS Category Suggestions

    ^ Imma second scooter on seeing genre categories - romance, angst, dark/horror, fluff would be good. I'd also love: Best Villain Best Series Best Short Story/Novella (if we're doing medium/types of story, I think I'd be nice to include something for those stories which aren't one-shots or novels, yk?)